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Best climbing domes for kids

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How to choose the best climbing dome for kids

If you're looking for some new play equipment for the backyard, climbing domes are a fun and unique way for kids to get some outdoor exercise. They allow kids to be creative and bring the feel of a playground to your backyard. They can be left up year-long or disassembled and stored away for the winter months, making them more versatile than a swing set or pool

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Figuring out weight and height

You may look at domes based on a child's age, but it's also important to consider weight and height. Ensuring you choose a dome that can safely fit your needs and determine how many kids will be using the equipment at a given time. Multiply that by their average weight and check this total figure against the weight capacity for the set. This ensures that you're purchasing a dome that won't collapse after a few uses. 

Kids climbing domes

Here, we’ve broken down some top-rated domes based on how much they can hold. 

Maximum total weight capacity: 1,000-plus pounds

Easy Outdoor Space Dome Climber

Max capacity: 1,000 pounds

This dome is rust and UV-resistant steel and stands 46 inches tall with a durable design. You can set it up anywhere in the yard, but it may take two adults to assemble.

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Maximum total weight capacity: 500 to 1,000 pounds

Zupapa Upgraded Dome Climber

Max capacity: 735 pounds

This set stands at 120 inches tall and comes in three different color designs. The tubes are made from sturdy powder-coated steel and are rust-resistant. You can move it around even after set up, and the instructions are relatively easy to follow.

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Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center

Max capacity: 600 pounds

This dome stands 60 inches tall with solid, powder-coated steel tubing and is available in four different color schemes. The unit is UV resistant, but some users have reported rust after long periods of exposure outside.

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Maximum total weight capacity: less than 500 pounds

TP Toys Explorer 2 Climbing Set Jungle Gym with Platform and Tent

Max capacity: 220 pounds

This isn't quite a dome, but it's still worth a look. The entire unit stands at 82.5 inches tall, making it one of the taller sets on the list. The set comes with a tent at the top for keeping out of the sun, and users praise the item for being great for smaller spaces. It has a galvanized steel frame and a vinyl mess platform with a polyester canopy over it.

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Lil' Monkey Hexagon Dome Climber

Max capacity: 177 pounds

This is a lightweight dome that you can move around the yard easily. It is made from UV-resistant polypropylene and stands 46.5 inches tall. However, replacing broken parts can be a hassle.

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Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower

Max capacity: 150 pounds

Designed for younger users, this set stands at 65.53 inches tall and is high-quality plastic that is lightweight and UV-protected. The size and construction materials make it great for indoor or outdoor use.

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Climbing dome accessories

Like all equipment designed for children, climbing domes benefit from the addition of fun and practical accessories. If you're worried about keeping your dome stable and don't intend to move it around too much, you can get an anchor kit for peace of mind. If you want a proper base, you can purchase those as wells.

XDP Recreation Ground Anchor Kit

This kit includes four 10-inch auger anchors and the hardware required to keep it in place. Note that any wrench or screwdriver you may need for assembly is not included.

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IncStores 2.5 Inch Thick Jamboree Playground Surface Outdoor Tile Flooring

These rubber tiles offer proper traction and drainage. However, if you want to cover a sizeable area, it can be expensive.

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Complementary play equipment

Kids Teeter Totter Outdoor Seesaw

If you want to set up more things to do in the backyard or simply need a diversion to help kids take turns on the dome, there are other stand-alone sets as well. Try getting a teeter totter, slide, swingset, saucer swings or even a playhouse to turn the backyard into your private playground.

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Climbing domes for kids FAQ

How much do climbing domes cost?

A. Prices vary, with the cheapest ones we've listed here come in at around $150, and the most expensive goes up to $280. 

What are climbing domes made out of? 

A. Most dome tubes are constructed out of steel or plastic. Remember, steel is strong but will also get hotter in the summer. 

Is assembly required?

A. Yes. Usually, these domes require setup. Set aside time to put it together and make sure you do it correctly for optimal safety.

Where should I put the dome?

A. Climbing domes stand on the ground, which means the foundation you set it up on will impact all the angles. If you put the whole thing together on a sloped section of the yard, the dome will be slanted accordingly. If you can't find a level place to put the dome, consider digging up some of the ground around one side to even out the poles.

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