Updated March 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Coach Women's Signature PVC Zip Around Wallet
Women's Signature PVC Zip Around Wallet
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As an authentic Coach wallet, you're paying a lot for it, yet you receive great value and more room than you'll know what to do with.


This thin, durable wallet holds your ID and all your credit cards and has a zip pocket for change as well as plenty of extra compartments.


At this price, you may not have much cash left to store inside the wallet.

Best Bang for the Buck
Coach Corner Zip Wristlet in Signature Coated Canvas with Leather Stripe
Corner Zip Wristlet in Signature Coated Canvas with Leather Stripe
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Even though this wristlet is priced extremely low, it still carries the great Coach brand name and the quality they are known for.


This beautiful wristlet is the perfect size and not bulky, even though it can carry credit cards, money, and an older iPhone.


Even though it's a very low price for Coach, there are many other similar wristlets priced even lower.

Coach Small Double Zip Coin Case in Signature
Small Double Zip Coin Case in Signature
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This coin case is small and cute and seems like a great deal, but it may be too small if you have a lot to carry.


This case is durable, features dual pockets, is a perfect size for cards. Makes a nice gift that will stay in style for years.


It may be too small for some, as it doesn't hold much else other than coins and cards.

Coach Men's Money Clip Card Case in Sport Calf Leather
Men's Money Clip Card Case in Sport Calf Leather
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This Coach money clip card case has room for cards and bills, but it's not quite the quality it used to be.


This case is narrow enough to fit inside the pocket of slim fit jeans. May seem stiff in the beginning but gets broken in quickly.


Newer Coach customers will be satisfied, but existing customers will notice a slip in quality and that it doesn't hold as much.

Coach Varsity Leather ID Wallet
Varsity Leather ID Wallet
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While this wallet will hold everything, it becomes quite bulky when it does with the removable ID section included.


While it's from the Coach Outlet, it still offers the same Coach quality and has ample storage for cards and cash.


It does not come with a box or dust bag, which is a big part of the appeal of the brand.


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Buying guide for Best Coach wallets

Coach wallets are some of the best-selling styles on the market, and it comes as no surprise that they’re preferred gifts to complement other branded accessories. They exude sophistication and style, and because they’re well-made, Coach wallets last through years of use. 

There are over a dozen Coach wallet styles currently available, ranging from slim card cases and coin purses to deluxe accordion wallets. Coach wristlets, perhaps the company’s most popular styles, remain perennial favorites for their versatile designs. The company offers more men’s wallet styles than many competing designer brands as well. 

Finding the right Coach wallet involves more than choosing the right size or style. Wallets are highly personal purchases, especially because they’re used on a daily basis. For that reason, it’s a good idea to explore all angles and aspects of buying a Coach wallet.

Because currency sizes vary from country to country, many people use Coach wristlets as travel wallets because they may better fit bills and coins than traditional styles.

How to buy the best Coach wallet

Types of Coach wallets

Coach offers a broad range of men’s and women’s wallets, which now include unisex styles. While the collection includes many traditional wallets, it’s diversified with unique variations that are innovative, trendy or both. 

Men’s styles include billfolds, tri-folds, breast pocket wallets, slim card cases, and money clip cases. Billfolds remain the top-selling styles, and they’re currently available in various colors, materials and designs. Coach also offers a couple of varieties of hybrid money-clip wallets. 

There are far more women’s styles available, not to mention more size varieties. The smallest wallets include zipper card cases and billfolds, while Coach’s medium and large wallets include zipper and accordion styles. Coach’s iconic wristlets have defined their own space in the brand’s wallet collection and currently come in a few dozen designs and colors. 

Wallet size considerations

Before you decide on a Coach wallet, determine whether it’s conducive to your needs. When a wallet isn’t the right size — namely one with space you can’t fully utilize — you may be underserved by your wallet in the long run.

Although small or compact wallets are space-saving options, they’re not able to hold thick wads of cash and multiple cards. Conversely, larger wallets may have more room than necessary, and they tend to monopolize space in handbags. Some people prefer bifold to trifold wallets because they’re less bulky in pockets. Wristlets are convenient in some ways, but their spacious main compartment may actually hold fewer items than traditional wallet styles. Most Coach coin purses are simply too small to hold bills. 

Coordinating with Coach accessories

Many Coach enthusiasts aim to match a new wallet to their existing Coach bag and accessories. It’s easy to purchase the wallet from the same collection if it’s still available, but when it’s not, people gravitate toward wallets with similar colors, styles, or materials. However, other Coach shoppers simply purchase wallets they like as opposed to being limited to a matching style. 



Staff Tip
Handbags and backpacks can be pretty dark, which is why many Coach enthusiasts choose brightly colored wallets so they’re easier to find and retrieve.

Coach wallet features


The two most popular materials for Coach wallets are leather and the Signature C jacquard. Coach uses various types of leather, including cowhide, pebble, Nappa, and patent. The company has used suede in the past for wallet accents. The Signature C jacquard comes in a wide variety of colors, ranging from the traditional black and brown to bolder colors like Fuschia, baby blue, and yellow. 

Closure style

For some individuals, closure style can make or break a wallet purchase. Most styles have at least one zipper, including wallets and accordion styles. Although zippers are secure, their placement on some Coach styles makes them prone to catching on bills or receipts. Other Coach wallets, like slim wallets, have snap button closures. They’re much quicker to access, but they may open on their own if they’re overstuffed or jostled inside a bag.


Coach wallets are equipped with a variety of storage features, with bill compartments and card slots among the most common. Larger styles have integrated zipper compartments or coin purses. Others have exterior pockets that offer quick access to items, such as receipts or tickets. Many styles have an ID slot, which may be presented either on the inside or outside. 

Licensed wallets

Coach has begun collaborating with other notable brands, including Disney, Sephora, Jennifer Lopez, and Bape. Wallets that are part of these collections feature unique designs or embellishments, and because they’re only available for a limited time, these wallets become some of the trendiest and most collectible styles. 

One of the most popular characters seen on Coach accessories is Rexy, a cartoon dinosaur.


Accessories to match Coach wallets

Coach bag

Coach Kitt Signature Colorblock Crossbody

This crossbody bag offers a spacious main compartment that accommodates most wallets. The bag is suitable for everyday or travel use given its compact design. 

Coach sunglasses

Coach Sunglasses

These tortoiseshell sunglasses are a timeless design that work well as a coordinating gift for any Coach wallet. They feature contemporary details, including Coach signature grommets and gradient lenses. 

How much do Coach wallets cost?


Smaller Coach wallets are the most affordable styles, namely skinny zipper wallets, slim card cases, and small wristlets. They range from $65 to $90, with a few exceptions for limited-edition styles or designs.


Wallets priced between $95 and $150 include a few simple men’s wallets as well as some women’s zippered, continental, and accordion wallets. There are a few larger wristlets that fall in this price range, particularly Coach’s licensed styles. 


The most expensive wallets, including Coach’s largest leather and Signature C styles, cost $175 to $300. There are a few limited-edition wallets with unique features or designs that may push the $400 mark. 

Did You Know?
Some Coach wallets feature a metal horse and carriage logo, while other styles simply have it stamped on the front of the wallet in silver or gold font. 

Tips for Coach wallets

  • Save the original receipt and box. Because the wallets are collectible and resellable, many people save their original receipt and box. Some people save just the purchase information for insurance purposes in the event the wallet is lost or stolen.
  • Store Coach wallets appropriately. Coach wallets should be stored in breathable cases away from light and moisture. Some collectors recommend placing them in cotton pillowcases when they’re not in use. 
  • Avoid overstuffing Coach wallets. When wallets are filled beyond capacity, they’re prone to more wear and tear. 
  • Look for off-season colors or designs. If you’d like to save on a wallet, consider buying one in an off-season color or off-trend design. These are often marked down so retailers can get rid of older inventory. 
  • Invest in a Coach slim card case. These styles are convenient in different ways, as they can slide into some larger wallets and wristlets. They’re helpful when you need to travel light and want something that slips into your pocket without taking up much room.
Leather Coach wallets are well-received for their fine aesthetic, but they’re rather heavy when they’re filled. Signature C jacquard wallets are notably lighter.

Coach wallet FAQ

Q. How do I know if a Coach wallet is real?

A. One way to know whether the wallet is authentic is to buy it directly from a reputable authorized retailer. If you’re still not sure whether it’s real, you can research key indicators of Coach authenticity to make a determination. However, if the wallet turns out to be inauthentic, note that Coach does not offer refunds or exchanges. Instead, you should file a police report, because the seller has violated the law. 

Q. How do I clean a Coach wallet?

A. Because Coach wallets are made with premium materials that require special care, many people simply bring them to dry cleaners with experience cleaning designer bags. Between professional cleanings, you can use Coach care products, like leather cleaner and moisturizer, to clean and protect the wallet. Although some people use other shoe care products on their wallets, note that they’re not specially formulated for Coach materials. As a result, they may cause damage. 

Q. Is it worth buying a Coach wallet with the rise of digital wallets?

A. Yes, many people still use traditional wallets even if they use digital wallets, too. There are several items that don’t have digital equivalents yet, such as driver’s licenses, certain credit cards, and other identifying documentation. Wallets remain central hubs for storing other physical documents you may need on the go, like receipts, coupons, or tickets. 

Q. When do new Coach wallets come out?

A. New Coach wallets are released as part of seasonal and limited-edition handbag and accessory collections. However, popular wallet styles, including wristlets and accordion wallets, are often released in new colors or designs every couple of months on their own. There are also some wallet styles that are rereleased in special holiday gift sets that include special boxes and additional accessories.


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