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Best Cable Management Boxes

Updated October 2023
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DMoose Cable Management Box
Cable Management Box
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With its beautiful design and high functionality, this DMoose model is a must-have.


The aesthetically pleasing wood and white design looks stunning on hardwood floors. This box is made of fireproof ABS material and has plenty of ventilation. The rubber bottom ensures no slipping and sliding. There are conveniently located slits along the sides and top for your chargers to poke through.


The DMoose logo is quite large and a bit of an eyesore.

Best Bang for the Buck
D-Line Cable Management Box
Cable Management Box
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Simple Yet Solid
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A simple oval-shaped model with 3 openings that can manage an impressive number of cords.


Easily fits most power strips and plenty of thick cables. Available in 4 colors to match your decor. The 3 openings give you options and control over how you organize. A reliable, affordable option for managing most cable messes. Features a curved top for safely resting your phone.


The plastic is fairly flimsy. Some customers found the lid difficult to remove and replace.

Chouky Cable Organizer Box Set
Cable Organizer Box Set
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Family Friendly
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Customers love this set for its durable construction, kid-friendly design, and large storage capacity.


Comes with 3 boxes for organizing all types of power strips, cords, and adapters. Made with high-density ABS plastic that is electrically insulated to promote safety. Features large openings on each end that allow for cooling ventilation. Includes 10 complimentary cable ties and 2 cable clips for managing your wires.


Some users found the small box to be less useful than the medium and large.

Baskiss Cable Management Box
Cable Management Box
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Most Attractive
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This attractive option helps prevent electrical accidents and fits it with most home decor.


Large capacity means you can easily hide all your power strips, adapters, and excess cords. Features 3 double-directional openings to help you better identify cords. The wooden lid secures firmly to the box and protects wires. Designed with an anti-skid bottom that prevents it from slipping and sliding around.


The plastic construction feels cheap and thin.

HomeBliss Large Cable Box
Large Cable Box
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Sleek and Smooth
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Large enough to fit a power strip, this box has a seamless design to blend into your space while hiding unwanted cords.


This box comes in a few finish options. Is spacious and will corral wires and cords to reduce visual declutter and prevent young children from being able to easily access. Comes with hardware to be mounted on the wall and cord organizers. The box is well-made from wood and feels durable.


Several people reported that the glue from the packaging was difficult to remove from the box.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best cable management boxes

Take a quick peek behind your entertainment center or under your desk. If you are like the majority of us, what you’ll find is a rat’s nest of HDMI, USB, power, and other cables. Electronics are a fact of life, and so are the cords and cables that power or connect them. When cables start to take over, it’s time to address the problem.

Cable management boxes are a great solution. These simple boxes can hold and hide everything from power strips to excess cables. They are not only tidier and more attractive, but can also be safer than loose cables, keeping both pets and children away from dangerous power strips and cords. They can also protect cabling itself from spills and dust.

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In addition to organizing your cables, a cable management box can also help to improve your productivity and reduce stress.

Key considerations

Construction and design

While simple in design, there are still elements in the construction of a cable management box, which can help it rise above its competitors.

The overwhelming majority of boxes are made from plastic. Any box you are considering should be durable and rugged. It should be resistant to scratching and impact — some manufacturers claim the materials they use are also fire resistant.

The best cable management boxes offer some form of ventilation, in addition to “feet” constructed from rubber or another material on the bottom. These feet not only keep the box from sliding around, but also raise it up and help to vent away excess heat.


This is less of a concern if your cable management box is going to be tucked away behind your entertainment center, but those that sit atop a desk or are otherwise prominently displayed should be attractive and work with your décor. If appearance is important, give weight to this when considering models. Some also offer color options, which can help when you are trying to visualize one in a room.


Cable management boxes are available in different sizes, and you should consider both your needs and your available space before deciding on one. A larger box will hold more power strips and wires but may become a problem if you are trying to wedge it behind a TV stand or prop it up on a crowded table or desk.

A more compact box will be a better fit if you are in search of a simple charging station for your devices, but it may not accommodate your power strip or your multitude of cords.

Some styles of boxes offer a variety of size options, so you can select one that works for you.

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Did you know?
Some cable management boxes have indented or curved tops which are designed to cradle your phone more securely.


Is it ventilated?

The best boxes will offer some form of ventilation to help dissipate heat that builds up from cables and power strips.

What size wires and cables can it handle?

The holes on the ends of the box where wires enter should be large enough to handle whatever cords you run through them. This may become an issue with something like power brick cords, which tend to be thicker than regular power cords.


Give some thought to the lid on any box you are considering. The box should have some form of lid that opens at the top, giving you easy access to the power strips and cords within it.

A lid should be secure enough to keep out both dust and anything that is accidentally spilled on the box. You should be able to securely fasten it, particularly if you have children or pets. Even if you don’t, you still don’t want the lid popping open every time a cord shifts. At the same time, you should be able to easily open the lid, not struggle with it or break a fingernail whenever you want to rearrange a plug.

Access points

If your primary goal is to use the cable management box as a charging station for smartphones or other devices, it helps if the box has dedicated access ports for your charger cords. While not standard, some boxes have these.


Know what accessories you will receive with your cable management box. Boxes often ship with cable sleeves, ties, clips, or other items that can help you to organize your cables and cords.

Cable management box prices

Cable management boxes are pretty simple both in terms of construction and features, so it’s not surprising that the difference in price between bargain boxes and those on the top end isn’t that extreme.


The most basic boxes start out around $10 to $15.


The majority, that have slightly higher build-quality, will run you $20 to $30.


You can find a few in the $40 or higher range. At this higher price point, expect a more durable or elegant construction (such as real wood), or a larger box capable of holding several power strips. High end boxes may also offer more robust security.


  • If you are searching for a solution to rein in smartphone power station cords, select a more compact box as they are better suited for desk or tabletop placement.

  • Consider buying cable management boxes in sets of two or three. Chances are that you have more than one cable mess in your home or office, and buying a set is a less expensive alternative to buying one at a time.

  • If you're preparing your house for a new pet, don't forget about the cables that you can't see, but that will still be accessible to your new family member.

  • A cable management box with bottom or concealed heat dispersal vents is a more attractive option for use in areas where the box will be visible (as opposed to behind a desk).

  • If you plan on purchasing a cable management box for use with an existing power strip, measure the strip first to be sure it will fit within the box before ordering.

  • A cable management box made from material such as bamboo can be more attractive, but check that it has a fireproof lining and adequate ventilation or your heated cords may cause you future problems.

  • Cable management boxes can help to tidy up existing cables, but you still can find yourself wondering which cable is which. One way to better keep track of all your cables is to label everything. Products such as Mr-Label Self-Adhesive Cable Labels provide an easy way to label all the cables and other wires in your house.
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A see-through lid is handy if you need to monitor what is in your cable management box, but can result in a less tidy appearance.


Q. Can these boxes be wall mounted?

A. Boxes are largely designed to be used on the floor or desk top. That said, you should be able to mount the majority of cable management boxes if you use your own hardware (ex. screws, brackets, etc.). Be sure the box you are trying to mount has a secure top that won’t easily pop off in its new orientation.

Q. I’ve noticed my cords really heat up. Are these boxes safe to use?

A. Hot cords can be a fire hazard and may also damage sensitive electronics, so any cable management box you buy should have built-in safety features to manage excess heat. Two ways a box can handle heat are using a construction material that is flame resistant and incorporating a series of ventilation ports so heat can’t build up. If this is a primary concern, be sure that any cable management box you are considering has both of these features.

Q. I have children and pets. Do the lids on these fasten securely?

A. This will vary box to box. Some have lids that easily lift off, while others offer different degrees of child-proof latches. Check with the manufacturer to verify how secure their cable management box is from little hands (and paws).

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