Updated June 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Best of the Best
Motorola MG7700 Cable Modem plus AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Router
MG7700 Cable Modem plus AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Router
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Fast & Consistent
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Motorola has gone above and beyond with this blazingly fast cable modem. If you need the fastest and most consistent internet connection available, this is the device you are looking for.


Hands down, the ultimate high-speed cable modem made by Motorola. Perfect for streaming 4K content, video conferencing, online gaming, etc. Many compatible internet providers.


Not all internet providers support this elite modem.

Best Bang for the Buck
Motorola MB7621 Cable Modem
MB7621 Cable Modem
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Simple Yet Solid
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A sturdy and capable DOCSIS 3.0 modem that's easy to set up with the major internet providers.


Recommended for most households not requiring gigabit speeds. DOCSIS 3.0 attains real-life speeds up to 650 Mbps. Compatible with Comcast, Cox, Spectrum, BrightHouse and others. Built-in power surge protection.


Problems are rare, but Motorola’s support processes are lackluster.

Motorola MB7420 16x4 Cable Modem
MB7420 16x4 Cable Modem
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Simple Yet Speedy
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A simple, no-frills cable modem solution that provides authentically fast internet speeds at a great price.


Genuinely fast internet speed. Gigabit Ethernet port for superior speed when devices are directly plugged in. Available in white or black. Built-in lightning and power surge protection.


Router sold separately. There are speedier cable modems available from Motorola.

Motorola MG7315 8x4 Cable Modem plus N450 Wi-Fi Router
MG7315 8x4 Cable Modem plus N450 Wi-Fi Router
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Best for Comcast Xfinity
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An excellent way to save on buying separate modem and router devices, and its good speed and superior Wi-Fi broadcasting range give it additional value.


Features built-in Wi-Fi router. Easy installation. Power Boost feature amplifies your wireless signal to the legal limit for maximum home or office coverage. Approved by a wide range of internet providers.


This isn’t the fastest Motorola cable modem available, but this model will absolutely blanket the area with a solid Wi-Fi connection.

Motorola MB8600 Ultra Fast DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem
MB8600 Ultra Fast DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem
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For Heavy Internet Users
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If you can get over the initial cost, this ultra high-speed cable modem may be the best choice for heavy internet users, Netflix binge-watchers, Xbox players, and anyone who works from home.


Can deliver over 1 Gigabit per second. Excellent high-speed internet for online gaming, video streaming, and general internet usage. Compatible with all routers. Certified by Comcast and Cox Communications.


This model is one of the most expensive cable modems available from Motorola.


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Buying guide for best Motorola modems

Many factors can contribute to underperforming home internet service, but a major one is the equipment one uses. Most ISPs (internet service providers) will rent a modem to residential customers, but these tend to be bare-bones models that are slower or less reliable. Purchasing your own modem (and/or router) not only can help deliver the kind of internet connection you desire, but usually does so with a long-term savings.

While many manufacturers make modems, Motorola is a brand with a long track record, and that familiar name gives it broad appeal. When choosing a Motorola modem, you should first ensure that the model is compatible with your ISP. After that, let the features you desire or expect to use guide you to a comfortable decision.

In this guide, we explore the array of features and considerations available with Motorola modems.

motorola modems1
Depending on your ISP, you may need to call the technical service line before connecting the Motorola modem you have purchased.

Key considerations

When seeking a Motorola modem, you first will need to determine whether you want simply a modem by itself or a modem-router combination. Motorola offers several models that fit either category.

With either type of modem from Motorola, the format will be a vertically aligned piece of hardware that’s almost the size of a hardcover book.


Most residential users choose a modem-router combination. A router is hardware that allows the modem to share data with devices that are connected wirelessly or with cables. Having both functions bundled in one device is a convenience.

The Motorola modem-router combination allows the creation of a WiFi network, but the device also includes ports on the back for making hard-wired connections. The majority of Motorola modem-routers have four Ethernet ports, at least one of which supports Gigabit Ethernet speeds.

Motorola modem-router combinations nearly always support dual-band WiFi, meaning it can choose between the faster 5 GHz band or the previous-standard 2.4 GHz band. This ability to alternate between the two bands allows the device to avoid interference on either of the bands, improving the performance and reliability of your WiFi network.


If you pick a standalone model from Motorola, it will have only one Ethernet port on the back, used for connecting the separate router, which would then give you the ability to create a WiFi network.

Some cable ISPs do not allow customers to use a combo modem-router, so this is a case where you’d have to go with a modem-only piece of hardware and add a router on your own.

If you have older devices connected to the Motorola modem that do not support the current security standards, you can change settings to be in line with the older devices’ security protocols.



Motorola modems offer a number of features. Before buying, it’s important to understand the options and decide which to prioritize based on your planned uses.


DOCSIS, short for Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification, is a protocol used in modems. Some Motorola cable modems support DOCSIS 3.1 (the fastest current standard), allowing for maximum data transfer speeds and the most reliable connection signals. Others support the previous standard, DOCSIS 3.0, which still delivers plenty of speed for most residential users.

Some ISP subscriptions don’t have enough data transfer speed to justify using DOCSIS 3.1, but the standard is backward-compatible with older versions of DOCSIS. So while buyers may save a little with a DOCSIS 3.0 modem, it comes at the expense of missing potential future upgrades by the ISP.

Active Queue Management (AQM)

AQM is a technology available under DOCSIS 3.1 in some Motorola modems that uses software to speed up high-bandwidth processes such as online gaming or videoconferencing.


Motorola modems use separate upload and download channels. The more channels a modem has, the faster its potential data transfer speed.

Most modems have more download channels than upload channels, as users download far more data than they upload. Motorola modems have 8 to 32 channels for downloading and 4 to 8 upload channels. The cost of a modem typically rises with the number of channels, but the increased performance will be well worth it for those who stream video or play online games.

Telephone ports

Those who choose a telephone/internet bundle from their service provider will want a Motorola modem-router with telephone jacks.

A related option with some Motorola modems is a backup battery that powers the phone for several hours in the case of a loss of power at home.

motorola modems2
Motorola only makes cable internet modems, and they are not compatible with DSL internet service.

Motorola modem prices

Lower-end: Motorola modems generally cost a little more than modems from most other manufacturers. For the most basic modems from Motorola, expect to pay between $50 and $100. These typically are modem-only pieces of hardware.

Higher-end: For a modem-router combination from Motorola, prices range from $75 to $250. Pricier models deliver the most speed and performance.

To determine whether purchasing your own Motorola modem makes financial sense, find out what you are paying your ISP each month to rent equipment. It’s likely that, by purchasing a modem and not paying rental fees, the device would pay for itself within 18 months.

Using a Motorola modem at the same coaxial wall outlet that connects your TV will require a coaxial splitter.



If you are having trouble with your Motorola modem or modem-router, try these troubleshooting tips.

  • Upon connecting a modem for the first time, you may be prompted to enter your cable ISP account number to allow the connection to work.
  • Motorola modems and modem-routers often have stickers on the bottom of the devices with information needed for setup. This may include the model number, the security key, and a preset password.
  • A Motorola modem will have a series of indicator lights on the front of the device that let you know exactly what functions it is performing. Look there for clues about any difficulties.
  • For the best performance and speed, place the modem as close as possible to where the internet signal enters your home.
  • If you believe you are not receiving the internet connection speed from your ISP that you are paying for, use an internet connection speed test app to determine your average rate of speed.
motorola modems3
The software included with your Motorola modem may allow parental controls, such as restricting certain devices or limiting some device connections to certain times of day.


Q. Do I have to give guests access to my secured wireless network through my Motorola modem-router?

A. Not necessarily. Some Motorola modem-routers give you the ability to create a guest network that is separate from your password-secured network. Guests can access the network without risk of them gaining access to your personal files.

Q. Can I connect my TV to the Motorola modem?

A. Yes, as long as it is a modem-router combination. If it is a modem-only, you must connect the TV to the router that is connected to the modem.

Q. Is it difficult to set up a Motorola modem and router?

A. Not really, although some people have the devices professionally installed. Much of the time, your devices can access the modem-router automatically, which makes things extremely easy during setup. However, if you want to control all aspects of the modem’s features and connectivity, you can adjust these advanced settings through the software included with the modem.

Q. Does it really help to turn the modem off and turn it back on to try to troubleshoot it?

A. Yes. In fact, turning off the modem for up to a minute on a regular basis can promote a more reliable internet signal.


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