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Black Friday Holiday

Best Cyber Monday Ninja Creami deals 2023

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Make the holidays sweeter with a new Ninja Creami

If you love ice cream, you might be hoping to use the biggest sales event of the year to find some great Black Friday and Cyber Monday Ninja Creami deals. If so, you're in luck. We've already found deals on two of our favorite models: the Ninja Creami Deluxe NC501 Ice Cream Maker, which was highly praised by the BestReviews Testing Lab, and the Ninja Creami NC301 Ice Cream Maker.

Last updated on Nov. 27, 2023, at 11:30 a.m. PT. 

Best Ninja Creami deals

The Ninja Creami is an ice cream maker with a difference. Rather than churning a liquid ice cream base inside a frozen bowl or canister, you freeze your ice cream base in a tub and the Creami blends and whips it into a creamy consistency. Some models can also make smoothie bowls, frozen drinks and more. 

Ninja Creami Ice Cream, Sorbet and Milkshake Maker

27% OFF

This ice cream maker can turn your favorite frozen base into ice cream, milkshakes and sorbet with the press of a button.  It also has a dedicated mix-in feature, so you can add candies, nuts and more.  It comes with three pint containers, too.

Ninja NC299AMZ Creami Ice Cream Maker

15% OFF

With this ice cream maker, you can customize taste and flavor by blending nuts, chocolates, candy and fruit to whip up delicious treats. It has seven one-touch programs with the perfect combination of speed and pressure to make ice cream, sorbet, gelato, milkshakes, smoothie bowls and more. It also has a re-spin function for softer and creamier treats.

Ninja Creami Deluxe NC501 Ice Cream Maker

8% OFF

We loved the Creami Deluxe when we tried it out. We found it extremely simple to use; in fact, the process was more refined and streamlined than with any other ice cream maker we've tried in the past (including ones from KitchenAid and Cuisinart). It has the most functions of all the Creami models on the market. In addition to ice cream, it also makes a range of other scoopable and drinkable products, including slushies, milkshakes and frozen yogurt. 

Ninja Creami NC301 Ice Cream Maker

13% OFF

A simpler version of the Creami Deluxe, this product works just the same but can make fewer types of frozen treats. It can manage ice cream, lite ice cream, sorbet, smoothie bowls, gelato and milkshakes. The container is also smaller than the Deluxe, holding 16 ounces rather than 24. 

Ninja Creami NC300 Ice Cream Maker

15% OFF

This is an older version of the standard Ninja Creami NC301. It can make ice cream, lite ice cream, sorbet and milkshakes, so it lacks a couple of the functions of the newer model. However, since it's older, it's offered at a significantly lower price. 

Best Ninja Creami accessory deals

You can also find Ninja Creami accessories, such as spare pint tubs and neoprene sleeves to insulate tubs. Black Friday is the perfect time to find Ninja Creami accessory deals. 

Omnikit Replacement Containers for Ninja Creami

37% OFF

These spare 16-ounce containers are compatible with the NC300 and NC301. Each comes with a tight-fitting silicone lid. You can use it for freezing your ice cream base and storing leftover ice cream after processing. 

Other Ninja Creami accessory deals worth checking out

Who has the best Black Friday Ninja Creami deals?

Amazon has some of the best Black Friday Ninja Creami deals. It stocks the two latest models and is offering both at a reduced price. However, it's also worth checking Walmart and Best Buy for deals. Walmart is a great place to look if you're hoping to get a great deal on one of the older versions of the Creami, as it still has some discontinued models in stock. It's also worth checking out Ninja directly, as it might offer some Black Friday discounts. 

What to consider when buying a Ninja Creami

  • Features and functions. Consider what features and functions you want from a Ninja Creami. Do you want to be able to make frozen drinks or is the ability to make ice cream and milkshakes enough? Do you want an appliance with a small footprint? All these factors will impact which Creami model is right for you.
  • Capacity. The Ninja Creami Deluxe has a larger capacity than the standard model or the Breeze, so if you're making ice cream for a large household, you might like to be able to make more at once. 
  • Older models. You may be able to save some money by purchasing an older model. So, think about whether having the newest model matters to you or you'd be happy to save money buying an older or discontinued version. 
  • Coupons and voucher codes. Some retailers regularly have discount codes and coupons. These additional discounts could help you save even more. 

Why trust our recommendations? 

BestReviews has tested and researched hundreds of kitchen appliances and is no stranger to Ninja products or ice cream makers. We tested the Ninja Creami Deluxe and BestReviews writers have done extensive research into other Ninja Creami products and accessories. When it comes to finding the best deals, the BestReviews team checks prices at a range of popular websites. During the Black Friday period, this article is regularly checked and updated to reflect the latest deals. 

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