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Best dry sack for travel

Which dry sack for travel is best?

No matter how unpredictable the weather is, travelers can always depend on a dry sack for multipurpose use. Dry sacks have been around for decades to provide a separate place to store items that need to be kept dry. This item has many different styles, but the best dry sacks provide optimal storage while being waterproof. In pursuit of the perfect dry sack for travel, buyers should consider the material, how the sack closes and the size.

If you are looking for a high-quality dry sack that is easily packable, waterproof and has the best features, the Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a dry sack for travel


Dry sacks are typically made with nylon or vinyl and are coated to be waterproof. PVC vinyl bags are thicker than nylon and are very durable. This material is naturally waterproof and does not require a coating. On the other hand, nylon bags coated with silicone or polyurethane are very lightweight and flexible. These bags are the most compactable and portable due to their material. The waterproof coating can get worn over time and they are less durable than vinyl bags.


Consider purchasing a sack with safe and durable closure to ensure your items stay dry and protected. If the sack features a roll-top closure, it will allow you to fold three times and secure with a clip. This makes the item easier to carry. Dry sacks that feature zipper closures have extra pockets and are easier to maneuver than roll-top sacks. Although zip-secured dry sack bags are simply designed, they do not contain the additional layers of protection that roll-top sacks have and are more difficult to fix if broken.


It does not matter what kind of items you put in your dry sack because sizes are always measured in liters. Small dry sacks fit 2 liters, while the most oversized dry sacks can fit 100 liters. It is crucial to consider the size of the dry sack per your needs. If the trip you are taking requires more storage and separation of wet and dry items, opt for a larger dry sack. Before purchasing a large sack, make sure the amount of space you have to store the item is enough. Consider a small, lightweight dry sack if you're only traveling for the afternoon and will not bring many items.

What to look for in a quality dry sack for travel


A great dry sack for travel is waterproof. The product description on the website will tell you whether the sack material is naturally waterproof or if the bag was coated with a substance to make it waterproof. Waterproof bags may wear over time as coated ones can lose their coating. Look for dry sacks with tightly taped seams and stitching to ensure no liquid will get in or out of the sack.


Small bags are handheld, while those over 5 liters feature a shoulder strap. Good dry sacks for travel have straps that contain adjustable padding to provide maximum comfort for the shoulders. Sacks heavier than 30 pounds are worn like a backpack and possibly have a waist strap for added support and weight leverage.


Pockets are essential for those who will be traveling for a longer period and distance. A good dry sack features multiple places to store objects of various sizes. These compartments should be waterproof and separate from the main sack compartment. You can use interior pockets to store essential items such as keys, while exterior pockets are best used for bulkier items like a water bottle to save space inside the sack. Some dry sacks come with pockets you can attach. For example, the Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag comes with a separate waterproof phone case you can put in the dry sack.

How much you can expect to spend on a dry sack for travel

Dry sacks for travel range in price depending on the quality of material and the features. A small bag with thin fabric is $15-20, while a high-quality dry sack is around $30-$60. Midrange products use quality fabrics but possibly contain fewer features than high-end sacks.

Dry sack for travel FAQ

Can you wash your dry sack for travel in the washing machine?

A. No. You cannot wash your dry sack for travel with other clothes in the laundry. Use mild dishwashing soap to remove stubborn stains, or hand-wash and air-dry your product.

Do dry sacks for travel float?

A. A dry sack is not meant to float on the water. They are used to keep items dry. Most people use these items to store gear after it is wet and separate them from things they prefer to keep dry.

What’s the best dry sack for travel to buy?

Top dry sack for travel

Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag

What you need to know: This dry sack is meant to last for years and provides waterproof protection. It comes with a waterproof phone case.

What you’ll love: This item features a shoulder strap and a sternum strap for added stability and support. It is lightweight, compact and easy to fit into any kind of luggage.

What you should consider: Some users had a hard time getting the bag to stay rolled down, and a few leaks have been reported.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top dry sack for travel for the money

Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack 

What you need to know: This lightweight dry sack features a waterproof coating and can hold up to 13 liters.

What you’ll love: This product features a roll-top closure and side squeeze buckle closure for added support. The seams make the bag extra waterproof and two people can use it.

What you should consider: The bag does not remain dry if you submerge it in water and will not keep electronics safe.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon, Backcountry and Dick's Sporting Goods 

Worth checking out

Dry Pak Waterproof Duffel Bag

What you need to know: This product is made with lightweight waterproof material and includes two water-resistant storm flaps.

What you’ll love: This sack features a removable shoulder strap with adjustable padding. The seams are electronically welded for added leak control and waterproof.

What you should consider: This bag is heavy and bulky and can be too large to carry some items conveniently.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick's Sporting Goods


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