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Best RV flag pole

Which RV flag poles are best?

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t display your patriotism. One of the best ways to show enthusiasm and support for the things you love is with a flag. There’s no reason to put that on hold just because you’re enjoying the RV life. 

The best RV flag pole will allow you to fly your flag high and secure in any campsite, and it should be lightweight and adjustable to keep transportation easy. Check out the Camco 20’ Portable Telescoping Aluminum Flagpole with Tire-Anchored Flag Holder for the top option.

What to know before you buy an RV flag pole

RV flag pole types

As you determine what flag pole you want for your RV, it helps to know the different types. Telescoping and PVC flag poles are the most common. Telescoping flag poles are great for RVers who want to hoist their flag high and let it stand up to 20 feet. These flag poles collapse when you’re ready to move, making them great for portability while driving. PVC flag poles are more lightweight but they don’t extend. They are usually cheaper, though shorter and more difficult to store.


Expect any flag pole you get for your RV to be wonderfully low maintenance. Most of the poles made today are rust-proof and resistant to corrosion, allowing you to fly your flag high without worrying about weather damage. 


High-quality flag poles for your RV hold up a flag, but you want to be sure they have a strong base to hold up the pole itself. Many RV flag poles have a ground mount to put your RV tire over to keep the pole up. Others stick into the ground or mount from a hitch. Even lightweight poles need a durable, supportive base to keep your flag flying.

What to look for in a quality RV flag pole


A flag’s purpose is to display your loyalty, so you want to hang them high and proud. Something too short won’t be visible, making it fairly pointless. Something too tall may get trapped in the trees or fall over without a supportive base. This is why many users enjoy an adjustable flag pole since they can set their flag at their own desired height.

A secure base

Your RV flag pole’s type of holder is perhaps the most important feature to keep it standing upright. Some poles come with a base, while others require purchasing one separately. If the holder is flimsy or unsupportive, your flag pole won’t stand up straight. Flag poles can come with various base types, but hitch and tire mounts are both reliable options.

Material type

There are many materials manufacturers may use when building a flag pole. Plastic, fiberglass and aluminum are some of the most common types. They all have their specific pros and cons. Plastic tends to do well in the rain and heavy sunshine. It’s also affordable. Unfortunately, it isn’t as durable as aluminum or fiberglass. If you want lightweight, go with plastic. If you want durability and reliability, go with metal or fiberglass. 

Accessories and extra features

Some RV flag poles have extra features, such as a transportation bag or hardware to hang additional flags. Consider what you need in a flag pole and what added features enhance your user experience. When traveling, it is helpful to consider storage, transportation and setup. 

How much you can expect to spend on an RV flag pole

Flag poles for RVs vary widely in price. You can get some cheap versions for under $50, some decent middle-quality products for $50-$100, and many premium poles for over $100.

RV flag pole FAQ

How do you hang a flag pole on an RV?

A. There are different types of mounts to hang your RV flag pole. One of the most common ways is a tire mount where you park your RV over the mount to hold up the pole’s weight. You can also use hitch mounts or ladder mounts if your RV already has a side ladder. 

Do you need permission to put up a flag pole on your RV?

A. You don’t typically need permission to hang a flag on your RV. However, if you want to hang any kind of advertisement, you may need to ask permission. Check with your campsite office if you’re concerned about restrictions.

What are the best RV flag poles to buy?

Top RV flag pole

Camco 20’ Portable Telescoping Aluminum Flagpole with Tire-Anchored Flag Holder

What you need to know: This tire-mounted telescoping flag pole will allow you to raise your favorite flag high at any campsite. 

What you’ll love: You can put this flag pole up anywhere you park your RV. With a tire-anchored holder, you can safely extend this pole up to 20 feet. It collapses down to 64 inches to make storage easy. Hardware is included for flying up to two flags.

What you should consider: Some users complain about a few design flaws with this telescoping flag pole that make it wobbly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top RV flag pole for the money

SENZHIYI 20FT Telescoping Flag Pole Kit

What you need to know: With a reinforced locking system and high-quality premium aluminum, this flagpole will stand tall no matter where you are. 

What you’ll love: This 20-foot flag pole can accommodate two flags. The upgraded locking system clicks the telescoping section firmly into place. The 360-degree cordless rotation steel ring clips ensure a tangle-free setup.

What you should consider: This flag pole may not be well-suited to areas of high winds.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

FlagPole Buddy RV Flag Pole Kit 22 Feet

What you need to know: At 22 feet, this fiberglass flag pole will fit most RV ladders and will keep your flag in view.

What you’ll love: Enjoy the one-time easy installation of the holders and then add your flag whenever you want. The pole collapses to make storage uncomplicated. This pole can accommodate multiple flags, and your purchase includes four clips to fly two flags. 

What you should consider: Some users complain that this flag pole isn’t as sturdy as desired and can break in high winds.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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