Updated November 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Best of the Best
Denman Hairbrush Cleaner
Hairbrush Cleaner
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Durable and Easy to Use
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A durable hairbrush cleaner that works on brushes and combs of all shapes and sizes.


Able to clean any type of hairbrush without causing damage. Holds up well to regular usage. Small and large brush. Easy to use. Firm bristles that don't bend or break.


More difficult to clean than some of the others listed here.

Best Bang for the Buck
Scalpmaster Brush/Comb Cleaner
Brush/Comb Cleaner
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Efficient Design
Bottom Line

Cost-efficient product that does its job, but it may not hold up as well as the others.


Affordable price. We love how it features both a plastic brush and a bristle roller brush. Efficient function and design. Suitable for all brushes and combs.


Some find the bristle brush flimsy and difficult to clean.

Olivia Garden Brush Cleaner
Olivia Garden
Brush Cleaner
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Premium Quality
Bottom Line

A tough, no-nonsense hairbrush cleaner that specializes in efficiency, but you'll pay a premium for it.


Large and small brushes. Durable metal rakes instead of bristles. Ergonomic handle. Works quickly without needing to go over the same spot repeatedly.


Expensive compared to the other products listed here.

Kent Hairbrush Cleaner
Hairbrush Cleaner
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Simple and Compact
Bottom Line

A compact hairbrush cleaner that's simple to use and holds up well over time.


Sturdy brush features long, stiff bristles that won't bend. Compact and easy to maneuver. Comes with instructions for use. Takes just five minutes to remove hair and debris.


May get clogged up with the debris it removes from your brush.

Perfehair Hairbrush Cleaning Tool
Hairbrush Cleaning Tool
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Ergonomic Handle
Bottom Line

A sturdy hairbrush cleaner that's easy to use and clean up after.


Bristle brush and plastic brush. Easy to clean. Made of sturdy plastic with ergonomic handle. Affordably priced.


Some say it's not as effective at removing fuzz and debris other than hair.


We recommend these products based on an intensive research process that's designed to cut through the noise and find the top products in this space. Guided by experts, we spend hours looking into the factors that matter, to bring you these selections.

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Buying guide for Best hairbrush cleaners

It's an unavoidable fact that using a hairbrush to groom your hair causes a buildup of debris around the bristles if you don't clean it properly. Just swiping a brush through your hair results in hairs falling out and becoming trapped among the bristles, along with hairstyling products, dandruff, lint, and other particles. Shampooing your brush can help, but even this cleaning function may not remove all debris. That's where a hairbrush cleaner comes in.

This often overlooked tool is designed to effectively remove hair and particles that get trapped around hairbrush bristles — areas that are otherwise difficult to reach. Hairbrush cleaners are available in different designs with tines, teeth, tips, and/or short bristles to fit into the tight spaces around hairbrush bristles. They work on different types of bristles, too, from flexible boar to stiff nylon. 

When shopping for a hairbrush cleaner, you want to look for one that's well made and works for the type of hairbrush you use. But there’s no need to be confused when checking out your options.

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Hairbrush cleaners aren’t just for hairbrushes and combs used on humans. These handy tools are just as good at cleaning pet brushes and other pet grooming tools.

Key considerations


Although the purpose of all hairbrush cleaners is to remove hair and particles, there are several ways that they achieve this goal. While some tools have just one brush-cleaning end, others have two or even three. All are capable of keeping your hairbrush clean. 

One cleaning end: This type of hairbrush cleaner has a straightforward structure that features just one end made for removing hair and other particles. A single-ended tool either has firm nylon bristles or metal tines and is great for daily use. 

Two cleaning ends: A hairbrush cleaner with two ends works just like a single-end model, but it has the bonus of a second cleaning tool. Typically, one end has longer tines or bristles for removing hair while the opposite end has shorter prongs or even pick-like tips that are great for removing dirt, fuzz, and hairstyling product from the base of the brush. We like dual-ended hairbrush cleaners for consumers who use a lot of hairstyling products or different types of brushes.

Three cleaners: Some hairbrush cleaners not only have two cleaning ends, but they also have a bonus pointed tip. It’s useful for scraping away hairstyling products and picking debris from around bristles and the base of the brush. From removing hair to whisking away debris to picking out tough tangles or dried-on hairspray, this multifunctional hairbrush cleaner has you covered.

Hairbrush/comb cleaner combos: In addition to tines or bristles for cleaning hairbrushes, some cleaners also have short, soft bristles for cleaning hair and debris from the teeth of combs. When it comes to combo tools, the hairbrush cleaning components are typically on one end with the comb cleaner situated just above the handle. If you use both a hairbrush and comb on a regular basis, this is the tool for you.

How it works

It’s easy to use a hairbrush cleaner. Simply swipe it through your hairbrush bristles and along the base repeatedly to remove hair and debris. Use a cleaner with tips or teeth to scrape away built-up product from the base of brush or pick particles from inside the bristles or in small crevices along the base. 

If you choose a hairbrush cleaner that also has a built-in comb cleaner, clean your comb by swiping it back and forth through the cleaner’s short bristles.


Hairbrush cleaners fulfill the important purpose of keeping your grooming tools clean, but they are fairly basic. A typical hairbrush cleaner consists of the cleaner end, or ends, and the handle. However, these components vary in design and materials.

Cleaner ends

Bristles: Just as hairbrushes have bristles, so do some hairbrush cleaners. They’re usually short and firm, so they’re effective at removing hair and particles. These bristles are usually made of nylon or another type of plastic and work well on brushes with softer bristles, such those made of natural boar. They also work on brushes with firm bristles but may not be sturdy enough to remove built-up hair products. 

Tines: Tines on hairbrush cleaners are usually longer than bristles and are made of metal or firm plastic. They typically have bent tips for gripping and removing hair. These types of hairbrush cleaners are very effective at removing difficult tangles, but they may be too harsh to use on hairbrushes with soft bristles or a wooden base.

Teeth: Hairbrush cleaners with teeth most often have dual ends. The teeth are short or long and made of plastic or other strong material. Shorter teeth are designed for removing built-up hair product and dirt along the brush base. Longer teeth easily remove hair and tangles when run through the hairbrush bristles.

Tip: Some hairbrush cleaners have a pointed tip on one end. While this can be used to pick out strands of hair, it also comes in handy when removing product buildup around the bristles and base. 

Comb cleaner: Hairbrush cleaners with comb-cleaning bristles are like two tools in one. The short, flexible nylon bristles sweep away hair, debris, and styling product when the comb is swiped over them. 


Just like a hairbrush handle makes it possible to use the grooming tool, a hairbrush cleaner handle provides the leverage needed for effective cleaning. You’ll have a choice of a straight or contoured handle. Most are made of hard plastic, but cleaners with metal or wood handles are also available. 

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Hairbrush cleaner prices

Cleaning your hairbrush with a hairbrush cleaner isn’t just easy, it’s also affordable. Models of this simple yet essential tool can be found for as little a few dollars, but even the pricier options rarely cost more than $16.


Hairbrush cleaners that cost less than $5 may have single or dual ends and are usually made of plastic. 


These models cost between $5 and $10. You’ll find just about any hairbrush cleaner design, including some with metal tines and triple ends, in this price category.


Hairbrush cleaners that cost $10 to $16 or a bit more are rare, but some specialty designs with contoured handles and dual rake-type metal ends tend to fall in this price range.

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Did you know?
Hairbrush cleaners that have long metal tines instead of firm bristles are often referred to as hairbrush cleaning rakes. In fact, many models that fit this description look like mini lawn rakes.


  • Be gentle. Don’t tug too roughly when pulling a hairbrush cleaner through your brush’s bristles. You may unintentionally pull out bristles, which can make your hairbrush less effective.

  • Use your hairbrush cleaner regularly. This will keep your brush clean and prevent hair, dirt, fuzz, and hairstyling product residue from building up.

  • Remove hairs and particles from your hairbrush cleaner. Keep it as clean as you keep your hairbrush.

  • Use your hairbrush cleaner every time you wash your hair. That way you’ll have a fresh, clean brush to use on your freshly shampooed hair. 

  • Choose the right hairbrush cleaner if you use hairspray. If you use hairspray frequently, it can build up on your hairbrush. Choose a hairbrush cleaner that has a pointed end, short bristles, comb-like teeth, or a combination of these components for scraping away dried hairspray. 

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Did you know that you can use a hairbrush cleaner wet or dry? That makes this handy tool just as effective to use in the shower as when you’re brushing your hair at your vanity.


Q. How do I clean a hairbrush cleaner?

A. You want to keep your hairbrush clean, so it only makes sense to keep the cleaner free of hair and debris as well. To avoid buildup, remove hair and other particles from your hairbrush cleaner after you pick them out of your hairbrush. Wash your hairbrush cleaner as needed, or at least once a week, with warm water and a drop of shampoo

Q. I use several different types of hairbrushes. What should I look for in a hairbrush cleaner?

A. For consumers who use more than one type of hairbrush, a multipurpose hairbrush cleaner is the best option. Look for one that has two or three cleaning ends for different cleaning needs. 

Q. Can I use a hairbrush cleaner every day?

A. Absolutely! You can whisk a hairbrush cleaner through your hairbrush any time you notice hair or debris around the bristles or base. This will prevent buildup and keep your brush clean. 

Q. What if bristles fall out of my hairbrush when I use a hairbrush cleaner?

A. This can happen, especially if you use your hairbrush cleaner too vigorously. Move slowly when you swipe it through the bristles, and don’t tug if it gets hung up on tangled hair. Instead, work them out using short, gentle motions.

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