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Best Lego Vidiyo set

Which Lego Vidiyo sets are best?

Lego Vidiyo sets are a relatively new line of Lego products that combine the classic building system with a specially designed AR mobile application. The toys allow users to create music videos and other digital entertainment that can be shared on a kid-friendly online platform for Lego fans.

If you are looking for the best Vidiyo set for a collector, the LEGO Vidiyo Boombox set is the top choice. It is a large stage for music lovers to create their own music videos using the companion application.

What to know before you buy Lego Vidiyo sets

What kinds of Lego sets do you like?

There are so many different kinds of Lego sets for experienced master builders and newcomers alike. The Vidiyo line is a less traditional type of Lego sets, but each one includes unique

minifigure parts and other components you would not find in the average Lego collection. Consider a Vidiyo set if you want to expand your Lego collection or experiment with an unusual Lego product that combines AR tech on your mobile device with the classic physical bricks. 

How invested are you in the Vidiyo application?

If you are just curious about getting started with Vidiyo and playing with the sets and the companion application, you could just get one of the smaller sets called “BeatBoxes” that come with all the components you need to get started. If you or the recipient of a gift would spend a lot of time with the application and sets, you may consider one of the larger Lego Vidiyo “Stages” intended for fans of the series to create digitally-enhanced backdrops for their videos.

Are you looking for unusual minifigure parts?

If you are a Lego minifigure collector or customizer, you will notice right away that many of the Vidiyo sets feature particularly unusual minifigure parts and accessories. Consider checking out the entire line and all the minifigures available before you buy anything. There are also the Bandmates mystery packs that include a random figure, accessories and Beatbits from a set of colorful characters.

What to look for in quality Lego Vidiyo sets


If you want a colorful, music-themed stage to play host to colorful, musical Lego minifigures, one of the larger sets could be the right choice. If you just like the unique characters or want to play with the various visual Beatbit effects in the application, smaller Vidiyo sets could be the better option. It depends on what type of set you would personally prefer because all Lego products are of consistently high quality.

Unique parts

Some of the sets have more unusual components or fun colors that Lego sets do not regularly feature. Look for the sets with minifigures that have unique accessories or specially molded heads, legs and other parts that have not been produced in the same colors before in other Lego products. Especially if you are looking for a gift, you can be confident that the unusual and fun parts in Vidiyo sets would be a new addition to even a large Lego collection.

AR functionality

All of the Vidiyo sets include assorted Beatbits and parts that open up more functions for the companion application. If you already use the app, you probably have a better idea of the Beatbits and additional functions you would want out of a Lego Vidiyo set.

How much you can expect to spend on Lego Vidiyo sets

The bandmate mystery packs and BeatBox sets can be found for less than $20. Larger Vidiyo stage sets cost $30-$100, depending on the size of the set.

Lego Vidiyo sets FAQ

What are Vidiyo Beatbits?

A. Each Vidiyo set comes with an assortment of little collectible 2-inch by 2-inch tiles featuring detailed printing. The little images on the pieces are scanned by the mobile application to access special effects for use within the app. There are about 100 out there to collect. Each tile’s image is not only for scanning into the app, they also resemble little album covers and can easily fit into a minifigure-scale build, if you wanted to add some unique and colorful Lego tiles to a larger setup.

Is the Vidiyo app safe for kids?

A. Yes, Lego’s application and music video sharing platform is completely separate from other online social platforms. It is specifically designed to be safe for its users and allows parental controls to be implemented. The app is also frequently updated to prevent the Vidiyo set and content from getting stale or boring for younger users. If you want to check out the app before you buy, you can download it for free and use it without actually owning any of the Vidiyo sets.

What are the best Lego Vidiyo sets to buy?

Top Lego Vidiyo set

LEGO Vidiyo Boombox set

What you need to know: This large Lego Vidiyo Stage set transforms between a stylized boombox build and an open musical stage for minifigures to perform.

What you’ll love: It includes four detailed minifigures, various musical accessories, four unique Beatbits and 14 other random assorted Beatbits. The physical set is scanned by the Vidiyo application to create a digitally enhanced background for users to create music videos.

What you should consider: This is the most expensive Vidiyo set available and probably not the best option for a newcomer to the line of sets.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Lego Vidiyo set for money

Lego Vidiyo Alien DJ BeatBox

What you need to know: This affordable little set includes everything someone needs to get started playing with the Vidiyo AR features and make their own music videos.

What you’ll love: It includes 16 assorted Beatbit tiles, a little storage display case and the detailed minifigure. It features highly detailed body printing in multiple colors, even on the legs and arms.

What you should consider: It is not the best set for display or playing outside of the app interface, since it is basically a single box with space to store a single minifigure.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Lego Vidiyo Punk Pirate Ship

What you need to know: This Vidiyo stage set includes a punk music-themed pirate ship stage multiple unusual minifigures and tons of accessories.

What you’ll love: It includes two minifigures inspired by fantasy sea creatures and one mermaid. Accessories included feature drum sticks, an anchor-shaped guitar, a violin and pirate treasures. The stylized pirate ship build is very colorful and has spots to pose minifigures for display.

What you should consider: The set’s minifigures are detailed but have very specific printing and designs, so it may not be the best option for collectors who like to customize minifigs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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