Updated September 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Adesso Trinity 82-Inch Arc Floor Lamp
Trinity 82-Inch Arc Floor Lamp
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A sturdy, adjustable lamp ideal for placing in a corner to brighten up the whole room.


Comes in two colors. We love how it has three adjustable arms to provide a lot of light to a large area. Heavy base prevents tipping. Includes burlap shades.


A few users have complained about the difficulty of the assembly.

Best Bang for the Buck
Adesso 63-Inch Floor Lamp with 2 Storage Shelves
63-Inch Floor Lamp with 2 Storage Shelves
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A great option if you're looking for an affordable lamp that can double as a decorative or storage piece.


Lamp has a small footprint, but puts out a lot of light. Pull chain allows you to turn it on and off easily. Comes with two built-in storage shelves. Good value for the price.


Some customers find the assembly to be difficult.

Adesso Stratton 62-Inch Floor Lamp
Stratton 62-Inch Floor Lamp
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Your best bet if you're looking for a traditional Adesso lamp at an affordable price.


Tall lamp that sheds light over a large area. Sturdy, heavy base. Easy to assemble and reasonably priced.


Packaging materials make a mess.

Adesso Gyoza 67-Inch Floorchiere Floor Lamp with Rice-Paper Shade
Gyoza 67-Inch Floorchiere Floor Lamp with Rice-Paper Shade
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A modern lamp that will easily stand out in dark spaces.


Operates easily with a foot step switch. Very bright light. Base and pole are well-built. Easy assembly.


Rice paper shade rips easily if you're not careful. Messy packaging.

Adesso Lexington 71-Inch Combo Two-Light Floor Lamp
Lexington 71-Inch Combo Two-Light Floor Lamp
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Bottom Line

A sophisticated lamp that will go well in any modern room.


Stands out for its beautiful wood finish with frosted-glass dome shade. Adjustable reading light attached. Provides a bright light.


Assembly can be time-consuming.


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Buying guide for Best Adesso floor lamps

Floor lamps help you light rooms without the use of overhead lighting, which can be harsh or too bright. You can find Adesso floor lamps in a wide range of styles, so you’re sure to find one you love and that matches your decor. Plus, floor lamps by Adesso are durable, reliable, and highly stylish.

When shopping for floor lamps, you’ll find so many types that it’s important to know a little about each to help you find your ideal style. You’ll also need to consider whether you need a floor lamp for general ambient lighting or to provide light for a particular purpose, such as to read or draw by. Other features you’ll need to take into account include size, color, materials, and price.

This guide covers all that you need to know about Adesso floor lamps to help make your purchasing decision easier. Don’t forget to check out our favorite floor lamps by Adesso when you’re ready to buy.

Most Adesso floor lamps only have a single bulb, but some models feature anywhere from two to five separate bulbs and shades.

Key considerations

Task lighting vs. ambient lighting

One of the first factors to consider before buying an Adesso floor lamp is what kind of lighting you want: task lighting or ambient lighting. Task lighting is when you use a lamp to provide appropriate lighting for a particular task. For instance, you might position a lamp next to your desk to give you more light to work by, or you might place a lamp next to your favorite armchair to read without straining your eyes.

Ambient lighting, on the other hand, is mostly meant to set a mood in a room. Using an overhead light might give you all the light you need, but it can be too bright when you want to relax. Instead, you can light the room entirely using one or more floor lamps, depending on the room’s size, or a combination of floor lamps and table lamps. That way you can customize your lighting, giving you the option to make the room brighter or darker by switching on all of your lamps or just one.

Types of Adesso floor lamps

Adesso manufactures a wide range of floor lamps, so you’ll find most of the major styles represented. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of Adesso floor lamps.

  • Club lamps: A club lamp is your classic floor lamp with a flat base, a single central pole, and a drum shade to diffuse the bulb. This style might be fairly basic, but it’s an old favorite for a reason.
  • Torchiere lamps: A torchiere lamp is much like a club lamp but with an inverted shade that provides uplighting. It’s an excellent choice for ambient lighting but doesn’t work well for task lighting.
  • Multiway lamps: A multiway lamp is a floor lamp that has more than one bulb and shade. Adesso multiway lamps feature up to five separate bulbs. In some cases, each shade can be moved independently of the others to direct the lighting where you want it.
  • Tower lamps: A tower floor lamp is a wide lamp that usually has a square base and maintains the same width all the way to the top. Some models have an extra-long, lantern-like shade that covers most of the lamp. Others have a stand beneath the shade with built-in shelving.
  • Down-bridge lamps: A down-bridge floor lamp has a short horizontal pole off the top of the main central pole, which suspends the bulb and shade. These lamps are great for task lighting since it’s easier to get the light to hit just where you need it.
  • Arc lamps: Arc lamps are similar to down-bridge lamps but with the bulb and shade on the end of a large, dramatic arc, rather than a pole. Again, these are great for task lighting, plus they look stylish. But they’re usually too large for small rooms.
  • Tripod lamps: Tripod lamps have three-legged tripod stands, rather than a flat base and a central pole. This gives the lamp a retro look that many people love.


When thinking about the size of your chosen floor lamp, you should consider its height, footprint, and width at its widest part. Extra-tall lamps can look out of place in low-ceilinged rooms, such as attic rooms. Conversely, a fairly short floor lamp can look odd in a room with high ceilings. A wide lamp, such as one with a large arc or a tripod base, can add a splash of dramatic flair to a room, but it may overpower a small space and crowd your existing furniture. As such, you should always check the measurements of your chosen lamp and compare them to the space in which you intend to place it.

Torchiere floor lamps provide uplighting, so you can use them to highlight features in your room, such as notable artwork or architectural details.




You can find Adesso floor lamps made from a range of materials. Bases and poles on less expensive models are usually made from ABS plastic or metal, but the metal is flimsier than on high-end options. If you choose a more expensive lamp from Adesso, expect higher-quality base materials, such as solid wood or strong, sturdy metal. Shades can be made from glass, plastic, metal, or fabric, depending on the shade’s style and quality.


Adesso floor lamps tend to have fairly muted, neutral colors that work well with a range of decorative styles. Gray, black, silver, and wood finishes are all popular.


A small number of Adesso floor lamps incorporate shelf storage, so you can use your lamp as a display shelf to hold trinkets, books, or small plants.

Did You Know?
If you find your floor lamp is too bright or too dim, you can switch out the bulb for one with either more or less watts.

Adesso floor lamp prices


Adesso floor lamps aren’t the cheapest lamps out there, so even inexpensive models cost between $50 and $100. These are generally simple torchiere lamps and club lamps.


Mid-range Adesso floor lamps cost $100 to $200. You’ll find a variety of options in this price range, including tripod lamps, tower lamps, and multiway lamps.


The priciest floor lamps from Adesso cost roughly $200 to $350. These lamps are made from the highest-quality materials, such as solid wood or heavy-duty metal. They may have extra features like adjustability as well.

Some two-bulb lamps have one upward-facing torchiere light for ambient lighting and one downward-facing light for task lighting, providing the best of both worlds.



  • Consider the scale of the room in which you’ll be placing your floor lamp. A huge arc lamp, for instance, is likely to dwarf a compact room. On the other hand, a very slender floor lamp with a small shade might look undersized in a large room, so choose accordingly.
  • Check the cord length if your chosen spot isn’t especially close to an outlet. If your floor lamp has a short power cord, you’ll be more restricted as to where you can position it. Of course, you can use an extension cord, but it will look messy unless you can successfully hide it around the edge of the room.
  • Find out the weight of your chosen Adesso floor lamp. If it’s too heavy, it might be tricky to move the lamp for cleaning or into a new spot. But if it’s too light, the lamp could topple over if lightly knocked.
Adesso floor lamps either have foot-step switches, pull-chain switches, or rotary switches built into the body of the lamp.


Q. Are Adesso floor lamps safe?

A. Yes, Adesso floor lamps are independently tested to assure their safety. All floor lamps made by Adesso are either UL- or ETL-listed, meaning they’ve been tested for safety and meet or exceed all government-mandated safety standards in the U.S. Of course, any piece of electrical equipment has the capacity to malfunction, but it isn’t something to worry about with a trusted brand like Adesso.

Q. Is it possible to change the shade on a floor lamp?

A. This depends on the lamp you choose. Some shades are a fixed part of the lamp, whereas others can be switched out. Though it’s hard to tell just by looking at the lamp, you’re much more likely to be able to switch out a fabric shade than a metal, plastic, or glass shade. A new shade can completely change the style of a floor lamp and give you a unique piece that nobody else has.

Q. Are Adesso floor lamps compatible with smart outlets?

A. Many Adesso floor lamps work with smart outlets, but always check before you buy. When used with a smart outlet, you can switch the lamp on and off using your smart home device.

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