Updated January 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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SMARTSTANDARD 6.6 FT I Shape Hangers
6.6 FT I Shape Hangers
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An affordable, solid metal kit with a smooth glide action. Rails are easy to install even if the wall itself is a challenge.


Easy installation, even with uneven or out-of-plumb walls. Metal hardware is attractive and solid. Instructions are thorough and easy to follow.


Holes drilled 16 inches on center, but door frame studs may not match. Rail sold separately. Original lag bolts may need to be replaced for concrete installation.

Best Bang for the Buck
Umax 6.6 Ft Sliding Track (Basic "J")
6.6 Ft Sliding Track (Basic "J")
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A super-affordable option for projects that don't require expensive hardware. If studs are not 16 inches on center, users may need to drill new holes, but this is not a difficult operation.


Solid support pieces with an attractive powder finish. Ideal for ADA access conversions and customized barn doors. Unbeatable price.


Written instructions pose a challenge, but instructional videos exist. Designed for single door hanging. Mounting holes not consistently spaced.

DIYHD 10ft Bent Straight Rustic
10ft Bent Straight Rustic
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The instructions aren't as clear as we'd like, but the hardware is solid and easy to install. The two 5-foot bars are ideal for room dividing.


Wide enough to support larger doors. Users praise the near-perfect door alignment. Solid and rustic iron design.


Included bolts may be too long for standard doors. Uses two 5-foot bars, not one solid piece. Instructions are minimal pictograms with metric measurements.

Industrial By Design 8-Foot, Includes Installation Video
Industrial By Design
8-Foot, Includes Installation Video
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Great for hanging larger, heavier custom doors. The rail (8 feet) is a solid piece of heavy-duty steel, and the instructional video makes installation easier.


Includes a step-by-step instructional video. Bar is a solid 8-foot length of steel. Can support very heavy doors with ease.


Some complaints about the quality of the lag bolts. Additional hardware may be needed to stabilize bottom tracks. Rail can develop a bend before installation.

Artisan Hardware 8-Feet, Black Powder Coat
Artisan Hardware
8-Feet, Black Powder Coat
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Bottom Line

With smooth gliding action and a solid, one-piece upper track, this kit contains fewer pieces than others. Furthermore, the price may be a bit higher than expected.


Works well with out-of-level wall frames. Track is one solid piece, not two segments. Generous 300-lb. weight limit for customized doors.


Holes are drilled to standard 16 inches on center, but mfr. doesn't offer hole-less alternatives. Modification may be required before installation. Poor instructions.


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Buying guide for best barn door hardware kits

A barn door inside your home can create an intriguing focal point and add an impressive flair to any room. To hang that rustic masterpiece, however, you’re going to need a barn door hardware kit. The right kit has fittings with a personality that makes a statement as bold as the barn door itself.

There are hundreds of options, so deciding on the best kit for your barn door could be a long and involved process. You'll want to consider how many doors you plan to hang, what the kit includes, and how much you want to spend.

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A barn door can instantly add character to any room. Barn doors are best for rooms that already have a rustic feel but need something to pull the space together.

Types of barn doors

Different types of barn doors require different hardware kits for installation.

Single barn doors

This is the most common type of barn door. Single barn doors are ideal if you have enough wall space on either the right or the left of a doorway so that the barn door can slide all the way open.

Bi-parting barn doors

When you don’t have enough space on either side of a doorway to install a single door, a bi-parting door might be the answer. Bi-parting barn doors are two narrow doors that slide open from the center in opposite directions.

Bypass barn doors

When space is tight and there is no room on either side of your doorway for a door to slide open, the answer is to use bypass doors. With bypass barn doors, one door slides in front of the other door. However, there are two main drawbacks to this type of barn door. First, like traditional closet doors, half of the doorway will always be covered. Second, bypass barn doors are more complicated to install.

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Did you know?
Since a barn door does not close like a traditional door, sound will travel from one room to the other even when your barn door is closed.

What’s included in a barn door hardware kit?

To properly hang a barn door, you will need a barn door hardware kit. The best kits have everything you need to install the door except tools. However, if your kit is lacking an essential piece, you will need to purchase it separately. The best hardware fittings are durable, waterproof, fireproof, and rustproof.


This is a heavy-duty rail that supports the barn door. It runs along the top of the doorway and extends out so the barn door can slide open.


If you require more than one track, you will need a connector to connect the tracks together.


Hangers are attached firmly to the barn door so it can be hung from the track.


Rollers are what allow the barn door to open and close. The higher the quality of the rollers, the less effort it will take to open the door and the quieter it will slide. Each door will need a minimum of two rollers.


The guide is mounted on the floor and prevents the doors from swinging back and forth. It also helps keep the barn doors from slipping off the track. The guide is an important safety feature.

Anti-jump blocks

These little pieces are usually attached to the top of the barn door to help keep it from hopping off the track.


These essential parts are attached to both ends of the rail to keep the barn door from opening too far and sliding off the end of the track.


Spacers are small devices mounted behind the track. They make a gap so the barn door can slide freely back and forth without marring the wall or the molding.

Door pull

This is the handle you use to open and close the barn door.

Decorative pieces

Decorative pieces include decorative nails, called clavos, that can be hammered into the barn door to give it a more artistic look. You can also add a set of faux strap hinges to your barn door to create the illusion that it opens like a traditional barn door.


Hardware kits for barn doors start at around $35. At this price point, you get basic hardware designs with shorter tracks that accommodate smaller doors. Be sure the hardware is rated to support the full weight of your barn door before purchasing the kit.

In the $70 to $120 range, the hardware is much more ornate, and it is designed to accommodate larger and double doors. You have a wide selection of styles in this range.

Unless you have a unique situation or you’re getting custom hardware, you shouldn’t need to spend more than $150 for a barn door hardware kit. However, once you climb into the $300 and up range, the hardware kit will come with the barn door as well.

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If your ceiling or floor are not level, it will be difficult or impossible to install a barn door because the rail system must be level for the door to function properly.


  • You will need slightly more than double the width of the actual doorway to allow the barn door to slide fully open. If you don’t have that, you will need to use bi-parting doors or bypass doors.

  • You will need room above the barn door to install the hardware so the door can hang.

  • To effectively function as a door, the barn door needs to be wider and taller than the opening.

  • The wall where you install the barn door must be structurally sound and strong enough to support the full weight of your barn door and handle the rugged opening and closing.

  • The floor and ceiling need to be level in order to properly install a barn door.

  • Your barn door hardware needs to be installed on wooden studs. Metal studs or cinder block are not suitable.

  • How ornate is your molding? The spacers in your hardware kit need to allow for enough clearance for the wall’s molding.

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Remember, the wall where you are installing your barn door needs to be clear to allow for the door’s full range of movement. It should have no light switches, outlets, windows, shelving, vents, doors, or any other obstacle that would hinder the door’s movement.


Q. What’s the difference between a pocket door and a barn door?

A. Both are similar in that they slide open. The difference is that a pocket door slides into the wall and disappears when open, whereas a barn door is affixed to the wall and just slides out of the way.

Q. Can I lock my barn door?

A. Typically, barn doors are installed in locations where a lock is not needed. However, with their popularity on the rise, you can now find barn doors in bedrooms, bathrooms, and other rooms where privacy is desired. Companies now manufacture many styles of locking mechanisms for barn doors. If you need your barn door to lock, you have options.

Q. How will a barn door affect the resale value of my home?

A. That’s a tough call because it’s hard to predict trends. Currently, homes that integrate a barn door into a rustic-chic design have been selling for a little more than predicted and almost two months faster than anticipated. However, randomly adding a barn door just because it’s trendy won’t impact your home’s value or sell time. A barn door should be part of an overall theme and work with the rest of the house. As always, before renovating, it is important to realize that trends can change and there’s no guarantee that what’s popular today will still be popular in a few years.

Q. I have children. Is a barn door a safe option?

A. A barn door hangs, so it is possible for the door to be lifted off the track during rough play. This is a safety issue as many barn doors are heavy enough to do damage or cause injury if they fall. Be sure the hardware that you purchase for your barn door comes with anti-jump blocks to help prevent the door from lifting off its track.

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