Updated September 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for Best AirPods Pro Cases

Apple’s AirPods Pro are truly wireless earbuds with a comfortable in-ear design and impressive sound and features. They come in a sleek white plastic charging case that serves as the earbuds’ storage unit and power bank and protects them from the elements.

However, what about the charging case itself? If you keep it in your pocket or bag, it could get scratched or nicked by keys and coins. Dropping or fumbling it could result in cosmetic damage or the need for significant repair. The charging case could open when dropped, which could in turn knock the earbuds out and increase the risk of damage or loss.

If you’re worried about scratching, dropping, or damaging your AirPods Pro, you should look into getting an AirPods Pro case.

AirPod Pro
The AirPods Pro charging case is a bit shorter, wider, and heavier than the AirPods 3 charging case, though they look very similar.

How to buy the best AirPods Pro case


AirPods Pro cases are made of several materials, from clear, soft plastic to premium leather. The material you choose depends on what you want most from your case. Designer cases made of leather or fabric show off your style. Clear cases let the AirPods Pro charging case shine through. Tough, sturdy plastics and composites can take a licking. Slim cases and skins primarily protect the AirPods Pro from scratches and scuffs.


The AirPods Pro slides almost effortlessly into a pocket and lives there quite comfortably. The thicker, heavier, and more protective the case, the more bulk it adds to the AirPods Pro and the harder it is to slip into a pocket. Consider the trade-off between style, convenience, and protection, or be prepared to use a carabiner or strap to attach your AirPods Pro to a bag or belt.


If you want your AirPods Pro to stand out, get a case that expresses your personality or interests. This simply means choosing a different color from the AirPods Pro’s stark white. You could pick a pattern or interesting finish such as leather, suede, fiber, or metal. You could choose a case that looks like a high-end fashion accessory or a retro appliance or even a plush toy. Whatever side of yourself you want to express, there’s probably an AirPods Pro case for it.

Having a lock or closure on the AirPods Pro case comes in very handy on busy sidewalks, in parks, or in crowded airport terminals where the case could get bumped.


What features do AirPods Pro cases have?


Scuffs and scratches: All of these cases should protect your AirPods Pro from scuffs and scratches. The glossy white plastic of the charging case is a magnet for abrasion even if there’s nothing else in your pocket, and after a few weeks of daily use, you could find your AirPods Pro looking dull and dingy. Even the thinnest skin case should be able to protect the AirPods Pro from scuffs.

Shocks and drops: Some of these cases go a step further and offer protection against drops. These cases either have a shock-absorbing design or are made of tough, durable, shock-resistant materials like carbon fiber. Some tough cases meet U.S. military specifications (MIL-SPEC) for shock resistance and durability.

Moisture: The earbuds are sweat-resistant, but they aren’t waterproof and neither is the charging case. If you think your AirPods Pro might be exposed to moisture, look for a waterproof case. These have gaskets and seals around the lid and Lightning port, and they are usually made of a flexible synthetic material like silicone. Water resistance is measured in ingress protection (IP) ratings, with IPX7 and higher providing protection from total immersion.


Some AirPods Pro cases come with a lock, snap button, or another form of closure. Having a closure mechanism prevents the AirPods Pro’s lid from opening inadvertently, especially when dropped, which could knock the earbuds out.


Any case should make it easy to access the AirPods Pro Lightning port. It’s nice to be able to have a bit of room around the port as well to accommodate different Lightning cable sizes. Ideally, an AirPods Pro case should also have a cutout on the front for the charging indicator light. Many cases don’t make it easy to access the charging case’s reset button on the back, but you shouldn't need this feature on a regular basis.

The word “carabiner” comes from the German Karabinerhaken and originally referred to a kind of spring-hook used by carbine riflemen. Carabiners are commonly used in climbing equipment, but smaller clips are now ubiquitous on all sorts of accessories.

What accessories go with an AirPods Pro case?


A carabiner makes it easy to attach and detach your AirPods Pro case from a belt loop, keychain, backpack, or luggage. Look for carabiners made of sturdy metal or a thick composite because thin materials and plastics can break easily. Also check that the attachment of the carabiner to the case isn’t thin or weak, as that would defeat the purpose of having a sturdy clip.

Key ring

An AirPods Pro case with a key ring allows you to use the case as a key chain and helps keep your pocket or bag organized. Since the AirPods Pro are in a protective case, you won’t have to worry too much about wear and tear to the earbuds from keys. Key rings can be separate from carabiners and are usually more difficult to attach and detach.


Some AirPods Pro cases come with a strap or loop. These can be made out of fabric or leather and are usually sized to slip around the wrist. You can also loop them around a handle or belt to keep the case secure. As well as being practical, a strap can add stylish flair to the case.


It might be surprising to learn that a lot of AirPods and AirPods Pro cases attach at least partially with double-sided tape. This usually happens when the part of the case that goes on the lid is separate from the rest of the case. Most brands include good-quality double-sided tape or similar adhesive with their products, but it’s worth it to make sure.

How much do AirPods Pro cases cost?


You can find many of these cases that cost less than $15. They range from simple skins or silicone to bonded or synthetic leather and shock-absorbing hard plastic. Many of these provide all the necessary protection and features you might be looking for, but they might not fit perfectly, they could have a poor finish, and the companies may not offer customer support. Nevertheless, there are some good products in this price range.


Most of the quality AirPods Pro cases from reputable brands and manufacturers cost between $15 and $50. These tend to have a consistent fit and finish, come with appropriate features and accessories, and include some form of manufacturer protection or customer support. Many cases in this price range offer real leather, elegant designs, and tough construction. You’ll also find dependable waterproof cases at this price. Apple sells third-party cases in this range.


Spend more than $50 and you can find AirPods Pro cases from luxury and fashion brands that reflect the earbuds as status symbols. Here you can find expensive exotic leathers, metal accents, and plenty of styles. In this range, protection and practicality are less important than making a fashion statement.

Luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, YSL, Gucci, and Chanel make AirPods Pro cases that cost anywhere from $300 to more than $2,500.



  • Choose a textured case for a good grip. The AirPods Pro charging case can be slippery. A rubberized or textured case or skin can add grip and help keep you from fumbling or dropping your expensive earbuds.
  • Be careful when removing the charging case from the protective case. It can be hard to remove the AirPods Pro from a tight-fitting case. Try plugging a Lightning cable into the port and pushing gently. You can also try pulling the charging case out by the lid, but be very careful not to damage the hinge.
  • Consider how the case will stand up to wear and tear. Some clear cases can turn yellow over time. Some grippy or rubberized cases show lint and dust easily. Leather cases will develop a unique patina as they age. Key rings and carabiners can tear loose from poorly made or poorly designed cases.
AirPod Pro
The ingress protection (IP) rating system covers both solid and liquid materials. The first digit refers to how well a product resists solid particles like dust. The second digit refers to water ingress, from splashes to complete immersion.


Q. Do I really need an AirPods Pro case?

A. It’s worthwhile to consider whether you need a protective case at all. After all, the earbuds already come in a charging case. But the charging case is a sensitive piece of electronics, and getting scuffs on the plastic is a matter of when, not if. If you don’t mind your charging case showing a bit of wear, you really don’t need another case. But if you do mind scuffs and scratches, or if you want to keep the charging case pristine for resale or giving away, you should consider getting a case.

Q. Can I use an AirPods Pro case on AirPods 2 or AirPods 3?

A. No, the cases aren’t interchangeable. AirPods 2 come with either a wired or wireless charging case with the vertical form factor first introduced with the original AirPods. The AirPods Pro and AirPods 3 have more horizontal cases but with slightly different measurements. Cases designed to fit AirPods 3 won’t fit the AirPods Pro, and vice versa.

Q. Can AirPods Pro charge wirelessly through a case?

A. Wireless charging was introduced to the AirPods line with the second-generation AirPods and the AirPods Pro. The AirPods Pro can be placed on a wireless charging pad and recharged without using a cable. Some cases are too thick for effective wireless charging or are made from incompatible materials. If you have a wireless charging pad and want to use it with your AirPods Pro case, make sure the case is compatible.

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