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November 21, 2022  |  Shoes

5 tips for wearing basketball shoes casually

If you're a sneakerhead, you're probably already privy to how to wear basketball shoes casually. However, those who are used to wearing them only to play basketball might need a few tips on how to make them a fashionable wardrobe choice.

Basketball shoes come in many colors and designs, so although you may find some of them unappealing, there's probably a pair out there that will pique your interest, and you might be surprised to learn how you can pair them with your outfits.

In this article: Nike Men's Kyrie Flytrap IV Basketball Shoes, Nike Jordan Max Aura Basketball Shoes and Under Armour Unisex Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoes.

Stand out with flashy shoes

If you want to make a bold statement and catch the eyes of those around you, wearing shoes with a flashy color design is the way to go. Colorful shoes pop more, but you'll need to wear them with an outfit that complements their color scheme for them to be effective.

For example, if your basketball shoes are all black with gold trim, the best outfit choice would be black jeans and a black shirt with a gold-colored design. That way, your shoes complement the rest of your outfit and make you stand out.

Make life easier with a basic look

If the flashy look isn't for you and you want something more subdued, it's best to get shoes with a streamlined look and a color that goes with most of your outfits. For example, it's easier to pair all-black or white basketball shoes with most outfits than flashy shoes. The more minimal the design of your basketball shoes, the easier it'll be to pair them with your outfits.

Ankle length

The cut of your basketball shoes is a matter of preference, but there are pros and cons to both low-cut and high shoes. Low-cut shoes are more versatile and go great with shorts, skirts and other summer outfits. However, high-ankle shoes make you stand out more, and since they're bulkier than low-cut shoes, they're more suitable for cold or breezy weather and look great when paired with pants or jeans.

Classic vs. modern

Modern basketball shoes are engineered to deliver high performance on the court, so style and looks usually aren't a priority. Some modern basketball shoes look great, but since most prioritize performance, you might be better off going with a classic basketball shoe, such as the Nike Air Jordan 1 shoes, if you want something more fashionable.

Wear what you like

A recipe for a headache is always trying to wear the most trendy shoes, and while many sneakerheads pride themselves on having the latest basketball shoes, you're better off just wearing something you like. New basketball shoes can be expensive, but it's not worth buying them if you don't find their design and style appealing. It's best to get comfortable shoes that match your outfits and suit your style.


Q. Can I wear the same pair of basketball shoes to play and wear them casually?

A. Yes, but playing wears them out, so they'll look more worn and may throw off the look you're going for if you want to wear them casually.

Q. What are the best basketball shoe brands?

A. The top brands include Nike, Under Armour and Reebok.

Best basketball shoes

Nike Men's Kyrie Flytrap IV Basketball Shoes

Inspired by all-star guard Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets, these shoes have a stylish design and offer elite performance on the court. They have a lightweight build and a durable rubber outsole, and they are available in eight colors.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Nike Jordan Max Aura Basketball Shoes

These Jordan shoes go great with jeans and are an excellent complementary piece to many fall outfits. They're made with high-quality genuine leather, and the braided lacing system makes for a secure fit and a clean look.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Under Armour Unisex Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoes

These shoes have a lightweight build and are available in nine stylish colors. They have a breathable mesh upper with synthetic overlays for added durability, a plush sock liner and a soft midsole for improved support and comfort.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Nike Air Jordan 1 Low Basketball Shoes

These low-cut basketball shoes have a classic look and go great with various outfits. The leather uppers offer excellent durability and a premium look, and the midsole has an encapsulated Air-Sole unit for extra cushioning.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick's Sporting Goods

Nike PG 6 Basketball Shoes

The all-black design makes these shoes an excellent complementary piece to all kinds of outfits. The gold-colored logo on the sides gives them a stylish look. The forefoot straps provide a secure feel, and the padded collar offers extra comfort.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick's Sporting Goods

Under Armour Lockdown 6 Basketball Shoes

These shoes are an excellent bargain pick if you're working with a budget. They have a plush foam sock liner and a rubber outsole with a herringbone tread pattern for maximum grip. Plus, they come in five stylish colors.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick's Sporting Goods


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