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Cyber Monday Holiday

Extended Cyber Monday TV deals 2023

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Save on TVs from Samsung, LG and Philips 

Cyber Monday 2023 has begun, and BestReviews has been tracking all the price drops and discounts we can find from across the internet to help you save during the big online-only discount day.

We’re seeing price drops on the Samsung S95C 4K OLED Smart TV that wowed us when we tested it recently, as well as a fantastic discount on the 65-Inch Hisense U8 series LED TV we also recommend based on our test results.

All the major retailers and many major brands are now boasting discounts on their online stores. As always, keep coming back to this article as we update it with more Cyber Monday TV deals.

Last updated on Nov. 29, 2023, at 10:00 p.m. PT.

Best TV deals, 60 to 85 inches

Who doesn’t want a big TV? These screens envelop you with 4K sharpness, vivid color and theatrical impact, as long as you’ve got the space for them.

Samsung S95C 65-Inch 4K OLED  TV

27% OFF 

When we tested the 55-inch model of the Samsung S95C recently, we thought it was one of the best TVs we’d ever seen, suited for everyone including gamers and cinephiles. The S95C boasts OLED screen technology, the best display technology currently available, with true blacks and infinite contrast.

Samsung S90C 65-Inch 4K OLED TV

38% OFF 

Nearly everything looks great on the Samsung S90C 4K TV, a conclusion that was obvious when we tested this model. Its gorgeous 4K OLED screen looks and feels high-end, and gaming and new 4K content like movies and TV shows were fantastic in our testing.

Hisense U8 Series 65-Inch Mini-LED 4K Google Smart TV

36% OFF 

Another winner from our TV tests is the Hisense U8K Mini-LED smart TV with Google TV OS. We found its mini-LED display offered near-OLED-level brightness and contrast performance at a more affordable price point. And with this deal, this 65-inch model can be had for under $1,000.

Samsung 85-Inch Class Class Neo QLED 4K QN90C

46% OFF

The vivid QLED display of this 85-inch Samsung brings rich, saturated color that’s better than real life. Sports, movies and gaming look great and sound great with its 4K resolution, Dolby Atmos support and Object Tracking Sound+. Despite its size, it’s super slim with a thin bezel, excellent for a large living room or great room.

LG C3 Series 65-Inch Class OLED evo Smart TV

24% OFF

The LG C3 evo series is one of the top TVs of the year, especially when it comes to picture quality. Their OLED screens offer infinite contrast and true black levels thanks to their individually lit pixels, and they offer great response for fast-paced games. This 65-inch LG C3 OLED evo Smart TV boasts 4K resolution, all your top streaming channels and an innovative remote control.

Amazon Fire TV Omni Series 75-Inch 4K QLED Smart TV

18% OFF 

Amazon’s own Fire TV product line has always offered great values. This big 77-inch model from their higher-end Omni Series Fire TVs boasts a vividly colorful QLED screen with Dolby Vision enhancement, plus Amazon’s own Fire OS for accessing not just Prime Video content but many other top streaming providers.

Samsung CU7000 85-Inch 4K LED Smart TV

31% OFF 

This huge 85-inch Samsung LED TV is discounted below $1,000 right now, a great value on a home-theater centerpiece. Its “Crystal UHD” branding offers 4K resolution and direct lighting for solid contrast and brightness performance, plus it has access to your favorite streaming channels.

TCL 75-Inch QM8 QLED 4K Smart Mini LED TV

39% OFF

The mini-LED lighting behind this 75-inch TCL TV allows for precise lighting from more than 2,000 individual dimming zones, resulting in darker blacks and sharper contrast. The QLED screen is vividly colorful, and it supports Dolby Vision, HDR, HDR10 and HLG, for the best picture from the widest variety of content. With a native 120-hertz refresh rate that can go up to 240-hertz, games won’t blur and action stays smooth.

Hisense  85-Inch Class A7 Series LED 4K UHD Google TV

21% OFF

This 85-inch Hisense TV offers a bright and colorful 4K display with direct-lit pixels for even brightness from its LED backlight. Its gaming mode allows solid 60-hertz refresh even at 4K resolutions, along with variable refresh rates and auto low latency for hair-trigger response. Support for both Dolby Vision and HDR10 brings vivid contrast to a wide variety of content.

Other best 65- to 85-inch TV deals worth checking out

Best TV deals, 40 to 59 inches

This is the ideal size for apartments and smaller homes, where you want an immersive TV experience without absolutely dominating your living space.

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series 50-Inch 4K Smart TV

31% OFF 

Amazon’s 4-Series Fire TVs offer sharp 4K quality on an affordable midsize 50-inch LED panel, now with a fantastic markdown. Like other Amazon products, Alexa is deeply integrated, allowing you to control the Fire TV and search for shows with just your voice.

Amazon Fire TV 40-Inch 1080p Smart TV

28% OFF 

Is there a place in 2023 for a 1080p TV? There sure is, especially when it’s this affordable. This Amazon Fire TV combines 1080p resolution with a 40-inch size class that makes for a sharp picture in smaller or secondary spaces like bedrooms, guestrooms or kitchens.

TCL Q7 55-Inch 4K QLED Smart TV

13% OFF 

This TCL TV offers a vivid 4K QLED screen with an ultra-wide color gamut, letting it display more colors than many other sets, and its full-array backlight gives it lifelike brightness and contrast. We’re in the process of testing this model right now, but we wanted to make sure you knew about this active deal.

LG B3 Series 65-Inch 4K OLED Smart TV

35% OFF 

Another top OLED set, this LG B3 series model brings a 4K OLED display with its infinite contrast and true black performance to the midsize 65-inch class ideal for smaller living rooms or larger apartments. LG boasts this model has AI-powered upscaling of your non-4K content, and it’s $1,299.99 right now, down from $1,999.99.

Vizio 50-inch Class Class V-Series 4K UHD LED Smart TV

22% OFF

A great size for almost any room, this 50-inch Vizio is loaded with top features. Its full-array LED backlight provides even lighting across its display, while its HDR support includes HDR10 and Dolby Vision to cover all your bases. Game mode allows for fast variable refresh rate, under-10 ms input lag, and AMD FreeSync. It supports both Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast and can output audio to Bluetooth headphones.

Other 40- to 59-inch TV deals worth checking out 

Best TV deals, 20 to 39 inches

Bedrooms, dorm rooms, kitchens and RVs are some spaces where a smaller TV fits in perfectly, especially if they’ve got HD quality and have built-in streaming too.

Amazon Fire TV 32-Inch Class 2-Series HD Smart TV

45% OFF

Powered by FireOS, this Amazon Fire streaming-capable smart TV fits neatly in a smaller space, where its 720p resolution will look sharp thanks to its 32-inch display size. It’s a capable smaller TV with support for HDR10 and Dolby Digital Audio, and it comes with the Alexa Voice Remote for smart voice control.

Insignia F20 Series 24-Inch 720p LED Smart Fire TV

46% OFF 

You can stick this 24-inch Insignia F20 model under a kitchen cabinet, on top of a dorm dresser or the corner of a bookshelf and still enjoy Amazon Fire OS streaming including Prime and other popular channels. And its 720p HD screen will look great in its compact screen.

Philips 32-Inch 720p LED Smart Roku TV

30% OFF 

This Philips TV runs on the ever-popular and dependable Roku OS streaming platform, allowing you to watch all the major streaming channels plus hundreds more. At 32 inches, this TV’s 720p HD resolution looks just fine in a bedroom or guest room.

Other great 20- to 39-inch TV deals

Who has the best Cyber Monday TV deals?

Cyber Monday started as a day specifically for online retailers to post deep sales, and it’s the online stores of the big retailers that have the most consistent discounts, such as Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy. At the same time, some specific brands, such as Samsung, are also offering great discounts on their products during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Why trust our recommendations?

BestReviews scours websites for the latest and best deals during every big shopping day, from Amazon Prime Day to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We do our own testing on as many products as we can, and research what the best and most useful features are to cut through marketing gloss. We strive to keep our shopping articles like this one updated frequently, so you can trust that our deals coverage is as fresh as we can make it.

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