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August 30, 2022  |  Sports & Fitness

Volleyball training equipment to help you perfect your game

Tools to improve your volleyball skills

It’s never too late to begin training for a new season or to improve your volleyball technique. Volleyball requires agility, precision, hand-eye coordination and power, but these skills don’t just come from a basic workout or conditioning. Practicing drills and honing in on maneuvers will offer the growth and strength needed for a solid performance on the court. There are tools available tailored to the specific drills of volleyball practice and identifying your needs will help you land the most suitable equipment.

What to consider before purchasing volleyball training equipment

Your current level

Assessing where you are in your volleyball career will ultimately help you narrow down your choices for equipment. If you are a beginner and unfamiliar with the specific motions of the game, a training set that can be used for all the maneuvers of volleyball will suit your needs best. As per a more advanced player, a piece of equipment that is geared to a specific skill that you’ve targeted to improve will give you a better value.

Your volleyball goals

Determine if you are training for a specific reason or if you’re practicing to take this sport more professionally. A recreational player who prefers a fun, pick-up game once in a while may prefer training equipment that is more relaxed such as a volleyball net to share with friends and family. Whereas a pre-professional player may opt for equipment that is more tailored and concentrated on perfecting a drill. This will be up to you and how much you want to invest in your skills versus an engaging hobby.


How do I prevent injury when training and playing volleyball?

A. Stretching before you begin practice will allow you to both warm up and prepare your muscles for the drills. Additionally, drinking plenty of water before, during and after your practice will prevent cramps that could lead to injury.

Can I practice volleyball on grass?

A. Yes, volleyball can be played on grass safely and serves as a suitable alternative to a traditional court.

Recommended training equipment

Vb Star Volleyball Training Equipment Aid

This set is designed to help players tighten up their arm maneuvers such as striking and setting. It comes with a waistband trainer that has an attached cord where the ball is placed and extended outward to mimic a serve or a spike. This cord is adjustable for various heights and levels. Additionally, the set includes setting straps that show players proper form and where to hit the ball on their hands. This set is intended for solo training.

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Pinsuko Volleyball Spike Trainer

Suited for players looking to improve spiking, this at-home trainer attaches to a basketball hoop and hangs at an adjustable length. The trainer is designed with no metal or buckles in the area near the spiking zone to avoid any injury or bruising after continued use. A large inflatable ball is included and should be put inside of the hoop to prevent any tangling when the player spikes the ball. The volleyball is included and is intended to react to small movements in order to improve reaction time and reflexes of the player.

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Tobwolf Volleyball Training Resistance Band

This set of resistance bands attach at the ankles and wrists to strengthen the muscles needed for setting and general exercises. Created using natural rubber, the bands are adjustable to meet the height of the player. The bands hold the player in the proper form while training.

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Start Right Sports Volleyball Training Aid Original Spike Trainer

Made to improve the force of your strike, this foam head can be attached to any extended pole such as a Broomhead, painting pole or PVC pipe. It grips the ball and makes it more difficult to strike than a normal trainer. This forces players to use their full strength and hit the ball harder.

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Skylety 4 Piece Volleyball Training Technique Setting Aid

The function of these training aids is to teach players where the ideal hand placement should be when hitting the ball in any exercise. The aids are adjustable and can be tighter or looser based on your comfort.

Sold by Amazon

Boulder Badminton Pickleball Net

For use in various sports, this net is also used for volleyball practice. Featured with adjustable stands to accommodate height and level, this net doesn’t require stakes or a complicated set up process. It comes with a carrying case for traveling.

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