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    We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

    Shopping Guide for Best Gaming Chairs

    Gaming chairs aren’t your typical office seating; they’re built for optimal comfort during marathon gaming sessions. Whether you prefer to spend your time on virtual farming or intense, first-person shooter campaigns, a good gaming chair makes it that much easier to lose yourself in the game.

    At BestReviews, we believe in providing accurate and completely unbiased reviews for our readers. We never accept any compensation or free products from manufacturers, and we independently buy every product tested in the BestReviews labs.

    If you’re interested in learning more about gaming chairs, read on for information about chair types, features, and prices. We’ll give you tips on how to select a gaming chair and answer your frequently asked questions. If you’re ready to buy a gaming chair now, please scroll up to the top of this screen where you’ll find a product matrix featuring our five favorites.

    For some gamers, the style of gaming chair they use can represents player’s favorite brand and style – similar to a race car driver’s car.

    Gaming Chair Types

    Sure, any chair you sit in while playing a game is technically a “gaming chair.” But when it comes to furniture that’s specifically designed to improve the comfort and enjoyment of video games, there are three main types of chairs: computer gaming chairs, rocker chairs, and bean bag chairs.


    Computer Gaming Chairs

    Computer gaming chairs look like traditional office chairs, but they have much higher headrests and often sport multiple colors or racing stripes. Many gaming chairs have generous options for head and neck support. This can be particularly nice if you want to lean back while playing.

    Some gaming chairs allow you to remove the armrests so your arms can move freely.


    Rocker Chairs

    Rocker chairs are legless chairs shaped like the letter ”L” that allow you to easily lean forward or back. Rocker chairs are light enough to be portable, and they’re a handy option for adding temporary seating to any game room. No more fighting for the good spot on the couch!


    Bean Bag Chairs

    Bean bag chairs harken back to the days when “gaming chair” meant a place to play Pong. They offer gamers a cushy giant pillow to sit on that molds to just the right size and position.


    If you have trouble finding a suitable gaming chair, try searching for ergonomic office chairs. While office chairs aren’t as flashy as their gaming counterparts, they can sometimes be a more affordable option.

    Staff  | BestReviews

    Gaming Chair Adjustability and Ergonomics

    Every body is different, so the key to finding perfect comfort in a gaming chair is buying one that allows you to adjust its positioning.

    In addition to finding a chair that’s comfortable, it’s also important to find a chair that makes sense for you ergonomically. Finding the ideal gaming chair for yourself can be a challenge, because it’s not just about whether or not a chair is comfortable – it’s also about whether the chair can remain comfortable for hours on end.

    What’s more, the ergonomics of your gaming chair can have a big impact on your health. Gamers who sit in non-ergonomic positions are more likely to suffer from back pain, fatigue, stiff joints, and even poor posture.

    If you’re a regular gamer, investing in an ergonomically suitable chair is a must. Over the long-term, the chair must continue to protect your body from the damage of extended wear and tear. If you’re having trouble justifying the cost of a gaming chair, think of it like a helmet for a motorcycle: it’s an accessory that’s necessary for keeping your hobby safe.


    Lumbar supports are ideal for preventing lower back pain from sitting in one position for too long.

    High-Tech Gaming Chairs

    The majority of gaming chairs are simply chairs designed for comfort while gaming. But some high-tech gaming chairs include additional electronics and features designed to enhance your gaming experience.

    • Built-In Speakers: Some gaming chairs include speakers that are placed right at ear level. Chairs with built-in audio bring the game’s soundtrack that much closer to the listener, creating an immersive sound experience.

    • Cup Holders: If you’re a hardcore gamer, you’ll need to remember to stay hydrated (or to just keep the Mountain Dew close at hand). Some gaming chairs have cup holders in the arm rests. In addition to convenience, built-in cup holders help keep your electronics safe from accidental spills.

    • Foot Rests: Just because a game is intense doesn’t mean you can’t put your feet up! Some gaming chairs feature built-in foot rests that extend to provide a more luxurious feel.

    • Vibration Motors: Some gaming chairs include built-in motors that make the entire chair rumble. The vibrations may sync with key points in the game for a more realistic effect. Chairs with vibration motors aren’t for everyone – but they’re perfect for anyone who’s ever wondered what it’s like to sit on a subwoofer.

    • Pockets and Storage: Some chairs go the extra mile by including built-in storage solutions for your peripherals, such as compartments or pockets. If you’re tired of having wires strewn across your gaming area, getting a chair with built-in storage is a good solution.


    Gaming chairs come in a variety of sizes, ranging from kids’ sizes to adult “big and tall” chairs. If you’re unsure whether a given chair would be the right size for you, check its weight limit and dimensions before buying.

    Staff  | BestReviews

    Gaming Chairs for Racing

    One of the more rare types of gaming chairs is the racing chair.

    Racing chairs look like standard computer gaming chairs, but they include additional hardware (like pedals, a steering wheel, and a gear shift) to make video driving feel that much more like actual driving.

    Other racing chairs don’t include peripherals, but they are much firmer than standard gaming chairs, mimicking the feeling of a bucket seat in a car.


    Adjustable armrests are a rare but useful feature that’s good for reducing the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Gaming Chair Prices

    Gaming chairs typically cost between $65 and $800. Prices vary widely based on features, size, and brand. Here are three general price ranges to be aware of.


    $65 to $100

    Most bean bag and rocker chairs can be found for under $100, and many entry-level computer gaming chairs hover around this price point as well. If you’re looking for a traditional computer gaming chair but don’t want to settle for a budget model, consider increasing your spending.

    For the best ergonomics when computer gaming, make sure that your eye level is even with the midpoint of your screen.


    $100 to $300

    Gaming chairs in the $100 to $300 price range often offer a strong value in terms of features and materials. If you’re looking for any bells and whistles (like an adjustable headrest, built-in speakers, or lumbar pillows), expect them to be included in the price.


    $300 to $800

    The most expensive gaming chairs hit the trifecta: tons of features, high-end materials, and name brands that gamers care about. If your dream chair has wild colors, tons of adjustment options, and is made of Corinthian leather, prepare your wallet accordingly.


    Before investing in a racing chair, make sure it will be compatible with your existing gaming setup.

    Staff  | BestReviews


    When buying a gaming chair, keep these tips in mind.

    • Don’t pay for features you don’t need. Additional features like a footrest or built-in keyboard stand will quickly drive up the price of a gaming chair. Narrow your search to only the chairs that have the features you need – and save money by ruling everything else out.

    • Read the room. Before you begin shopping for a gaming chair, think about where the chair will be situated and how you’ll be using it. Make sure that the chair you buy is the right size for your room and will function adequately in the area where you plan to put it.

    • Remember that ergonomics take effort. A good gaming chair will go a long way toward addressing issues like soreness or posture problems, but it’s no substitute for the ongoing practices you’ll need to stay healthy. Researchers recommend standing up for at least eight minutes of every hour while gaming.

    • Trust your body’s instincts. If you experience soreness in your posterior during or after sitting in a gaming chair, make adjustments as soon as you can, whether that means changing a setting on the chair or making a point to stand up more frequently.

    Typically, leather chairs are more durable and will last longer than fabric chairs. However, in the case of gaming chairs, most are made from a combination of the two fabrics.


    Q. Do gaming chairs have any benefits for office workers or others who work at a computer for long hours?

    A. Absolutely. The additional support and adjustability create a safer sitting experience when sitting for hours at a time, no matter what you’re doing. If you’re not a gamer but you do spend your work time sitting at a desk, a gaming chair may be just the ergonomic solution you’re looking for.

    Q. Can gaming chairs roll on carpet, or should I buy a rolling mat along with the chair?

    A. Gaming chairs with wheels will have difficulty navigating carpeted floors, so purchasing a separate rolling mat is strongly recommended.

    Q. Will I have to put my gaming chair together?

    A. Yes. The majority of gaming chairs come as several pieces in a box and must be assembled. Depending on which chair you buy, putting one together typically takes one to two hours.

    Q. Will using a gaming chair make me better at video games?

    A. Some gamers have reported improved results that they attribute, in part, to the increased comfort a gaming chair provides. Beyond that, gaming chairs will unfortunately not make anyone a better player.

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