Updated November 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Artiva USA Micah Plus LED Arched Floor LAMP
Artiva USA
Micah Plus LED Arched Floor LAMP
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Elegant & Impressive
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At over 7 feet tall, this is the focal point or centerpiece of any room.


Impressive 88-inch height. Eye-catching and striking. It has 5 LED elements for powerful illumination. Dimmable. Arched arms can be adjusted left or right, and each shade can rotate a full 360 degrees. Heavy base to prevent tipping.


Expensive. Requires brand-specific lighting elements for dimmer function.

Best Bang for the Buck
TROND LED Torchiere Floor Lamp
LED Torchiere Floor Lamp
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Most Straightforward
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A power-saving, heat-safe option for filling a room with cool, white light.


Over 6 feet tall. The lamp head can be tilted to the desired angle. The 56 LED lighting elements output 5,000 lumens of ceiling-washing illumination. Dimmable in 5 steps with setting memory. The power cord runs inside the stem for neatness.


Cool daylight white light cannot be adjusted to warm.

Brightech Litespan LED Reading and Craft Floor Lamp
Litespan LED Reading and Craft Floor Lamp
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Most Practical
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Highly functional and versatile, this is designed for detail-oriented activities.


Features an adjustable gooseneck with a strong and sturdy base. Allows you to set your desired brightness with dimmer mode. Remembers settings between uses. Ideal for professionals, crafters, and hobbyists.


A small number of users report the lamp died after not much use.

Adesso Smart Home Circadian LED Floorchiere Light with Smart Switch
Smart Home Circadian LED Floorchiere Light with Smart Switch
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Biorhythm Friendly
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Tune this stylish lamp to be warmer or cooler depending on the time of day.


Contemporary modern “floorchiere” pillar directs light both upward and outward. LED adapts the color temperature to time of day to support natural circadian rhythms. Compatible with Amazon Alexa.


Expensive. As a floor lamp might be too short for some.

Brightech Helix Modern LED Floor Lamp
Helix Modern LED Floor Lamp
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Conversation Piece
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A lamp that’s also an art piece, this model makes a statement without taking up space.


This one is 4 feet tall to sit next to chairs or couches. Outputs appealing 1,800 lumens from built-in 20,000-hour lifespan warm white LED element. It has 3 levels of dimming controlled by a handy foot pedal. Extremely slim. Weighted base.


Too bright to be placed in a direct line of sight.


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Buying guide for best led floor lamps

There are many reasons for adding an LED floor lamp to your home. Whether you need to focus light on a targeted area, have limited or no overhead lighting, or want to add an illuminating piece of decor, this type of lamp is versatile, practical, and stylish.

Not only is LED lighting pleasant, but it also emits less heat than traditional lighting, which saves energy and money. Combine this with the tall, slender design of a floor lamp, and you have a light that will serve many purposes and look great in almost any room. However, with so many LED floor lamps on the market, choosing the best option for your home can feel overwhelming.

At BestReviews, we’re dedicated to answering all your shopping questions. For everything you need to know about LED floor lamps before you buy, keep reading our shopping guide.

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When LED lighting was first introduced, many consumers didn’t like the unnatural bluish light it produced. However, modern LED technology has evolved, and today’s LED floor lamps produce light that is quite similar to traditional incandescent lighting.

LED lighting vs. incandescent lighting

With traditional incandescent lighting, you have probably noticed how much heat radiates from the bulb. That’s because the light comes from the heat that is produced by the bulb’s filament. With LED (light-emitting diode) lighting, only light is produced. The result is a more energy-efficient light source.

If you are in the market for a floor lamp, there are some good reasons to consider an LED model, thanks to the benefits this form of lighting has to offer.

  • An LED light bulb typically uses about 75% less energy than an incandescent light bulb.

  • While traditional bulbs burn out after several months of use, LED light bulbs last as much as 25 to 50 times longer, which translates to years of use.

  • LED light has improved over the years, and it is now comparable in color and intensity to incandescent light.

  • Because of their energy-saving features and long life, using LED light bulbs will save you money on energy costs and replacement bulbs.

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Did you know?
Are you an eco-conscious consumer? An LED floor lamp uses significantly less energy than an incandescent floor lamp, which is good for the earth and your wallet.

Benefits of LED floor lamps

An LED floor lamp can enhance your living space. The thin build and small footprint of floor lamps make them ideal for tight spaces. Floor lamps also produce light from a higher elevation than table lamps, which is helpful in rooms that lack ceiling light fixtures.

Whether you need bright light to read by or a dim glow to help you relax, LED floor lamps can provide the intensity of light that fits your needs. Floor lamps are available in versatile styles to fit nearly any decor, from traditional to contemporary. Some LED floor lamps have modern features, such as dimmer controls and remote operation.

LED floor lamps come at various price points, and there are many good lamps available for shoppers who are watching their budgets.

"An LED floor lamp is a great light source for small apartments and dorm rooms since its slim style takes up little space."

Features to consider for LED floor lamps


Look for an LED floor lamp that fits your room’s decor. Whether you prefer a contemporary look, a Victorian style, or something in between, check out the variety of different designs available before choosing the best LED floor lamp for your home. Because floor lamps are available in numerous designs, chances are you will find one that pairs nicely with your surroundings, whether your room is filled with elegant furniture or the latest home entertainment devices. Some LED floor lamps have single lights, while others feature multiple lights to fit your lighting needs.

Maximum wattage

LED light bulbs of the past disappointed some consumers who preferred the bright light of incandescent bulbs. However, with advancements in LED light technology, modern LED lamps produce bright and natural-looking light. LED floor lamps are ideal for reading, doing crafts, or lighting a dark room. Like incandescent floor lamps, LED floor lamps have varying maximum wattages. Look for a floor lamp that can handle the wattage of the LED light bulbs you plan to use.


LED floor lamps either have stationary or adjustable necks, which are also called goosenecks. A gooseneck is ideal for targeted lighting for reading. Floor lamp bases come in various sizes but should be weighted. A well-made LED floor lamp features a structured body and a durable, weighted base, which will keep the lamp from tipping over if bumped.


When you choose an LED floor lamp, you also have several shade options. While some models, such as those with adjustable goosenecks, do not have shades, many LED floor lamps include shades. Metal and glass shades are durable options that complement most decors. However, if you prefer a more traditional look, there are also LED floor lamps with the classic linen shades often found on incandescent lamps.


As you consider the different LED floor lamps on the market, you may find a basic model that will suit all your needs. However, if you like the idea of user-friendly features, some LED floor lamps include convenient extras.

LED floor lamps with dimmers have simple touch controls that allow you to adjust the intensity of the light. A dimmer is quite useful in rooms where you need variable brightness throughout the day, from soft to bright light.

Would you like your LED floor lamp to remember your favorite light setting? Some models feature memory mode, so when you turn on the lamp each day, it emits the light intensity of your choice.

If you want to operate your lamp remotely, that’s no problem either. Some LED floor lamps can be operated both manually or by remote control, which is convenient for controlling your light from a distance.

Prices for LED floor lamps

One of the major benefits of LED lighting is how little energy it uses compared to traditional lighting. Not only will an LED floor lamp reduce your annual energy costs, but it will also save you money on light bulbs since LED light bulbs last for years.

Basic LED floor lamps cost $20 to $25. For additional features, such as a dimmer, adjustable neck, sturdier build, or multiple lights, expect to pay about $35 to $75. High-end LED floor lamps with many additional features cost $80 to $120.


  • Size up your room. While slim LED floor lamps can fit nicely in small areas, models with larger shades or multiple lights can add depth to a room with limited space.

  • Think about convenience. While some LED floor lamps have straightforward operational features, others offer convenient extras like remote controls, memory settings, and dimmer switches.

  • Consider versatility. LED floor lamps with dimmer switches allow users to vary the brightness of the lamp, which makes the lamp more versatile. Dim your floor lamp for watching TV, or brighten it for reading.
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LED floor lamps are available in a wide range of colors and finishes, including black, white, and metallics. So whether you want to match your lamp to an accent piece, artwork, or hardware, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your decor.


Q. I’m looking for an LED floor lamp to put beside my bed because I like to read after my husband falls asleep. What features should I look for?

A. An LED floor lamp with a dimmer option can provide enough light for reading without being too bright to wake your husband. Another handy feature is an adjustable neck. LED floor lamps with goosenecks can be adjusted to emit targeted light that won’t disturb others in the room.

Q. What’s the best type of LED floor lamp for a home with mid-century furniture?

A. Since mid-century furniture has a vintage flair, you may want to consider an LED floor lamp with a torchiere design. This elegant design conceals the modern light bulb so it won’t detract from the classic style of your decor.

Q. I had a floor lamp many years ago, and it was prone to tipping over. Are modern LED floor lamps sturdier?

A. Many of today’s LED floor lamps feature weighted bases that are designed not to tip. When you shop for your new lamp, pay close attention to the base, and look for a model that indicates the base is stable, tip-resistant, or weighted for added stability.

Q. How long does a typical LED light bulb last?

A. While the longevity of LED light bulbs varies, they have much longer lifespans than incandescent light bulbs. It is not uncommon to get many years of use out of an LED light bulb, possibly even 10 years or longer.

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