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Best "The Office" Funko POP! toys

Which "The Office" Funko POP! toys you should buy?

Instantly recognizable from their oversized heads and wide-set eyes, Funko POP! Toys are popular with kids and adults alike. Fans of the TV show "The Office" can revel in the huge range of "The Office" Funko POP! toys available. 

Whether you're buying for yourself or as a gift, it can be tough to know which "The Office" Funko POP! toys to pick. You can select from all your favorite characters in a range of poses, sometimes even holding items or wearing outfits seen in particular episodes. 

Are Funko POP! toys collectible? 

The whole point of Funko POP! toys is that they're collectible but some are more so than others. Some are only available in certain stores or are made as a limited edition run with only a few hundred available. When buying "The Office" Funko POP! toys, popular characters with iconic outfits or items tend to be more collectible. Look for models that are currently only available to pre-order, as these may become more valuable over time. If you want more information, check out the full Funko POP! toy buying guide at BestReviews. 

Do "The Office" Funko POP! toys make good gifts? 

If you're buying for a friend or family member who loves "The Office," a Funko toy of their favorite character absolutely is a great gift, even if they don't collect these types of toys. Because of their reasonable price tag, they also make good stocking stuffers or secret Santa gifts. 

Best "The Office" Funko POP! toys

Funko Pop! TV: The Office Michael Scott

He’s the boss that everybody hates to love. Michael Scott is arguably the most iconic character from "The Office." This toy sees him in a fairly standard pose, holding the "World's Best Boss" mug that he bought himself. It's a core piece for any collection of "The Office" Funko POP! toys. 

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Funko Pop! TV: The Office Dwight Schrute

Michael's number two, the Assistant Regional Manager/Assistant to the Regional Manager, Dwight Schrute is a paper salesman by day and a beet farmer by night. In this classic Dwight look, he sports his center part, mustard shirt and cell phone clipped to his belt.

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Funko Pop! TV: The Office Pam with Teapot & Note

Viewers of "The Office" were enamored with the will they/won't they flirtation between Pam and Jim in the early seasons of the show. Most will remember the Christmas episode where Jim picked out a teapot for Pam's gift and stuffed it full of sentimental items and a note. This toy features Pam holding that very special teapot.

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Funko Pop! TV: The Office Jim with Nonsense Sign

All fans know how much nonsense goes on between Jim and Dwight in "The Office," but how long can a truce last? Based on a season 9 episode, this figure shows Jim holding a sign saying "6 days since our last nonsense" — can it last any longer?

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Funko Pop! TV: The Office Kevin Malone with Chili

It's hard to forget the episode intro where the lovable Kevin makes a pot of his famous chili to share with everyone, only to spill it all over the carpet as he walks into the office — equally hilarious and heartbreaking. This toy features Kevin proudly holding his pot of chili before the terrible event occurred.

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Funko POP! Television The Office Creed Bratton with Mung Beans

Does Creed really have an old man smell, or is he just sprouting mung beans in his desk drawer again? Fans of the inscrutable Creed Bratton will love this limited edition Funko POP! toy depicting him holding a handful of sprouted mung beans. Just don't ask him what his job is.

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Funko Pop! TV: The Office Kelly Kapoor

Dunder Mifflin's most successful head of a one-person department, Kelly Kapoor might seem shallow but she's smart, competent and good at her job. Stylish as ever, this toy version of Kelly wears her casual Friday outfit of a denim jumpsuit, white boots and a statement hat. An excellent choice for fans of Kelly Kapoor or actress Mindy Kaling.

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Funko Pop! TV: The Office Casual Friday Meredith

Remember the episode when casual Friday got a little too casual? This figure shows Meredith wearing her tiny dress, complete with a comically pixeled-out breast. You do you, Meredith.

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Funko Pop! The Office Stanley Hudson Pretzel Day

Stanley Hudson might not love his job, but there's one day of the year that makes it all worthwhile — pretzel day. This toy pays tribute to both the fan himself and that magical day of free pretzels, featuring Stanley biting into a pretzel with a crossword puzzle book in his other hand.

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Funko Pop! TV: The Office Erin with Happy Box & Champagne

When Holly returned to Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch, Michael got Erin to make a happy box to break out if Holly was single and a sad box for if she wasn't. This Funko POP! version of Erin holds the happy box and a bottle of champagne. It's nicely detailed with some of the content of the happy box visible.

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Funko Pop! TV: The Office Dwight Schrute as Punish Recyclops

Recyclops started as Dwight's character aiming to encourage recycling in the office on Earth Day but swiftly descended into a killer determined to exact revenge on humans for their lack of care for the environment. This limited edition figure shows the punisher version of Recyclops — recycle or else!

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Funko Pop! TV: The Office Customizable Chrome Dundie Award

Who could forget the annual Dundies award ceremony? Now you can win your very own Dundie, complete with a blank spot on the plaque to write in your own award-deserving achievement.

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