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Best high-end RV recliner

Which high-end RV recliners are best?

Driving across the country in an RV is exciting, with many things to see and do along the way. But when it comes to taking a break from concentrating on the road, you want to kick back and relax.

The default RV furniture is usually up for the task, but you need a recliner for the ultimate in relaxation. Looking at adding a comfortable chair to your inventory, the RecPro Charles Zero Wall RV Recliner is an excellent choice. 

What to know before you buy a high-end RV recliner

Consider the space available in your RV

Many RV users overlook the space requirement. Decide where to place the recliner and comprehensively measure the available space. Don’t forget to consider the extra legroom needed if it has a kick-out or reclines further than most chairs. To watch TV in your new recliner, ensure that you have a proper RV TV antenna installed.

Choose the correct type of furniture fabric

Where you live and regularly travel can determine which materials will be the best for your recliner. Fabrics react differently in varying temperatures, and most are kept clean in unique ways. Canvas is extra durable as a furniture fabric but gets dirty rather quickly. Leather indeed looks the best, but you need to take special precautions to ensure longevity. 

Additional features like a cup holder or padded armrests

A recliner is excellent for tired feet and a sore back from a long day’s driving, but that can only be made better with padded armrests. Uncovered armrests can be uncomfortable, and adding some softness can only enhance your experience. Finally, a cup holder is a perfect addition to a recliner. There will be no fear of leaving water stains on the table or knocking over the drink.

What to look for in a quality high-end RV recliner

Kick-out feature for added comfort

What is better than taking some time out in your new recliner? A recliner that has a kick-out feature, of course. Not content with an RV recliner that just tilts backward, look for a good quality recliner that has a kick-out for your legs. It will be a welcomed feature when you want to get off your feet for a few minutes. 

Bolted down to prevent movement

RVs are bulky and slow, but that doesn’t mean that they're stable all the time. Different road conditions and irresponsible drivers could require some fast-thinking and evasive driving. When that happens, free-standing furniture might slide across the RV’s floor, posing a considerable danger to anybody nearby. However, good-quality RV recliners can be bolted securely to the floor.

Seat belt attachment for safety

Just as having a bolted-down recliner is essential, a seatbelt attachment will keep the occupant safe as well. You don’t always want to sit in the passenger seat when not the driver, but you still need to ensure that you are protected if an accident happens. Look for a good-quality RV recliner that can accommodate a seatbelt attachment.

How much you can expect to spend on a high-end RV recliner

The average price of an RV recliner will depend on the size, the fabric used and any additional features. A basic swivel chair can retail for $200-$500, but luxury recliners can retail for $700-$1,200.

High-end RV recliner FAQ

How much space do you typically need for a recliner?

A. That will depend on the size of the RV and the layout. RVs can be configured differently, but it is a safe bet to have at least 3 feet from a wall. Recliners called “wall huggers” could require less.

How do you clean a recliner in an RV?

A. This could be an arduous task to tackle. It depends on the fabric that is used on the recliner. You can easily wipe down leather or fake leather, but canvas or cotton might require soap and warm water. 

What’s the best high-end RV recliner to buy?

Top high-end RV recliner

RecPro Charles Zero Wall RV Recliner

What you need to know: This set of two recliners will be a comfortable addition to your RV living room.

What you’ll love: Made from faux leather, which is easy to clean, this set of two recliners features a kick-out for your legs. The chairs weigh 88 pounds each, which is somewhat lighter than other options, so it helps with fuel efficiency. In addition, this recliner has been made with tight spaces in mind, as it only needs 3 feet of clearance from a wall when fully extended.

What you should consider: While it can be held in place with bolts, you must add a separate attachment for a seatbelt.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top high-end RV recliner for the money

Thomas Payne Seismic Series Theater Seating 

What you need to know: This recliner is perfect for those that want to feel like they are at the movies.

What you’ll love: Available in four different colors, this recliner from Thomas Payne features a heated seat, massage options and lumbar support. It also comes with the Thomas Payne Power Port, through which you can charge mobile devices. The best part is that the back is removable, making installation and removal easier.

What you should consider: Being a modular recliner, this is only one part that makes up an entire sofa or living room suite.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

RecPro Nash 28" RV Euro Chair Recliner

What you need to know: This recliner has a naturally reclined profile, making it the perfect accessory after a long day.

What you’ll love: Available in four colors, the Euro swivel recliner from RecPro features a kick-out that extends 44 inches. Fully extended, the chair measures 60 inches long. The armrests have padding, but there are no slots for a cup holder. 

What you should consider: The chair’s base will need to be 13 inches from a wall to recline fully.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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