Updated September 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Spirich Home Tall Corner Cabinet
Spirich Home
Tall Corner Cabinet
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Most Stylish
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A tall cabinet with attractive detailing that fits securely into a corner for space-saving storage.


Comes in white, will blend easily into most spaces. Cabinet features molding, 2 single-groove double doors, and brushed nickel knobs. Has 3 display shelves. The cabinet door contains another shelf that can be adjusted based on storage needs. Can be mounted to the wall.


The shelves are not very deep, which limits the storage space.

Best Bang for the Buck
Furinno Turn-N-Tube 5 Tier Corner Shelf in Espresso/Black
Turn-N-Tube 5 Tier Corner Shelf in Espresso/Black
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Many Finish Options
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A versatile and stylish set of corner shelves at a very affordable price point.


Users report being pleased not only with the quality for the price, but the attractive look and ease of setup. It also stands out for being a good height, and we love that it is versatile enough for many spaces.


Not as durable as a model like the Kai Teak shelves, and it may lean if heavy items are placed on the upper shelves.

HAO Floating Corner Shelves
Floating Corner Shelves
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Clean Look
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The indivisible hardware on these floating shelves provides a seamless way to store and display items.


Comes with 2 white shelves. Made with an MDF material and pinewood brackets to keep in place. Each shelf has a hole to thread a cable or wire through for electronic items. Can hold up to 26 lbs. Available in black color as well.


A few customers received damaged or missing parts.

Homode Corner Shelf
Corner Shelf
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Customer Favorite
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Designed to increase countertop space, these corner shelves come with 3 tiers that can be set up in a variety of spaces.


Constructed with particle board for the shelves and metal for the legs. Connect together into an L-shape for additional sturdiness. Has a rustic look. Great for use in the bathrooms, living room, or kitchen for more storage. Comes with metal hooks for hanging items.


Several reviews reported that the legs felt flimsy and tended to wobble.

Lipper International Bamboo 3-Tier Corner Shelf
Lipper International
Bamboo 3-Tier Corner Shelf
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Best for Countertops
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A solid choice for a shorter corner shelf unit that is great for countertops.


Customers love that this shelving unit doesn't require any assembly, and is a versatile way to organize a variety of spaces. It tends to be moderately sturdy and has an attractive overall look.


Similar to many standalone corner shelf units, upper shelves don't do well with too much weight.


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Buying guide for Best corner shelves

Whether you live in a tiny apartment or a big house, you want to make the most of the space you have. An awkward corner might be one space that doesn’t seem to have any use, but that isn’t true. A corner shelf sized to fit just such a space is a readily available solution.

Corner shelves come in a multitude of styles, designs, and configurations to transform an empty corner from wasted space to an eye-catching focal point. A utilitarian corner shelf can turn an unused part of a kitchen or bathroom into efficient and attractive storage.

If you’re thinking about getting a corner shelf but don’t know where to start, a good buying guide and some recommendations can help narrow your choices.

corner shelf with items on top
A countertop corner unit can be used on a desk or workstation to hold correspondence, supplies, books, and lighting.

How to buy the best corner shelves


There are corner shelves designed to work in every room of your home.

Living room and bedroom: These corner shelves can be decorative as well as functional. They can transform an unused space into a display area for photos, books, or knickknacks. Look for attractive corner units that complement or accentuate your existing décor.

Kitchen: These corner shelves usually function to expand work areas and organize utensils and other items. These units include racks that sit on the floor and countertop shelves that remove clutter from counters while leaving the items accessible. A coffee or tea bar and a spice rack are two examples of uses for these shelves in the kitchen.

Bathroom: This room is probably the first that comes to mind when you think about corner shelves. Units here primarily function as storage for toilet paper, personal care products, soap, or towels. You can find attractive glass or metal shelves for bathrooms.


You’ll find corner shelves that function as racks, bookcases, or cabinets.

  • Racks have open, usually adjustable shelves and serve primarily as storage or display.
  • Bookcases can have open or enclosed shelves and can be as decorative as they are functional.
  • Cabinet corner shelves have doors and are used for storage.

Mounted or freestanding

Corner shelves can be attached to the wall or freestanding.

Wall-mounted corner shelves can have visible brackets for support and may come as units of two or three shelves in a frame. Floating shelves attach to the wall with anchors or hidden brackets. They present a clean, decorative, functional surface and are popular in modern and contemporary décor.

Freestanding corner shelves sit on the floor, usually on three legs. They might need to be attached to the wall for stability. Many of these units can support more weight than wall-mounted shelving.

Materials and design

Many decorative corner shelves are made of wood or wood veneer and can be stained, painted, or unfinished. You’ll also find shelves made of metal, glass, or some combination of wood, metal, and glass.

Many utilitarian corner shelves are made of metal tubing with wire shelves.

Floating corner shelves made of glass are popular for use in bathrooms, but you can also find moisture-resistant wood and metal shelves.

There are also corner shelves made of plastic and other synthetic materials, but these are more functional than attractive.

You can hang a small corner shelf from the ceiling as long as you don’t exceed its weight limit. This is a great way to display a plant.


Features to look for in corner shelves


The shape of the shelves determines the amount of storage space the unit has.

Triangular shelves are an excellent choice for displaying items.

Rounded shelves have a curved front edge. They are deeper than triangular shelves and so can hold more.

Square, rectangular, and L-shaped shelves maximize storage but take up the most space.

Adjustable shelves

Corner shelving with adjustable height provides more flexibility for storage, especially in kitchens and bathrooms where you need to store a variety of objects of different sizes. Adjustable shelves are more convenient.


The feet keep the corner shelves stable. Many racks for kitchens and bathrooms have rubberized feet to minimize damage to countertops or flooring. Look for shelving with adjustable feet if the flooring isn’t level, such as in a shower stall, but this feature can be useful in other rooms too.


Doors are useful if you want to use your corner shelves primarily for storage and keep the contents, such as kitchen utensils or toiletries, out of sight. Doors help the room look less cluttered.

Cable cutouts

Some corner shelves include cutouts for cables and wires. For example, you can run the cable for a clock radio or wired speaker through the cutout to keep it against the wall and out of your way.

corner shelf in the bathroom
Corner shelves aren’t just for displaying objects. Consider mounting a corner shelf near your doorway as a landing pad for keys, mail, and personal items.

How much do corner shelves cost?


Many corner shelves of every size and style cost less than $99. The main difference is in materials and construction. You’ll find a lot of plastic and PVC racks and shelves, particleboard shelves with wood veneer, and countertop units at this price.


These corner shelves cost from $100 to $299. These include tall freestanding racks made of metal tubing and wire shelving, as well as display shelves and bookshelves made of wood or MDF, floating shelving kits, and units with cabinets.


Spend more than $300 and you’ll find corner shelves with the look of fine furniture made of hardwoods, polished metal, wrought iron, and glass. You’ll also find bigger, taller shelves in this range, as well as eye-catching designer pieces.

Corner shelves are ideal for a child’s bedroom. Choose rounded shelves to avoid injury, and set the unit at the right height for your child.



  • Note the weight limit. Corner shelves have a limit to how much weight they can safely support, especially wall-mounted units. Check the product information or the online listing for this information. Overloaded shelves can sag, tilt, lean, or collapse.
  • Choose shelves with an unusual shape or material. Pick a unit for a living room or bedroom that is unique or decorative. It doesn’t have to precisely match the other furniture. An unusual shape or a contrasting color is a great way to help it stand out, especially if you use it to display items.
  • Use more than one floating shelf. If possible, mount more than one shelf. A single floating shelf can get lost in the corner, but using two or three creates more visual impact as well as storage and display space.
corner shelf in the bathroom
Corner shelves aren’t just for displaying objects. Consider mounting a corner shelf near your doorway as a landing pad for keys, mail, and personal items.


Q. Do corner shelves save space?

A. Yes, corner shelves save space by creating usable vertical storage out of an unused corner, and this can free up space elsewhere in the room. For example, several floating corner shelves create a lot of usable space without any footprint.

Q. How do you decorate a corner shelf?

A. Corner shelves are ideal for displaying art, photos, or objects. Pick a visually striking object to act as the focal point of each shelf and then display other objects in relation to it. This also works with a kitchen unit. A cookie jar, teapot, or bottle of vinegar can make a great focal point for a kitchen shelf.

Q. How can I keep my corner shelves from looking tacky?

A. It all depends on what the unit is made of and how you style it. Cheap plastic corner shelves crammed with stuff aren’t going to add much to a room’s décor. But you can find beautifully made corner shelves of wood, metal, or glass that add an elegant touch to the room.

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