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Unique games to play at your tailgate

Fun and unique games for tailgating

Are you looking to add some friendly competition to your tailgate this year? A new tailgate game is the way to go. Cornhole is always a popular option, but if you want something a little more unique, there are plenty of lesser-known games from which to choose. Games including bocce, lawn darts and Spikeball are enjoyable and allow for individuals or teams to compete.

When choosing which games to play, consider the age and number of participants. For tailgates with younger children, select simple games. Easy-to-handle equipment ensures the game is fun for everyone. Determine how many players each game needs; selecting a game in which different numbers of players can take part works best. If you'd like more tips on choosing a game for your group, check out the BestReviews guide on the yard games.

Best unique tailgate games

Bocce ball

Bocce is one of the oldest known games. It dates back to the days of ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire. Today, the game is popular across the globe. It goes by several names, including the English name of lawn bowling. To play, you need between two and eight players split into two teams. The game begins with a player throwing the jack, or pallino, a small white ball, onto the court. Teams compete to see who can land their balls closest to the pallino.

GoSports Regulation Bocce Set

This bocce set is regulation-size and has all the equipment you need to play. It includes a carrying case, eight balls, a pallino and a measuring string. The balls come in the traditional colors of red and green. Crafted from high-quality materials, the balls will last a long time.

Sold by Amazon


Spikeball is an active game that combines elements of volleyball and foursquare. To play the game, you need two teams, a single ball and a net. The teams take turns serving by bouncing the ball off the net. The opposite team has three touches to get the ball to bounce off the net again. Teams score points when the opposite team fails to return the ball to the net within the allowed number of touches.

Spikeball Game Set 

Designed to be portable, this Spikeball game set has foldable legs so all parts fit nicely in a drawstring bag. The net is easy to set up and you can play on almost any flat surface. The game set includes a ball, net, instructions and carrying bag.

Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods


The game of kubb, thought to go back almost 1,000 years, became popular in the 1980s. You can play with between two and 10 players, although two teams of three is recommended. You play by throwing sticks at wooden blocks to knock them over. This game requires both throwing skills and strategy. You win the game by knocking over all the opposing team’s kubbs (the wooden blocks) and the final king kubb in the center of the playing field.

Maggift Kubb Game Set

With pieces crafted of rubber and wood, you can use this kubb set indoors and outdoors. It comes in a convenient carrying bag that makes it easy to travel or store. The set includes one king kubb, 10 kubb blocks, six throwing dowels, four corner pegs, a carry bag and instructions.

Sold by Amazon

Ladder toss

Ladder toss is a game thought to have originated on campgrounds, although there are more colorful rumors of it starting with cowboys using live snakes and fence posts. You play by tossing bolas (two balls attached by a string) at a three-rung ladder. Each rung of the ladder is worth a different value, but there are several additional scoring options to make the game more interesting.

Amazon Basics Ladder Toss Outdoor Lawn Game Set

This ladder toss game set comes with two ladders, three red bolas, three blue bolas and a carrying case. Made from PVC piping, the ladders are lightweight and come apart to easily fit inside the storage bag. The ladders stand 48 inches tall.  

Sold by Amazon


If you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck out of your gaming equipment, a set of dice is simple, fun and versatile. There are many games kids can participate in like sevens, farkle or pig. You can also play games such as craps or Klondike if you want to bet on the last drink in the cooler at your tailgate.

ApudArmis Giant Wooden Yard Dice Game

The game set includes six oversized dice, one dry-erase scoreboard, a marker and carrying bag. Crafted from solid New Zealand pine, these dice are chip-resistant and durable. With rounded corners to make them easily rollable, the dice are safe for children. The waterproof bag is convenient for storage and travel.

Sold by Amazon

Lawn darts

Reimagined from the game banned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the 1980s, the lawn darts of today are fun and safe. Most darts are made of hard or inflatable plastic and have rounded ends for safety purposes. You play the game much like traditional darts: players take turns throwing their darts at a target spread out on the ground. If you want something with simpler scoring, you can purchase a version of the game that comes with rings for targets.

Funsparks Lawn Darts Game Set

This lawn dart set glows in the dark. To charge them for your next tailgate, use a headlight or flashlight. The set comes with two blue darts, two red darts, two target rings, a carrying bag and instructions. It’s best played on a soft surface like sand or grass, as the darts tend to bounce on a hard surface.

Sold by Wayfair

Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga is exactly like regular Jenga, except bigger. Participants take turns pulling single blocks out of a stack and moving them to the top. The player who causes the stack to collapse loses. The trick is to strategically select blocks that won’t undermine the tower’s balance. Playing Jenga with larger blocks creates even more excitement when the tower falls.

Jenga Giant JS6

This Jenga set starts at 22 inches and stacks to over 4 feet tall. The blocks are made from premium hardwood and come in a large carrying bag. This set can accommodate anywhere from one to many players, and it’s recommended for ages 8 and older.

Sold by Amazon


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