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Leather messenger bag vs. canvas messenger bag

Which leather messenger bag or canvas messenger bag is best?

If you are searching for a stylish, functional bag for work or school, a messenger bag is a great choice. It is convenient, comfortable and professional looking. Most messenger bags are made of either canvas or leather. While there are pros and cons to both materials, it is important to consider how much you will be using the item and for what. 

Leather messenger bag: Is it worth it? 

A genuine leather messenger bag is priced from $50-$1,000 depending on the size, features and brand. 

Leather messenger bag pros

Leather bags are less likely to collect dirt in comparison to canvas bags and the material naturally repels water. Leather messenger bags have a sleek aesthetic and are made to be long-lasting. They are less likely to collect dirt or dust than other fabrics. These products are designed for durability and provide the strongest material to protect and carry your items. 

Leather messenger bag cons

Despite its sleek look, leather is easily scuffed and stained. Leather messenger bags are very expensive and require special care to maintain. These bags also usually come in fewer colors, which may not work with your style. In addition, if you are vegan or look for eco-friendly, sustainable products, leather is not a good choice. 

Best leather messenger bags

The best leather messenger bag on the market is the Jack & Chris Men’s Genuine Leather Briefcase Messenger Bag. This bag features an adjustable shoulder strap and is lightweight. It can fit a laptop and would make a great carry-on for a business trip. It features one pocket and a durable front zipper. 

The Komal’s Leather Briefcase Laptop Bag is the best messenger bag for the money. It features genuine handmade leather designs and is durable. A stylish buckle offers a secure closure. 

The Clifton Heritage Leather Messenger Bag is designed for storage and convenience and features a high-quality magnetic closure. It has three pockets that can easily hold electronics and other various items. The inside of the bag is padded and the strap is adjustable and removable. 

Canvas messenger bag: Is it worth it? 

Canvas messenger bags can cost $20-$100 or more depending on the size, features and brand of the bag.

Canvas messenger bag pros

Canvas can hold a lot of weight and comes in many different prints and colors. It is eco-friendly and most styles are machine washable. 

The thick canvas material is difficult to rip, but if it does rip, it is easy to mend. If the item gets dirty, it is also easier to clean. 

Canvas messenger bag cons

Canvas messenger bags do not look as sleek as leather messenger bags and may not look as professional. If you choose a light-colored bag, it will show dirt easily. 

Best canvas messenger bag

The best canvas messenger bag is the Multifunctional Canvas Messenger Handbag. This is a large capacity bag with multiple pockets. It is made with a high-density cotton canvas material and features a wide and adjustable shoulder strap. 

The best canvas messenger bag for the money is the Leaper Canvas Messenger Bag. This product is made from a soft and durable washed-cotton canvas material. It comes in multiple colors and features delicate stickers and finished seams for added durability.

The IBLUE Extra-Large Canvas Messenger Bag features a unique flap closure and the straps are made from superior genuine leather. It features multiple pockets and a durable interior for the protection of the contents. The shoulder strap is wide and adjustable.

Should you get a leather messenger bag or a canvas messenger bag?

After weighing the pros and cons of each item, the choice to purchase a leather messenger bag or a canvas messenger bag is a toss-up. If you are looking for a cheaper item that is machine washable, lightweight and comes in many colors, then you should buy a canvas bag. If you are searching for a durable, sophisticated product, you should purchase a leather messenger bag.


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