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Toy storage ideas that children will love

What toy storage is best?

Getting your kids to put their toys away isn't always easy and keeping those toys away is often half the battle. If you're tired of tripping over your kid's stuff or looking at the chaos that has engulfed your home, consider catering to your child's interests when it comes to organizing their things. Yes, they have to put their toys away, but that doesn't mean cleaning up can't be fun. There are some pretty clever storage ideas out there that children will enjoy almost as much as the toys themselves. 

Pick a Theme

A toy chest is fine, but a toy chest painted with fun characters or bright colors is more likely to draw attention and interest. Consider creating a theme around the storage units in your child's room. Turn the place into a jungle or a stuffed animal zoo. Make the space a palace or a magical forest. These touches will foster creativity and help kids engage with the space.

Turn putting toys away into a game

When kids have fun they are less likely to give you a hard time about cleaning their room or putting their toys away. These days, storage items can turn organizing into a game. Try a laundry basket designed to look like a basketball hoop so your child can practice throwing two-pointers or get a toy bin designed to look like a train so each doll, action figure or stuffed animal can take the train home when it's time to go to sleep at night.

Serve multiple functions

The best kinds of storage serve multiple functions. For kids, make it interactive. Get a beanbag chair they can sit on that has to be filled with stuffed animals for it to be a chair. Does your child love their doll? Get the doll a miniature closet so your kid can practice putting the doll's clothes on hangers and in drawers. You can also tuck storage away under the bed if you have the space available.

Toy storage under $50

Handy Laundry Jumbo Toy Hammock

This 7.2 by 6-inch mesh hammock allows your child's toys to hang back and relax without taking up space on the floor or in drawers. The elastic makes it stretchy and once hung on the wall, it can hold up to 30 stuffed animals.

Sold by Amazon

Ao blare Basketball Hoop Toy Bucket Laundry Basket

This folding basket has a fun sports theme and a backboard so kids can throw laundry or toys in to practice their basketball skills. The basket is made from polyester and stands at 14 by 19 inches in size.

Sold by Amazon

Yoweenton Unicorn Stuffed Animal Toy Bean Bag Chair Cover

Here is a large light pink velvety unicorn bean bag chair cover, only instead of a chair beneath it, you fill the cover with stuffed animals. Pack those toys up, zip the bag shut and you've got a comfy seat that also functions as a storage container.

Sold by Amazon

Clever Creations Kids Collapsible Storage Organizer Dump Truck

This collapsible organizer is designed to look like a dump truck and even has a compartment on the back that your child can use to dump the toys when they're looking for something. Then, when they're done playing, they can just store all the toys away on the truck.

Sold by Amazon

KidKraft Wooden Lil' Doll Armoire for 18-Inch Doll

Children can put away their doll clothes with this cute 19-inch tall wooden doll armoire. Painted white with pink handles, the armoire includes six hangers on the inside plus shelving space below for doll shoes or accessories.

Sold by Amazon

Homde Toy Train Shape Collapsible Toy Chest

You can use this storage chest as three separate ice cream truck-themed chests or one long train, making toy storage fun and playful for everyone. The unit as a whole is eco-friendly and collapsible.

Sold by Amazon

Toy storage $51-$100

Amazon Basics Kids Bookcase with Reading Nook and Storage Shelves

Provide your child with their own personal reading nook with this angled wood bookcase. It features four shelves for books and toys, plus a cushioned seat for reading and playtime. The bookcase comes available in three colors and assembly is easy.

Sold by Amazon

UTEX Kids Dress up Storage with Mirror

This 45.3-inch tall clothing rack comes in pink or white and is perfect for kids who have many play pretend costumes. The rack comes with a bar for hanging costumes, plus a shoe shelf and an oval mirror on the side.

Sold by Amazon

Wildkin Kids Wooden Dollhouse Bookcase

Available in white or grey, this wooden bookcase features cute dollhouse window and door accents with six cubbies for storing away books and toys. There's even a roof on top.

Sold by Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot and Macy's 

GraceAnnehandmade Stuffed Animal Zoo

Available in several sizes and colors, this tall handmade wooden storage container features bungee cord as the "bars" to give your child easy access to the animals in their "zoo". You can customize the unit with your child's name at the top so that everyone knows who is in charge of the toy zoo.

Sold by Etsy

Toy storage over $101

Fantasy Fields Magic Garden Kids Wooden Bookshelf with Storage Drawers

This beautifully detailed enchanted forest-themed wooden bookshelf has colorful flowers, dragonfly and bee designs all over. It stands 38 inches tall and features three spacious shelves as well as two drawers.

Sold by Amazon

KIDZILLA Kids Children Activity Table

This little table and two chair set serves double duty as a play space and a storage space. Kids can play with little toys or work on art projects seated at the table, then put everything away in the detachable storage bins that come included. Some is assembly required.

Sold by Amazon

Fantasy Fields Enchanted Woodland Toy Chest

This wooden toy chest is beautifully hand-painted with a nature scene featuring a deer, raccoon, skunk, fox and a pair of owls out in the wild. The chest is 30.5 by 20.5 inches in size and includes a safety hinge beneath the lid to protect your child's fingers.

Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

KidKraft Little Dreamer Deluxe Reading Nook

Your child can sit under the stars with this reading nook as there is a star and moon canopy above the cozy reading seat. There's also some shelving and two storage bins to help your kid stay organized while they hang out in their own little space.

Sold by Amazon and Kohls


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