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Which travel backpack is the most secure for your next trip?


Travel is exciting but can be stressful, with lots needed to prepare. A secure travel backpack can alleviate some stress, keeping your belongings protected on your journey. It’s an investment worth the time and money to find the right one. No matter where you’re headed or what you’re packing, a handful of features can make your backpack less susceptible to stealing.

No matter what type of secure travel backpack you need, you can find several options online for preventing theft on your next trip.

What to look for in a secure travel backpack

Anti-theft features

Any secure travel backpack should have one or a combination of anti-theft features. The type of security you need may depend on what you’re packing, but in general, travelers can benefit from using backpacks with built-in locks, tough-to-access zippers, cut-resistant material, separated compartments and other security features to deter thieves and opportunists. You can also find radio-frequency identification blocking tech to prevent others from scanning your cards remotely.

Well-organized compartments

Choosing a bag that’s laid out well with well-organized compartments can help you pack away your most valuable items in hard-to-reach places and make traveling and packing much easier. Many travel backpacks are compartmentalized like luggage on the inside, to be packed on their side, rather than loaded from the top like traditional backpacks. Many backpacks also have dedicated compartments for laptops, clothes, valuables and other items.


Depending on how long you’re traveling and what kind of equipment you need, you may prefer backpacks with smaller or larger volumes. Standard backpack volumes include 30L for a medium-size and 40L and 45L for larger sizes. However, you can also find some travel backpacks that are larger or smaller than these. Additionally, some extra-large travel backpacks include expandable compartments to add volume for larger loads. It’s worth keeping in mind that the larger a backpack’s volume, the heavier it will be once full.

USB charging ports

While it may not exactly make your backpack more secure, many modern travel backpacks come with USB charging ports. These can include holes running to a compartment within the backpack, in which you can put a power bank. In addition, some high-end travel backpacks include an actual USB port on the backpack’s outside that you can plug a USB charging cable directly into to charge.

Best secure travel backpacks

Top secure travel backpack

VGoal Laptop And Travel Backpack With TSA Lock and USB Charging Port

What you need to know: This highly-secure travel backpack features a minimal design with hidden zippers, a built-in TSA lock and a convenient external USB charging port.

What you’ll love: This travel backpack has an ergonomic main compartment with various pockets for maximizing packing space. The lack of zippers on the bag’s front, cut-resistant material and built-in lock make it one of the most secure options available.

What you should consider: This backpack could be upgraded with some kind of water bottle compartment.

Sold by Amazon

Top secure travel backpack for the money

Kopack Anti-Theft Travel And Laptop Backpack and USB Charging Port

What you need to know: This extra-slim travel backpack includes a sleek design with hidden front zippers and compartments that make it hard for thieves to steal from you.

What you’ll love: Buyers love this backpack’s low price tag for its spacious compartments, its USB charging port and its hidden laptop compartment. You can buy this backpack in sizes suited for a 15.6- or 17-inch laptop, in either gray, charcoal black, dark gray, magenta or purple.

What you should consider: Some buyers wanted a waterproof version of this backpack.

Sold by Amazon

Best secure travel backpacks for packing

Top secure travel backpack for packing

Coowoz Travel Backpack With Multiple Compartments and Anti-Theft Pocket

What you need to know: This travel backpack includes a secret anti-theft pocket on the back of the bag, which is suitable for valuables like smartphones, tablets, money and other documents.

What you’ll love: The main zippers on this bag open all the way, making it easy to pack horizontally for easy travel. You can also buy this travel backpack in 15 different colors and configurations, including black, beige, blue and purple.

What you should consider: The larger pockets on this backpack aren’t as secure as on some others.

Sold by Amazon

Top secure travel backpack for packing for the money

Oscaurt Unisex Water-Resistant Anti-Theft Travel Backpack With USB Charging Port

What you need to know: From the outside, this travel backpack includes a minimal design that makes the zippers tough to open, though it also features a well-organized main compartment for easy packing.

What you’ll love: This cut-resistant backpack has one of the best and most minimal designs out there, and it includes an external USB charging port for easy charging. You can buy this backpack in five different colors, including gray, new blue and new green.

What you should consider: Some found that larger laptops don’t fit very well in this backpack.

Sold by Amazon

Best extra-large travel backpacks

Top extra-large travel backpack

Bange Weekender Extra-Large 45L Expandable Waterproof Travel Backpack

What you need to know: This expandable travel backpack features a whopping total of 45L of volume, and it includes multiple compartments and hidden external zippers for added security.

What you’ll love: This backpack makes it hard to access the outer pocket while including a secret back zipper pocket for valuables. It’s also waterproof and includes plenty of space for clothes, toiletries, and other on-the-go needs with its several variable compartments.

What you should consider: When filled, many buyers found this backpack very heavy.

Sold by Amazon


Top extra-large travel backpack for the money

Matein Extra-Large 40L Travel Backpack With Convertible Carry Options

What you need to know: This expandable travel backpack easily packs on its side, and it includes tons of space and well-organized compartments to make packing on the road easy.

What you’ll love: This is a great travel backpack with a low-key design that won’t attract thieves. It features an expandable compartment for up to 40L of volume, and You can buy this travel backpack in black or blue.

What you should consider: This backpack doesn’t have a hidden anti-theft pocket or a USB charging port.

Sold by Amazon

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