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Black Friday Holiday

Best Cyber Monday phone deals 2023

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Save now on phones from Samsung, LG and Google 

If your phone is overdue for an upgrade, now’s an excellent time to act with Black Friday phone deals live across several online retailers. Expect to find deals on unlocked flagship phones from major brands like Google and Samsung, as well as discounts from budget brands. Some of our favorites include the robust Google Pixel 8 Pro and the small-yet-flashy Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5.

Our team of experienced writers and deal hunters have been working nonstop to give you accurate and up-to-date information on current phone deals. Act fast because there’s no telling how long stock will last.

Last updated on Nov. 20, 2023, at 9:30 a.m. PT.

Samsung phone deals

For Black Friday, Samsung is offering discounts on several of their latest smartphone models, including those in their foldable Z Flip and Z Fold lines.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

6% OFF

Our favorite Samsung smartphone is on sale this Black Friday, and it comes with a massive 512GB storage drive so you aren’t likely to run out of space to store music, photos or apps. The folding screen measures 7.6 inches, and the external screen allows you to use it in traditional portrait orientation when folded.

Samsung Galaxy S23+

25% OFF

If folding screens aren’t for you, the S23+ is a slightly scaled back version of the S23 Ultra, but it’s still a high-quality gadget with a 4,700mAh battery for long days away from home and taking high-resolution photos and videos. The narrow bezels give the vibrant screen an elegant, modern look.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

20% OFF

Harking back to a day when small phones were in, the Z Flip5 is the little sibling of the Fold5, fitting easily into small pockets thanks to its square design. Its large storage capacity pairs well with the 12 MP camera, and the battery typically lasts a day with normal use. The cover screen is a popular feature, allowing you to choose a handful of key apps to display when the phone is closed.

LG phone deals

Though LG has discontinued smartphone production, you can still find some of their most popular models — and at a particularly low price this Black Friday. 

LG G8X ThinQ

16% OFF

Known for its (not included) dual-screen case, the LG G8X ThinQ is a good in-between for those not quite willing to pay for a foldable phone. 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage packs a punch for this affordable smartphone at a low discount.

Google Pixel phone deals

Google has more deals this Black Friday than many of its competitors, focusing on their popular Pixel phones, including the latest models. Their phones may have a traditional design, but their impressive cameras are excellent for anyone interested in nighttime photography.

Google Pixel 8 Unlocked

21% OFF

The flagship Google smartphone was already cheaper than similar models from competitors, but its Black Friday price tag makes it a good midrange option. The 24-hour battery and rapid charging speed equip it for commutes and long days away from home.

Google Pixel 7a Unlocked

25% OFF

Affordable, 5G-ready and packed with 128GB of storage, the 7a is a midrange phone that is popular for a handful of reasons. For one, the 64MP camera takes excellent photos, and the updated Night Sight works wonders. The only significant drawback is the relatively short battery life, depending on your usage.

Google Pixel 8 Pro

20% OFF

Despite its recent release, the Pixel 8 Pro is significantly discounted this Black Friday and equipped with Google AI to enhance your photos, in addition to a bevy of other uses. Its design matches its modern software, with a nearly edge-to-edge display. 

How to find the best Black Friday Phone deals? 

  • Keep your carrier in mind. Switching carriers is often a hassle, but it can come with an additional (and often hefty) discount.
  • Don’t be afraid to consider brand-new models. Though the majority of sales are on older releases, you’ll still find many flagship phones at lowered prices.
  • Embrace Android to find deals. It can be hard to let go of iOS, but you won’t find many iPhone deals. On the other hand, there are deals on Android phones from most major brands.
  • Compare the numbers that matter. Though most modern smartphones function similarly, they can vary in their storage capacity, RAM, front- and rear-facing camera quality and screen size and resolution. 
  • Double-check current support for older phones. Though you can find a great deal on older models, some brands cut software support after a point. Since this often means security updates, an unsupported phone may not be worth the risk.

Why trust our recommendations? 

Our team of experienced deals editors and writers considered all available Black Friday phone deals to find the best ones at the best prices. We have years of experience researching, testing and reviewing electronics, and our deals are chosen by people who are passionate about finding you the right product to fit your needs. Throughout the post-Thanksgiving sales weekend, stay tuned to BestReviews, where we have an around-the-clock team who will be updating you with all the deals that matter.

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