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Best wooden toboggan

Which wooden toboggan is best?

One of the most popular winter activities is sledding, and a long-time trusted sled style known for its speed and durability is the wooden toboggan. This classic sled lets users quickly gain speed when sledding without compromising stability and portability. When purchasing a wooden toboggan, don’t overlook the longtime favorite, the Flexible Flyer Metal Runner Sled. 

What to know before you buy a wooden toboggan


Brands will offer toboggans in different sizes. Smaller sleds have a lower weight limit and are for one person to ride. Smaller sleds may also be specifically for children depending on their safety features. If made with quality material, a larger wooden toboggan will be able to hold more weight and be used by multiple people at a time. 

Weight limit

If you plan to allow the sled to be used by multiple people, make sure that the combined weight of everyone who plans to ride is within the weight limit, which you can find in the description on the retailer’s website. Exceeding the weight limit could cause an imbalance in the sled and a great reduction of speed, and also limit the sled’s lifespan.  


The most popular woods used in sleds are ash, birch and oak. Steel and other types of metal are used along with the wood for steering devices and for metal runners that provide speed and hold the pieces of the sled securely together. 

A good toboggan also features a rope that lets those on the sled be pulled quickly and efficiently. It’s especially handy when using the sled with young children. 

How much you can expect to spend on a wooden toboggan 

The best wooden toboggans are priced anywhere from $100-$300 depending on the material used, the brand and the style of the sled. 

Wooden toboggan FAQ

What is the best way to stop a wooden toboggan when sledding? 

A. Put your feet on the ground firmly. If that doesn’t work, try pulling up the front part of the sled, which can be easily done if the sled features a rope. 

Are wooden toboggans a better choice than plastic sleds? 

A. Yes. Wooden toboggans are typically made with more durable material that doesn’t give as quickly as plastic. Plastic sleds are less stable as they do not feature steel to create a smooth glide on the snow, and it’s less likely that a plastic sled features a maneuverability handle for greater control. 

What are the best wooden toboggans to buy?

Flexible Flyer Metal Runner Sled 

This sled can be used by children and adults alike and features a steering bar for the greatest control when maneuvering. The sled can hold a substantial amount of weight and is easily transportable. This sled is made with durable materials and the coated steel at the base allows for speedy sledding. It comes in small and large sizes.

Sold by Amazon

Flexible Flyer Classic Wooden Toboggan

This toboggan is made with high-quality wood and sturdy screws. It comes with a pull rope and there is no further assembly required. The sled can fit multiple riders at one time and is lightweight for easy transport. It features notches in the wood for foot placement and is best used on slick hills for a fast run.

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Nightcore Wooden Steel Runner Sled

This toboggan features a steering bar for greater control and maneuverability. It is made with high quality, sturdy materials to keep users safe when sledding. It can hold up to 330 pounds and is easily transported and stored.

Sold by Amazon

Vispronet Childrens Wooden Sled 

This sled is coated with waterproof materials for long-lasting use. It is easy to store and features a unique curved-handle design you can hold when sledding. It is durable and is made with environmentally conscious materials. The sled folds up to compactly fit in most places when transporting.

Sold by Amazon

Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled

Tow babies and toddlers through the snow in classic style with this sled made from Northern hard rock maple. It comes fully assembled, including the tow rope, and there’s an optional cushion to keep cold air from circulating around your child.

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