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Essential travel trailer accessories

Which travel trailer accessories are essential?

So you’ve got a truck and a travel trailer, and you're eager for adventure — what’s next? Before you set out on the road, consider picking up a few essential accessories and parts to make things easier, safer and more fun. If you’re wondering what tools you might need, the list below is a great place to start. 

Travel trailer accessories and parts

Towing and camping essentials

Furrion Vision S 7 Inch Wireless RV Backup System 

Backing up your trailer can be quite difficult, especially in tight spaces. This RV-capable backup system makes parking your travel trailer a breeze thanks to its wireless setup and waterproof camera. Many wireless RV backup systems have trouble working on larger rigs, but the Furrion Vision S does an exceptional job on even the largest of travel trailers.

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SECURITYMAN Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks 

Wheel chocks are an essential safety accessory, so make sure to pick up a reliable pair or two before you go camping. The SECURITYMAN Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks are made of a solid rubber material that does an excellent job keeping your trailer in place and upright in any type of weather.

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X Chock Wheel Stabilizers 

In combination with standard wheel chocks, the X Chock Wheel Stabilizers add an extra level of security and stability. The X Chocks keep your travel trailer from bouncing and swaying as people walk through it, making your weekend significantly more comfortable.

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Camco RV Leveling Blocks 

Leveling blocks are a must-have accessory for RV camping, and you can’t go wrong with the easy-to-use Camco RV Leveling Blocks. These durable blocks snap together like Lego bricks and allow you to adjust the height for either side of your RV to make it level. Some campers prefer unique leveling blocks with teardrop designs or those resembling ramps, but most prefer the simplicity of standard leveling blocks.

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Classic Accessories Overdrive PolyPRO3 Travel Trailer Cover 

When your adventure is over and it’s time to store your rig, consider a travel trailer cover. Travel trailers are expensive, and a quality cover can help protect them from the elements and prolong their life. The Overdrive PolyPRO3 is a sturdy, reliable travel trailer cover. Be sure to pad the sharp edges of your rig to avoid ripping holes in your cover.

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Camco Rhino Heavy Duty 28-Gallon Portable Waste Tank 

Many state and national parks don’t have sewer connections at each campsite. If you decide to camp somewhere without a sewer connection, you might find yourself needing to dump your sewage tank during your stay. Rather than having to break down your whole campsite just to tow your trailer to the dump station and back, stay put and use a portable waste tank. These tools allow you to dump your waste into a convenient tow-behind wagon.

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Camco 20-Feet Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support

Most of the time, your campsite’s sewer connection will be right next to your waste outlet, but what do you do when it’s far away? This convenient sidewinder hose support gives you 20-feet of protection for your hose and features a sloped design that makes draining hoses easy.

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Travel trailer space saving essentials

SimpleHouseware Spice Gripper Clips Strips 

This convenient alternative to a traditional spice rack will save you plenty of precious counter space. These strips are sturdy enough to hold most spices in place, but be sure that your spice jars fit the clips. Many users leave their spices in the clips while driving without any issues. Consider using plastic spice bottles, instead of glass, just in case of an accidental drop.

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Collapsible Food Storage Containers 

Collapsible food storage is an absolute must for long-term campers. The convenient space-saving design will give you more room for other home essentials, while safely storing ingredients and leftovers. No more worrying about spills or messes while driving.

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Mziart Laundry Hamper with Alloy Handles 

Traditional laundry baskets take up far too much space in a travel trailer. A foldable hamper like the Mziart Laundry Hamper is ideal for RVs and travel trailers, as they simply fold down and away when not in use. The Mziart Laundry hamper is made of durable fabric and features alloy handles that won’t break even when holding heavy loads of laundry.

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Plastic Nesting Mixing Bowls 

Cooking in your travel trailer is fun and much more affordable than takeout. These durable plastic mixing bowls are essential for on-the-go cooking. The set also includes measuring cups and a colander. The convenient nesting design makes these bowls ideal for travel, as they save space and stay together, even while driving.

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Esie Houzie Space Saving Cooking Tools

This unique five-piece cooking tool set features several tiny utensils that would normally clutter a travel trailer. The key-ring-style cooking tool set has all the essentials: a pizza cutter, vegetable peeler, ginger grinder, bottle opener and a cheese grater made from durable, dishwasher-safe plastic and stainless steel.

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