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Best Naruto Funko Pop toys

Naruto Funko Pop collection

Funko Pop toys have endured over the years as one of the most appealing and recognizable toys with thousands of real-life and fictional characters in their collection. Amongst this collection is the popular manga and anime series, Naruto. Any fan of the Naruto series likely has a couple of favorite characters they will want to buy to start or add to a collection. 

Key Considerations when choosing Naruto Funko Pop toys


Pop vinyls are the most popular toys available by Funko Pop toys. They are made of a type of durable plastic called polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and stand at about 3.75-inches tall. BestReviews has a buying guide with more information about the best Funko Pop toys


The story of Naruto and his Ninja village, Konoha, is filled with characters that have become familiar to fans worldwide. Many Naruto characters are available in a regular stance or posed in their legendary ninja technique.


Depending on what type of collector you are, you can decide to keep your toys in their box or open them up for display. If you may want to sell your figurines later, it'll be best to have them boxed to preserve their original condition. 

Start a Naruto Funko Pop collection

Main characters 

If you're looking to start a Naruto Funko Pop collection, first buy the most popular characters in their basic stances. As a fan of Naruto, you may have a range of favorite characters from the main cast and minor cast as well. If you're new to starting a collection, it's easier to find and begin with the main characters of the series rather than the more obscure or unpopular characters. 

This charming and iconic Naruto Action Figure is accurate to the lovable, eponymous character whose dream was to become the Hokage of Konoha. As it's quite solid and doesn't wobble, it's perfect for display whether it is in the box or out of it. While having the Naruto figurine is awesome in itself, it's even better placed alongside his best friend, rival and former teammate, Uchiha Sasuke. To complete team 7, you need to include Sakura Haruno and the leader of team 7, the famous copycat Ninja and sensei, Hatake Kakashi. The Kakashi toy figure encapsulates everything Naruto fans love about Kakashi—from his mask that never comes off to his iconic spiky grey hair.

Character jutsus

Our favorite characters have stunned us all with their powerful fighting techniques, known as jutsus in the Naruto universe. These jutsus help the characters battle some of the strongest villains and threats to their livelihood. 

Remember when Naruto was eager to learn an ultimate technique? It was an exciting and heartwarming moment when the hero finally mastered his ultimate move, the Rasengan. This Naruto Shippuden (Rasengan) toy figure perfectly encapsulates that moment and comes with a stand for balance. 

Though Naruto's heroic moments are practically endless, one that stands out (aside from his mastery of the Rasengan) is his evolution to the Sage of six paths. This is sure to spice up your Naruto Funko Pop collection and make an exciting story to tell to anyone who is yet to watch or read the series. 

For those that don't want a figurine with fancier poses or techniques like the Rasengan or Sage of six paths, you can still get a unique pose that will stand out from the regular toys. Something like the Naruto Shippuden Minato figurine will be a simple toy that will still stand out in your collection. 

Other favorite characters 

With so many storylines and subplots in the entire Naruto series, it's hard not to fall in love with characters aside from the main protagonists. These characters will no doubt make your collection more special to you as you can connect to your favorites and be reminded of the stories that made them so dear to you. 

One of the morals Naruto teaches is that everyone has the right to choose their path in life and follow that path no matter what. We can see this in Gaara of the Sand, whose hostility towards Naruto turned into friendship and put him on the path of becoming a powerful Kazekage. 

Kurama and Tobi are other characters that became lovable after realizing the lessons of following your path, love, bonds and friendship. This Kurama action figure is a little different from other Naruto Funko Pop toys because it is 6 inches tall, which is quite appropriate for the mighty nine-tailed beast that was sealed in Naruto's body. 

Even a character like Itachi, with his powerful visual prowess, was largely misunderstood for a long time in the series until his backstory revealed the truth of his past and the bonds that were dearest to him. For that reason, this Itachi with Kunai Collectible Figure is one worthy of adding to your collection. It not only comes stylized with his kunai and Sharingan, but it is also a limited edition exclusive that comes with a sticker on the box. Collectors who plan to keep the figurines boxed will be proud to showcase this special item. 

There are 32 Funko Pop Toys from the Naruto universe, so you are sure to find the characters you love most to start or build your collection.

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