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Updated July 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for best bike phone mounts

If you need a way to keep your phone handy and visible while you ride, a bike phone mount is an excellent tool that can be a good stand-in for a bike computer. Bike phone mounts come in a variety of designs and can fit phones of many different sizes.

A case mount is incredibly secure and offers the phone protection against the elements while you ride, but you must find a case that fits your phone. Strap mounts and clamp mounts can adjust to fit a range of phones but offer little or no protection from the elements. A frame bag is simple and secure but restricts access to your phone. There’s no “best” type of phone mount – each design offers advantages and disadvantages. Your phone and your usual biking environment should inform your decision when looking for the right mount.

Though a bike phone mount is a considerably smaller investment than a bike computer, there are still several factors to consider before making a purchase. Continue reading to learn more about the varieties available, and when you’re ready to buy, check out our recommended bike phone mounts.

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While biking apps can’t measure with the same accuracy as a bike computer, a phone mount is a less-expensive option that can help you track your activity.

Key considerations

A case mount, strap mount, clamp mount, and frame bag all serve the same purpose – to hold your phone securely and give you a clear view of its screen. But they also differ in significant ways and offer varying degrees of access to your phone’s screen and buttons. The construction, function, and adjustability of your phone mount are also important considerations.

Case mounts

A case mount is a system that securely attaches your phone to the stem or handlebar of your bike with a case that mounts to a fixture on the bike. Just as with a regular phone case, your case mount should be designed specifically for your model of phone. This could present a challenge, particularly if you have an older phone. In addition, you should look for a case that you like enough to use on a daily basis unless you want to take your phone out of its case whenever you’re done biking. Some cases are water resistant or fully waterproof, and many include a screen cover. Most case mounts work well for road biking or mountain biking.

Strap and clamp mounts

Strap mounts and clamp mounts, often used in conjunction, provide a simple way to secure your phone and can easily adapt to phones of different sizes.

Strap mounts: These use a net of silicone to grip the phone by its corners. Silicone’s durability and elasticity make it a reliable material that won’t squeak or creak the way plastic or rubber can. In addition, the silicone offers some shock absorption, protecting your phone from bumps and jolts. Because these mounts aren’t quite as sturdy as other designs, they are best suited to road biking.

Clamp mounts: These use a spring system to firmly grip your phone with jaws that can hold your phone from the sides, top and bottom, or corners. The robust design makes these mounts well equipped for road biking or mountain biking.

Both strap and clamp mounts are more versatile than case mounts and can hold a variety of phones. However, you should still check the manufacturer’s sizing specifications. A mount that includes both a silicone net and a clamp is an extremely secure system.

Frame bag mounts

A traditional frame bag affixes to your bike’s frame to hold your wallet, tools, snacks, and other things you might need to bring along. But some frame bags are designed specifically to display your phone in a plastic pocket, and most have additional room for other items.

While these mounts may put your phone a bit out of the way by affixing it to the frame rather than the handlebar or the stem, the additional storage space might mean you don’t need panniers. The plastic screen allows you to use your touchscreen, and some bags are waterproof.

Handlebar clamp

The phone mount’s clamp that attaches to the handlebar, stem, or frame should hold the mount securely enough that it doesn’t get jostled after a few bumps.

Finding a clamp with the right size for your bike is crucial because a clamp that’s too small won’t be able to attach to your bike, while one that’s too large will be loose. Most clamps have a range of about 0.75 to 1.75 inches in diameter and either can be adjusted or use rubber spacers to achieve a secure fit. For the best results, you should measure the diameter of the frame where you intend to attach your mount.

Rubber ring systems are flexible and easy to install or remove, looping around the handlebar or frame for a snug fit.

Clamps are usually made of a combination of metal and plastic and must be tightened to squeeze the frame or handlebar. Many clamps come with spacer rings to accommodate smaller frames. Some clamps use a quick-release lever to easily remove the entire mount from your bike.

Hook and loop fixtures are the easiest to install and remove and can be easily adjusted. However, they are prone to coming loose and sliding or twisting on the frame.

Bike phone mount features


Quality materials help make sure that your phone mount will hold up over time and absorb shock while you ride. In general, the fewer parts a phone mount has, the less likely it is to break.

Plastic: Many phone mounts use plastics like polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane (PU), or polycarbonate (PC) for a sturdy yet somewhat flexible design. These materials are fairly robust but can shatter in the event of a crash. Some people find that plastic feels cheap, however.

Rubber: Stretchable rubber is fairly durable, though it can rot or crack over time and might make noise while you bike.

Silicone: Silicone, a more durable alternative to rubber, is commonly found in strap designs.

Metal: Many clamp-style mounts have highly durable metal components. Some phone mounts are made almost entirely of metal. Stainless steel is the most common metal in phone mounts, with aluminum being a more lightweight option.

Synthetic fabrics: Nylon and other synthetics are common in frame bag mounts and can create a waterproof seal to protect your phone and other belongings.


While some bike phone mounts are fixed, others allow you to rotate the phone so you can view it vertically or horizontally. For the most flexibility, look for a phone mount with a ball-and-socket joint that allows for minute adjustments that you can make while on the move.

Phone removal

While some bike phone mounts pose a bit of a challenge when removing your phone, others use a button or twist-lock system to get your phone free. This is a convenient feature to have that can save you a bit of time.


Reading your phone screen can be a challenge on a sunny day, but some phone mounts include a visor to reduce glare and cast a shadow over the screen of the phone to make it easier to read.

Phone protection

Water: If you’re a rain-or-shine biker, look for phone mounts that are water resistant or waterproof, usually frame bag mounts or case mounts.

Shock: A shockproof mount keeps your phone safe when you’re on tough terrain or you hit a pothole. This is a must for mountain bikes, and a good feature to have for road bikes as well. Most shockproof designs use silicone or rubber parts.

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Did you know?
A bike phone mount is an easy and affordable way to keep your phone in view and use it to track your activity, answer calls, or listen to music.

Bike phone mount prices

Inexpensive: Low-priced bike phone mounts that cost $5 to $10 are typically silicone strap mounts or clamp mounts. While these will get the job done and provide some shock resistance, few will protect your phone from the elements.

Mid-range: Most bike phone mounts fall in the $10 to $25 range and may be any of the common mount types, including case mounts and frame bag mounts.

Expensive: Spend more than $25 and you’ll find extra-rugged mounts, many of which are designed for use on motorcycles as well as road bikes and mountain bikes. Most mounts in this range include a phone case and are designed specifically for one type of phone.


  • Choose vertical or horizontal viewing. Many bike phone mounts can be attached to your handlebar for a vertical setup or to the stem for a horizontal view of your phone.
  • Test the sturdiness of the mount before taking it on the road. Once your mount is installed and your phone securely in place, give your bike a few bounces, ideally over grass where your phone won’t shatter if it falls.
  • Make sure a clamp mount doesn’t align with any phone buttons so you can access them. Some clamps might press buttons, which can be frustrating.
  • Try an activity-tracking app. Though a bike computer generally includes more metrics to track your performance, there are many activity-tracking apps designed specifically for biking.

Other products we considered

For a frame bag with ample storage space and a design to ward off the elements, the VANWALK Bike Bag fits phones smaller than 6.0 inches wide. The synthetic material provides decent water resistance, and the size of the case accommodates most phones even if the phone is in a case. We love the look of this bag and how well touchscreens work through the plastic cover. Another popular option is the VISNFA Bike Phone Mount, which features a simple clamp that holds your phone by its corners for an uncluttered view of the screen and access to buttons. The clamp securely holds phones up to 6.5 inches wide, and customers are impressed with the sturdiness of the grip. The quick-release button works well, as does the adjustment gear.

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Bike phone mounts not only give you access to your device while you ride but some can also protect your phone from rain, bumps, and crashes.


Q. Can a bike phone mount be used on anything other than a bike?
Yes. Most bike phone mounts can be used on strollers or lawn mowers as well.

Q. Can a phone mount damage a bike’s handlebars or frame?
Most phone mounts affix to your bike without metal parts touching the frame, which could cause scratches. However, some models do have metal parts that come into contact with the frame. You should avoid these mounts if possible, or put a piece of foam between the clamp and the frame.

Q. How do I know if my phone will fit the mount?
The manufacturer should list the specifications of the mount, including the width, height, and thickness it can accommodate. Don’t forget to take your phone’s case into consideration.

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