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Best Godzilla Funko Pop

Which Godzilla Funko Pop is best?

The King of the Monsters made his screen debut in 1954, and in the decades since, he has become a beloved figure, appearing in numerous films around the world and capturing the imagination of the young and old alike. For those looking to embrace this radioactive titan, there are plenty of Godzilla toys available to show off your love, including a myriad Funko Pop toys, the paragon of collectible figurines.

These small, detailed vinyl toys are meant for display. This Heat Ray Godzilla is the best offering from the world of monsters, with angry Godzilla reigning down fire, but there are numerous options available and one for every fan of the iconic kaiju.

What to know before you buy a Godzilla Funko Pop

Funko Pop characteristics

Funko Pop toys depict a wide range of characters and figures from both real life and pop culture, although comics and genre films and shows, particularly those involving sci-fi and fantasy, are heavily mined. Funko toys are made of durable and inexpensive PVC and do not feature any points of articulation. As such, these toys are meant for display instead of interaction.


Despite Godzilla's many film appearances and the various slight changes to his look over time, there aren't a great many Funko Pop vinyl at the moment. The options are all inspired by Godzilla's American films, including the much-maligned 1998 movie that boasted a very different appearance for the massive lizard.

Six options are loosely inspired by that film, although the figurines depict Godzilla more similarly to his iconic, traditional look instead of the image from the Roland Emmerich film. There are 13 more figurines available that are all directly pulled by the most recent cinematic turn in "Godzilla vs. Kong." These feature the two title characters as well as another foe from the film who turns up at the end.


While most Funko Pop toys stand at 3.75 inches in height, there are a fair amount of options that stand at 6 or even 10 inches tall. These figurines are typically reserved for popular characters that may be quite large on screen or figuratively larger than life in their stories; Godzilla definitely qualifies. As such, there are a handful of Funko toys that are bigger than standard. These taller models come at a higher price but offer a more imposing and fitting look for Godzilla. 

What to look for in a quality Godzilla Funko Pop


Several Godzilla Funko toys feature Godzilla and company in different colors and finishes. Some options are coated in a neon look, while others show Godzilla in black-and-white. There are even options that feature Godzilla in flames, with shades of red and black coloring the creature. What's more, a handful of options glow in the dark, with eyes, flames and portions of the tail that light up.


Funko regularly debuts new toys at comic festivals and expos; this was the case for two Godzilla toys that dropped at New York Comic-Con in 2015. Other toys are exclusive to a specific retailer, such as Amazon. Such exclusives can be harder to come by and, in some cases, maybe found by secondary resellers but come at a higher price as a result.

Reputable sellers

Funko partners with a variety of retailers, including Amazon, to sell their Funko Pop toys. However, as these pieces of vinyl are highly coveted and frequently collected, it's important to avoid fraud by only purchasing from trusted sellers.

How much you can expect to spend on Godzilla Funko Pop

The standard Funko Pop toy costs around $10-$15, though larger models of Godzilla can run two or three times more.

Godzilla Funko Pop FAQ

Are any other titans from the Godzilla films available?

A. As of this writing, Godzilla Funko toys draw inspiration from the most recent film. That movie features three monsters in Godzilla, King Kong and Mechagodzilla, all available in Funko form. Unfortunately, there are no Funko vinyl depicting many of Godzilla's frequent collaborators in Mothra, Rodan and Ghidorah at the moment.

What does the number on the corner of the box mean?

A. Every Funko Pop toy box features a number on the top corner that references the mold used for the toy. Every vinyl is made through a specific mold; in some cases, two or more unique toys will be made from the same mold but finished with different colors or designs. 

What's the best Godzilla Funko Pop to buy?

Top Godzilla Funko Pop

Heat Ray Godzilla

What you need to know: This lively vinyl features the King of the Monsters in full action mode. Godzilla emits his iconic and devastating atomic breath, adding a little color to any dimly lit room.

What you'll love:  Godzilla's blue eyes and his stream of atomic breath glow in the dark, offering an eye-catching sight or a convenient nightlight for youngsters. Detailed vinyl is intimidating and faithful to the recent film. Instantly recognizable as the giant irradiated izard.

What you should consider: In the higher price range. Some fans may prefer one of Godzilla's older looks.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Godzilla Funko Pop for the money


What you need to know: A mechanical foe designed to mimic and overtake Godzilla, this vinyl inspired by the recent film stands out for its shine, scales and demeanor.

What you'll love: This violent depiction of the metal behemoth is covered in a shiny gray coating. Detailed, imposing figurine despite its small height. The action pose offers some life to the stationary Pop.

What you should consider: Aside from a few red spots, this figurine is completely one color.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Kong with Axe

What you need to know: Godzilla's sometimes foe and sometimes friend, this Kong vinyl is a worthy addition to any collection of great titans.

What you'll love: Kong wields his powerful axe, making him a fearsome fighter based on the recent movie. The intimidating vinyl boasts the bright blue axe and angry orange eyes; details include scars along Kong's chest.

What you should consider: Other than the axe, it lacks eye-catching color.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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