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Your perfect holiday flower centerpiece comes from … Lego?


Lego’s Dried Flower arrangement makes the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece

Many of us think of Lego sets as toys — great gifts for kids, but something you age out of. But if that's how you feel, you haven't been to a Lego Store lately. Lego sets get huge and complex — so big, in fact, that they're perfectly suited for adult builders. 

And some designs are even elevated enough to be geared toward grownups instead of kids. That's the case with pretty much every set from the Lego Icons line, but especially the Dried Flower Centerpiece, which would look amazing on your Thanksgiving table this year.

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Lego's Dried Flower Centerpiece is home décor that requires zero maintenance

LEGO Icon Dried Flower Centerpiece

LEGO Icons Dried Flower Centerpiece

The artificial flowers in this centerpiece are inspired by earthy fall colors: reds and oranges, mustard yellows and olive greens. The set contains 812 pieces and can be split into two so two builders can work on it simultaneously. That means it's the perfect project to share if you're a grownup looking to dip your toe back into Legos with a younger builder to help guide you. Once the set is complete, it can be displayed on a table, hung on a wall or combined with one or more of the same set to create a larger flower display.

More Lego flowers for every season

LEGO Icons Wildflower Bouquet

The Icons Wildflower Bouquet features 15 individual stems that you can build one at a time. Each one is a different flower or leaf variety: roses, snapdragons, poppies, asters, daisies and grasses that come together to form a complete arrangement. The flowers have posable petals and leaves, so you can display them exactly how you want.

LEGO Icons Succulents

This 771-piece set comes together into nine different succulent plants, each in its own potting container. The Lego plants are inspired by real succulents, so they look real — adding some low-maintenance, desert-inspired décor to your space. Once built, they can be displayed together, in small groups or individually to create the look you want.

LEGO Icons Orchid

This blooming orchid combines pink and white flowers and a fluted blue vase. The vase is filled with a Lego version of the bark mix used to pot a real orchid. You can rotate the stems, blooms, roots and leaves of the finished orchid to get a beautiful look to display.

LEGO Icons Botanical Collection Bird of Paradise

This is one of the most unique Lego Icons sets — the stamens in the center of each Bird of Paradise bloom are made of tiny purple Lego swords! This extremely realistic set pays tribute to one of the most stunning (and popular) houseplants you can get, creating an instant conversation piece for your home.

LEGO Icons Bonsai Tree

Bonsai has been a practiced art form for centuries. Now, you can practice a Lego version. Just like a real Bonsai, you can shape your tree how you want it. Then, customize it even further by choosing either green leaves or pink cherry blossom blooms.

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