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The best gifts for the coffee-obsessed

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Wake up and smell the coffee

Many people will say that money makes the world go around, but the truth is that the globe would come to a screeching halt if it wasn’t for coffee. Rainy day? Coffee. Struggling to wake up? Coffee. Need an energy boost? Coffee. There is almost no occasion where a cup of coffee won’t be a welcome offer.

Over the centuries, the delicious brown brew has garnered many fans, but a few might even confess that they are coffee-obsessed. Of course, everything should be enjoyed in moderation, but with so many tools, amazing gadgets, and methods to make coffee, it’s difficult not to get a little bit carried away. Undoubtedly, the first step to crafting exceptional coffee is having an excellent coffee bean grinder.

If you have a friend or a loved one who is a self-confessed coffee addict,  you can find the perfect gift, whether it's brewing a cup on the road, frothing milk for the best latte, or making a delicious serving at home. Oh, and when in doubt, a bag of "the world's strongest coffee" will put a smile on anybody's face.

Best coffee makers

If coffee made via the French press method is their go-to brew, then this coffee maker is the perfect gift. The stainless steel press has an elegant black-and-walnut design and holds 24 ounces. The lid of the press has an agitation stick to disperse coffee grounds, and the fine filter at the end ensures that it doesn’t escape.

Stanley is renowned for its durable, hard-working liquid containers, and this gift set is perfect for anyone who wants to brew their own pour-over coffee. It uses stainless steel filters to extract the oils and flavors, and all you have to do is pour hot water into the filter and listen to it drip into the mug below.

There is no better way to produce a delicious cup of coffee than the original on-the-go coffee maker. It’s perfect for people who work in multiple locations, don’t want to spend a fortune at coffee shops, or want fresh coffee when camping.

You’ll never look at filter coffee the same way if you brew it with this gadget from Technivorm. A modern take on the simple percolator method, it features a sleek design with a separate tray for the filter and a dedicated receptacle for water. 

Coffee in a hurry or on the go? That’s no problem if you throw this portable coffee press into your bag. Easy to clean and space-saving, the Aeropress Go can almost instantly make a cup of pour-over, French press or espresso coffee. It can make up to three servings from one batch of ingredients.

Leave your guests in awe when you offer to make them a pour-over cup of coffee with this maker from Chemex. It has a large 8-cup capacity and is made from the highest-quality, nonporous borosilicate glass. The design lets coffee be covered and refrigerated for reheating without losing flavor.

Best espresso machines

Few things are as delicious as coffee you make yourself. From grinding the beans to tempering the grounds in the machine and smelling the brew as it slowly pours into your cup, this espresso machine makes you feel like a genuine barista in your own home.

If you buy drinks at a coffee shop regularly, you’ll know that it gets expensive. To still get your coffee fix at a fraction of the price, the small, portable Nanopresso instantly makes an espresso shot on the go.

Best milk frothers and accessories

When concocting lattes or cappuccinos, you’ll often need a way to whip up some milk into a delicious froth. It’s incredibly difficult to do if you don’t have the right tools for the job, which is why this electric frother makes things easy. It creates cafe-quality froth or foam in little to no time and is easy to clean.

If you need to whip milk into a froth but don’t see the necessity for a cafe-quality electric gadget, this simple handheld frother will certainly do the trick. It works on AA batteries, so it will be ready when you need it. You simply insert the wire end into the milk, switch it on and swirl it around for a few minutes.

Plant-based milk is generally more expensive than cow’s milk, but it's more affordable if you make it yourself. This is the perfect kitchen tool if you want to try your hand at making almond milk, and it comes with detailed instructions on how to get going. The milk maker machine produces five to six cups per batch.

Best coffee mugs

You have a smart TV, but do you have a smart mug? Create a much smarter home with this mug that pairs with your mobile phone. Through the Ember app, you control the mug’s temperature and customize presets, and it gets as hot as 145 degrees.

If you’ve ever reached for your coffee, taken a large gulp, and realized that it’s ice cold, you’ll appreciate the importance of a self-heating mug. The handcrafted ceramic Ui mug has metallic particles in the base, and when placed on the wireless pad, it keeps the coffee at 130 degrees.

This double-walled mug features vacuum insulation to keep your drinks at the optimal temperature longer. The nonstick coating on the inside makes it easy to clean, and the lid has a two-step clip that prevents splatter when opening.

Single-use paper or plastic cups aren’t just bad for the environment,  they can also make your coffee taste different. The best way to enjoy coffee is in a glass or ceramic mug, or if you are on the road or in a hurry, a reusable tempered glass travel mug. KeepCup is a hugely popular favorite, and this one holds 12 ounces and has a sturdy lid.

Great coffee deserves a great cup, and you can’t go wrong with any selection from Bodum. This bistro-style mug is made from heat-resistant, double-walled borosilicate glass and has a capacity of 10 ounces.

Whether on the road or heading into the office, ensure that your favorite drink remains at the optimal temperature. This 20-ounce tumbler from Yeti is insulated to perfectly keep cold drinks cool and hot drinks warm. It has a stylish flip lid to prevent any spillage.

Best coffee accessories

You might have all the tools you need to make the perfect drip, pour-over or filter coffee, but if your measurements are incorrect, things won’t taste how they should. That’s why it is important to have an accurate kitchen scale with a built-in timer.

An electric coffee bean grinder is the fastest, cleanest way to prepare your morning brew. It has an easy-to-use dial on the front to set the length of grinding and a rotating wheel on the base of the receptacle for changing the coarseness of the grind.

Eye-catching and elegant, this kettle will look stylish in the kitchen or on a serving tray when you have guests over. Made from durable 304 stainless steel, the cordless kettle gets to work when placed on the 1,200-watt quick-heating element, which has an LCD display for setting the desired temperature.

Simplicity can also be beautiful, as demonstrated by these 2-tablespoon coffee or tea scoops. Made from food-grade stainless steel, they're the perfect way to accurately measure ground coffee.

Need your coffee fix in a hurry, but are nowhere near a cafe or kettle? That’s when this immersion heater is convenient. You simply plug it into a wall socket and dunk the heater into your water receptacle. In a few seconds, you’ll have boiling water for a quick cup of joe.

It’s important that you grind coffee beans as you need them and never use more than required. However, some electronic grinders need a minimum amount to work correctly, which might be more than you need. This manual grinder is perfect for preparing individual portions.

There are many parts that go into making the perfect cup of coffee, but you can’t forget about the cleaning-up part. That’s why it’s important to have a good-quality knock box, so you can easily discard the ground and brewed coffee beans. This way, you don’t have a huge mess in the trash can, and it makes the process easier.

In addition to moisture, one of coffee beans' biggest enemies is being exposed to the oxygen in the air. This container is perfect for keeping your beans (or tea or sugar) in the best shape, with an inner lid that removes any air inside. 

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