Updated December 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for Best adult wipes

When it comes to cleanliness and freshness, showers and baths come to mind before anything else. If you can’t get to the bathroom right away but still want to feel refreshed, adult wipes are just the thing. These premoistened wipes — often infused with gentle, skin-nourishing ingredients — provide added freshness on the go.

They were originally conceived as a hygiene solution for individuals who need assistance with personal care. If you know someone who is recovering from surgery or is bedridden, adult wipes are a manageable solution requiring only minimal effort. In fact, they’re often used by caregivers and healthcare professionals to help patients with their daily hygiene routine. Some adult wipes are even mild and soft enough for sensitive skin.

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Adult wipes are good to keep in your beach bag. They’re premoistened so you can cool off without using up your water or making a trip to the restroom. You can also wipe away sunscreen to ensure an easy and even reapplication.

Key considerations


Adult wipes are larger than traditional baby wipes so they can cover a larger surface area. Wipes are usually eight to nine inches wide and 10 to 13 inches long. Despite their larger size, it’s generally expected to use more than one wipe at a time, depending on the level of cleaning you want to achieve.

In terms of thickness, adult wipes can have one to three layers. Generally speaking, even single-layer wipes are somewhat thick and sturdy, though multiple layers reduce the likelihood of ripping or separating during use. Thicker wipes tend to be more expensive, so if you’re only looking for occasional wipe use on the road, you may opt for thinner ones. In this case, be prepared to use more than one at a time.


How you dispose of your adult wipes after use depends on the level of cleaning. If they’re for light use, simply toss them in the closest wastebasket. When they’re used for a more intense cleaning, it’s most sanitary to throw them in your main trash can, particularly one that closes with a lid. If you happen to have a diaper disposal system, you could also place it there. Very few adult wipes are flushable, so be mindful of which ones you have to avoid a plumbing disaster.



Adult wipes are comprised of woven cloths derived from either wood pulp or synthetic textiles like plastic or polyester. The higher the quality, the tighter and denser the weave. As a matter of fact, you can see through some single-ply adult wipes as their weave is generally looser. The weave might be just as loose in two-ply or three-ply wipes, though the stacked layers create an altogether thicker wipe to offset it.

Skin-conscious elements

  • Sensitive skin: Adult wipes take sensitive skin into consideration and aim to be as gentle as possible, especially with repeated use. Some wipes are alcohol-free to prevent skin from drying out or stinging areas where there are cuts or scrapes. Other wipes focus on managing skin reactions, so they refrain from using chemicals that are not considered hypoallergenic. While harder to find, there are latex-free adult wipes for those with latex allergies.

  • Infusions: Certain adult wipes go beyond basic cleaning and incorporate comforting, nourishing elements — they’re infused with natural moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E, chamomile, and sometimes, medical-grade lotions. These additional ingredients are especially important for individuals who suffer from dry skin or experience irritation with regular soaps and body washes.

Dispenser type

Adult wipes come in a variety of dispensers, and the style is important to consider when selecting them for someone who requires assistance with personal care. Some dispensers are easier to open than others, and there are certain types that can be opened with just one hand.

Envelope-style dispensers are resealable by a simple sheet of plastic or zipper top. While they’re relatively simple to open and close, you need to take extra care to make sure they seal properly. Pull-style dispensers have a lid that opens to a tissue box mechanism that makes it easy to pull out one wipe at a time. These are likely easier to open and close with one hand. Box styles are plastic and open to a single compartment that contains the wipes. These may pose difficulty opening and closing even though they seal quite well.

Adult wipe prices

Adult wipes are generally sold in bulk packs, and if you plan on using them as a part of your daily hygiene routine, it’s the most sensible way to get them. We considered the cost of getting the average number of adult wipes in a bulk pack (approximately 500) to pinpoint the expected price range, which is between $30 and $80.

Inexpensive: At the bottom of the range, between $30 and $35, you can expect single-ply adult wipes with basic hypoallergenic features.

Mid-range: Mid-range adult wipes cost between $35 and $55 and often have multiple layers and a combination of moisturizing ingredients and occasional fragrances.

Expensive: Between $55 and $80 are wipes that are high-quality and often eco-friendly. Because they’re manufactured in smaller amounts, you have to get multiple packs individually to reach the 500 to 600 wipe threshold, so it gets pricey quickly.


  • Bring them to the pool. If you’re on a swim team or belong to a pool club, adult wipes are an easy way to wipe off excess chlorine before you go home to shower.

  • Get some if you’re an expectant mom. Adult wipes are larger than smaller, thinner baby wipes. They provide a sense of cleanliness when you feel warm or are waiting to take a shower at the hospital.

  • Keep wipes in more than one place. If you have a relative who needs to use wipes on a regular basis, keep them in more than one place. Bedside tables, coffee tables, and bathrooms are ideal spots.

  • Pick up travel packs of your regular wipes. If you plan on traveling but don’t want the added bulk of a regular-size wipe pack, pick up travel-size envelopes of them. They tend to house around a dozen wipes at a time.

  • Wipe off your feet indoors. If you have hardwood or tile floors, walking around barefoot can leave the soles of your feet dirty. If you don’t have time for a bath or shower, adult wipes take off the excess dust and dirt.
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Adult wipes are great for tailgate parties to handle spills and messes. They’re tear-free and provide enough moisture to wipe grease and stickiness from hands after eating.


Q. Can I add soap or body wash to an adult wipe for extra cleaning?

A. You can, though without a sink or shower, it’s hard to remove the soap residue. If you get adult wipes for someone with sensitive skin, the added substance may cause skin irritation. To achieve a more intense cleaning, opt for adult wipes with antibacterial features or other infused ingredients that nourish as well as cleanse.

Q. Do adult wipes fit in a regular baby wipe warmer?

A. It depends on the size of the wipes as well as the warmer. Adult wipes are often larger than traditional baby wipes, so you can run into issues when trying to dispense them. Your best bet is to check the recommended wipe measurements from the warmer’s manufacturer to see whether your adult wipes will fit.

Q. I’m having surgery soon. Can I use adult wipes to stay clean while I can’t shower or bathe?

A. Yes. They’re specifically designed to accommodate individuals who don’t have access to a traditional shower or bath. In fact, because you won’t be able to fully immerse yourself until your doctor approves, adult wipes may be one of your few options to stay and feel clean. When you get adult wipes prior to surgery, make sure the dispenser is easy to open and pull wipes with one hand, especially in the event that you’re having shoulder, arm, or hand surgery.

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