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Updated September 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for best gowise air fryers

Crispy, fried food is a treat that few people can turn down, but it’s not the best choice if you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet. With an air fryer, though, you can enjoy french fries, onion rings, and other fried goodies without the guilt. And if you’re looking for a high-quality air fryer, GoWISE makes some of the most convenient, user-friendly models on the market.

An air fryer is a countertop appliance that can give food a crispy outer texture using little or no oil. That’s because it functions as a convection oven and circulates super hot air around the food to crisp it up to for a fried-like effect. GoWISE air fryers are particularly good at preparing frozen fries, onion rings, and breaded fish and chicken.

If you’re going to invest in a GoWISE air fryer, you want to choose the right model. That means figuring out what functions you’d like it to perform, how large it should be, and what other features would make it most helpful and efficient in your kitchen. Our comprehensive buying guide is chock full of tips to help you choose the best GoWISE air fryer for your home.

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Cooking in an air fryer can reduce your calorie intake by an average of 70 to 80 percent. A GoWISE air fryer allows you to enjoy your favorite fried snacks in a healthier way.

Key considerations

Multiple functions

All GoWISE air fryers have a convection cooking function, which is what allows them to “air fry” foods for a crispy, crunchy texture. That also means you’re able to bake and reheat foods in your air fryer. However, size plays a role in how many ways you can use your fryer. Larger models work well for roasting foods like chicken and fish, but smaller fryers are best for snacks and other finger foods.

Some GoWISE air fryers perform additional cooking functions, adding to their versatility. A rotisserie function allows you to prepare kebabs, whole chickens, and other large cuts of meat on the included rotisserie rack and skewers. Some GoWISE air fryers can also dehydrate foods, so you’re able to make jerky and fruit leather.


Because it’s a countertop appliance, you don’t want to choose a GoWISE air fryer that takes up too much space in your kitchen. However, you also want to be sure that it’s large enough to cook food for your entire household.

GoWISE offers air fryers that range from 2.75 quarts to 12.7 quarts in capacity. If you usually cook for one or two people, a model that holds 2.75 to 3.7 quarts is a good option. For three to five people, opt for an air fryer that holds 3.7 to 5.8 quarts. GoWISE air fryers with a capacity over 5.8 quarts are usually excellent for cooking for larger groups and performing a wide range of cooking functions, such as baking and roasting.


Temperature range

Temperature range is a key feature because it can affect what foods and recipes you’re able to prepare. Some models have a minimum temperature as low as 120°F, while most others fall at 170°F to 180°F. When it comes to a maximum temperature, most GoWISE air fryers top out at 400°F, but some models can go as high as 430°F.

Most GoWISE air fryers allow you to adjust the temperature in 10° increments for significant precision.

Touchscreen controls

All GoWISE air fryers have digital controls with a clear, easy-to-read display that allows you to see your chosen settings at a glance. However, some models offer extremely user-friendly touchscreen controls that let you choose from a straightforward menu for the easiest operation possible.

Preset options

To take the guesswork out of preparing your favorite foods, some GoWISE air fryers have cooking presets that choose the best temperature and cooking time automatically. There are models that offer as many as 15 preset options; others have seven or eight. Some common presets that you may want to look for include the following.

  • Fries
  • Pork
  • Chicken
  • Wings
  • Steak
  • Shrimp
  • Fish
  • Cake
  • Pizza
  • Popcorn
  • Baked potato


Most GoWISE air fryers have built-in timers, so you always cook your food for the correct amount of time. Most timers can be set for up to 30 minutes at a time and alert you with a beep to let you know your food is ready to come out.

Ease of cleaning

GoWISE air fryers are usually fairly easy to clean because they feature a non-stick fry basket. When it’s time to clean your fryer, simply remove the basket and wash it in the sink with mild dish soap — no scrubbing is necessary.


Depending on the model you choose, your GoWISE air fryer may come with accessories that enhance your cooking experience. Some models include a recipe book to provide inspiration for your next meal. Some include items like tongs, a drip pan, oven rack, rotisserie skewers, rotisserie cage, and/or mesh baskets and trays.

GoWISE air fryer prices

GoWISE air fryers range in price based on their capacity and special features. Most models cost between $50 and $180. The most affordable GoWISE air fryers usually have a capacity between 2.75 and 3.7 quarts. They typically range from $50 to $100. Mid-range GoWISE air fryers generally have a capacity between 3.7 and 5.8 quarts. They usually cost between $60 and $110. The most expensive GoWISE air fryers typically have a capacity between 5.8 and 12.7 quarts and have a variety of cooking modes and accessories. They usually range from $110 and $180.


  • The size of your food affects how much time it requires in an air fryer. Try to cut your food into similarly sized pieces, so they all cook at the same speed.
  • Pat foods dry before placing them in an air fryer to prevent the appliance from smoking too much.
  • Don’t spray non-stick spray over a GoWISE air fryer’s basket or insert, as it could damage the basket’s existing non-stick coating.
  • While oil isn’t required for cooking in an air fryer, you’ll usually get a crispier exterior for your food if you lightly mist it with oil before adding it to the fryer.
  • Don’t overfill your air fryer’s basket, or the food may not cook evenly.
  • For the best results, shake the air fryer basket about halfway through the cooking process to make sure your food is cooking uniformly.
  • If you want to convert a conventional recipe for your air fryer, lower the temperature that you set your fryer to for by approximately 25°F. For example, if a fried chicken tenders recipe calls for the oil to be heated to 375°F, set your fryer for 350°F.
  • Use your air fryer instead of your microwave to reheat leftovers. Place the food in the fryer basket or insert, and set the temperature to 350°F. Let the food heat for about five minutes, adjusting the temperature if necessary to get the food as warm as you’d like it.

Other products we considered

GoWISE makes a variety of versatile, convenient air fryers, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a model that suits your cooking needs. The GoWISE USA 12.7 Quart 15-in-1 Electric Air Fryer Oven is an ideal option if you’re looking for the most versatile air fryer. Not only can it prepare fries and onion rings, but it also offers 15 presets for functions like dehydrating and rotisserie cooking. Its generous capacity also makes it ideal for cooking for a larger group.

We also love the GoWISE USA 2.75 Quart Air Fryer if you need a more compact option for a smaller kitchen. While it’s best for cooking for one to two people, it includes a variety of accessories to increase its versatility, such as a seven-inch baking pan and seven-inch pizza pan.

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Avoid placing foods with a wet batter in your air fryer, as the batter will likely be blown off during the convection cooking process.


Q. What can I cook in a GoWISE air fryer?
An air fryer is the ideal appliance for cooking your favorite frozen snacks. However, you can also use your GoWISE air fryer for baking a variety of items, including pizza, cakes, bread, and casserole. Roast your favorite meats, too, including beef, chicken, fish, lamb, pork. Even veggies can be scrumptiously prepared in an air fryer. Check the cookbook that’s included with most GoWise air fryers if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas.

Q. Do I need to preheat my GoWISE air fryer?
While some recipes benefit from preheating, such as cakes and breads, most recipes don’t require you to preheat your air fryer. If you want to preheat your GoWISE air fryer, set the appliance to your desired temperature and allow it to heat for five minutes. When the time is up, add your food and set the timer for your desired cook time and temperature.

Q. What type of warranty do GoWISE air fryers have?
All GoWISE air fryers offer one year of limited warranty protection. If you purchase an air fryer, it’s protected against any damage that occurs as a result of defects in workmanship or materials. It doesn’t cover damage that results from misuse or accident.

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