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Best paddleball set 2021

Paddleball sets for any occasion

Paddleball is a simple sport that can be played at the beach, in your backyard, at the park or anywhere else with a reasonable amount of open space. It is easy to learn, requires minimal equipment and can be fun for players of all ages. Like pickleball, a sport that requires a net and court, and badminton which uses a shuttlecock and specific racquet, paddleball instead uses a small rubber ball and wooden paddles. 

Whether you’re an avid player or someone looking to purchase their first paddleball set, we’ll share some of our favorite picks so you can get a game started in no time. 

How to play paddleball 

The main objective in a paddleball game is to see how many times you and your team or partner can volley without having the paddleball touch the ground. There are several in-game variations that you can adopt to make the game more competitive for groups or more exciting for advanced players, such as adding extra bounces, performing trick shots or switching paddles. 

What to look for in a paddleball set

Size and weight usually don’t differ too much from set to set, though younger players can sometimes benefit from smaller lightweight paddles. 

Another vital aspect to consider is the type of grip used on the handle. You can find paddles that utilize double-sided rubber grips, wraparound grip tape or even foam-covered handles. The kind of grip you choose will determine how the paddle feels in your hand and how easy it is to hold. 

Paddle material also varies from set to set. High-end sets will usually be made from solid wood, while others can be plywood, plastic or neoprene. 

Best paddleball sets

Jazzminton Paddleball Game

The foam-covered handles offer a comfortable grip for players of all ages. This water-resistant set also comes with shuttlecocks and a rubber ball, making it ideal for beginners and safe to play indoors or outdoors.

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Nisha Paddleball Game

First-timers and seasoned pros alike will enjoy this premium paddleball set. The non-slip grip is designed for players four years and older, and the lifetime warranty makes this purchase risk-free.

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Pro Kadima Beach Paddles

Choose from the standout American flag design or solid color options to add a fun element to your game. Pro Kadima paddles have been a fan favorite for many years.

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Matty's Toy Stop Deluxe Wooden Paddleball Game Set

The Matty’s Toy Stop paddleball set comes with three rubber balls, so the game doesn't have to end if you accidentally lose one. Afterward, you can store the paddles and balls in a convenient mesh storage pouch.

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Pro Impact Beach Paddleball Set

Even though they have a colorful beach scene painted on the front side of the paddle, this set can be played anywhere. Built from durable wooden material, these paddles won’t fall apart or damage easily.

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Sun Bum Beach Paddleball Set

You may be familiar with Sun Bum’s brand from their popular sunscreen and hair care products, but their paddleball set is great for an afternoon at the beach or picnic in the park. The actual wood paddles are high quality and come delivered in a handy mesh carrying bag.

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Sunlite Sports Beach Paddle Game Set

Designed specifically for use in the pool or at the beach, the neoprene covering allows for sturdy and long-lasting entertainment. Available in four bright color options, you can choose the set that best suits your style.

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Matty's Toy Stop Waterproof Plastic Paddleball Game

Another paddleball set made for wet conditions, these plastic paddles won’t get waterlogged or degrade over time. Adults and kids age three and up will enjoy a friendly game with this set.

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Pro Kadima Paddle Set Plus Replacement Balls

A bundle option that comes with an extra set of three balls, these paddles from Pro Kadima will impress amateur and veteran players.

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VIAHART Surfminton Classic Beach Tennis Paddle Game Set

The plywood paddles are durable enough to withstand multiple summers at the beach. The balls included in this set are made from different materials, PVC and TPR, creating varied playing conditions that will appeal to players looking for a challenge.

Sold by Amazon

Frescobol Florida Set

The handles of these lightweight paddles are wrapped in soft-grip tape for extra comfort when attempting tricky volleys. Stored in a drawstring tote bag, you can throw this set over your shoulder for easy transportation.

Sold by Amazon

Frescobol Beach Paddleball

Intended for serious paddleball enthusiasts, this set is the most expensive on our list but features two paddles crafted from high-performance American walnut wood. The padded grip is layered to provide airflow and keep your hands cool during a competitive match.

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