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Best Disney ride-on toy

Which Disney ride-on toy is best?

Most kids can’t wait until they’re old enough for a ride-on toy, and some start as soon as they are toddlers. Disney themed ride-on toys let kids exercise their imaginations along with their bodies. Battery powered ride-on toys let them drive just like the adults they pretend to be.

If you are looking for the ride-on toy with the most iconic Disney theme, take a look at one that features Mickey, the mouse who started it all. The Kiddieland Disney Mickey Mouse Fire Truck Ride-On has lights and sounds that play when the fire chief comes to the rescue. 

What to know before you buy a Disney ride-on toy

Ride-on toys are built for several age groups. For toddlers, the best-ride ons are the ones that support them while they learn how their feet and legs work. When they get a little older, kids gravitate towards pedal-powered tricycles, the classic ride-on toy. 


Also called creepers and straddlers, these are usually little kids’ first ride-on toys. They have a seat, four wheels and a handle kids can grasp to help stabilize themselves. Kids ride by straddling them with one leg on each side. Scoot-alongs’ seats support the weight of kids’ bodies. These are exercise machines in a fun package and great choices for building kids’ muscles and coordination. 


Once kids are past the toddler stage, most move onto tricycles. Tricycles are great exercise machines that help kids develop their growing muscles and evolving coordination. Like scooters, they make exercising fun.


Battery-powered ride-on toys can be fun for little kids, but provide only entertainment, no exercise. Generally speaking, battery-powered ride-on toys are for bigger kids.

What to look for in a quality Disney ride-on toy

Scoot-along toy

If you buy a Disney scoot-along toy, make sure to choose one with a sturdy handle mounted at the rear. This allows kids to get out and walk, pushing the toy in front of them. A rear-mounted handle also lets another child join in and push while the rider scoots. 


If you buy a Disney tricycle, make sure to choose one that is low slung, with the seat very close to the ground. Having such a low center of gravity makes these ride-ons the most stable of the riding toys.

Electric ride-on

If you buy a Disney battery powered ride-on toy, look into how long the battery takes to recharge and how long a charge lasts.  

How much you can expect to spend on a Disney ride-on toy

Disney-themed tricycles range from $30 to as much as $100. Most Disney ride-on scooter cars with push handles can be found between $40-$60. Small ride-on electric vehicles with Disney themes start under $100 and the bigger ones go up to $300 or so. 

Disney ride-on toy FAQ

Why do so many Disney ride-on toys have princess themes?

A. Disney has long been the undisputed leader in telling fairy tales and stories about princesses. At the center of these tales is always a princess who encounters tragic setbacks yet somehow prevails in the end. This focus on fantasy princesses naturally shows up in most Disney product lines.

How safe are ride-on vehicles?

A. It depends. The wider the ride-on toy and the lower to the ground the rider, the more stable the vehicle will be, reducing the chances of it tipping over. Vehicles that kids straddle and scoot along are generally a little safer than those with pedals, which are in turn a little -safer than battery powered ride-on toys. The more faith and trust you have in a brand, the safer you will expect that manufacturer to make its ride-on toys.

What’s the best Disney ride-on toy to buy?

Top Disney ride-on toy 

Kiddieland Disney Mickey Mouse Fire Truck Ride-On

What you need to know: With lights and sounds at the push of a button, Mickey’s fire truck is coming to the rescue. 

What you’ll love: Just snap in the rear-mounted yellow handle and this ride-on is ready to scoot. The handle lets toddlers steady themselves while they push it along. Press the key and slide the gears for siren sounds and revving engine noises and watch as Mickey’s fire hose lights up and changes patterns. This 6-pound toy is sturdy and durable.

What you should consider: Some wished there was storage under the seat.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Disney ride-on toy for the money

Disney Princess Heart Strong Fly Wheels Junior Cruiser Ride-On

What you need to know: This three-wheeled cruiser lets you ride in style with your favorite Disney princess graphics.

What you’ll love: it’s made for kids under 3 feet tall, with a weight limit of 35 pounds. The low center of gravity makes this a very stable and safe ride for kids from 2 years and up. The extra-wide plastic tires have ridged treads for a more secure grip. This pink and purple trike lets you decorate using the enclosed stickers and decals. Activate the push button for cool sound effects, too.

What you should consider: Some assembly is required.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Kid Trax Toddler Disney Cars Ride-On Electric 4 Wheel Quad ATV

What you need to know: This bright red ride-on quad is a tribute to Lightning McQueen, the famous #95 hot shot race car from the Disney movie “Cars.” 

What you’ll love: The Lightning McQueen toon look is realistic with the Rust-eze logo and flame decals. Push the button on the handlebars and this ride-on cruises at 1.5 miles per hour. The 6-volt battery is rechargeable with the included wall charger. 

What you should consider: It has a weight limit of 44 pounds for a single rider and is suggested for kids from 18 to 30 months. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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