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Amazon launches big deals on toys ahead of the holiday season


Fun has no age limit

Everyone loves a new toy or game, no matter their age. Sure, more focus is given to kids since many toys are designed to be enjoyed by those under certain age thresholds. But that doesn’t mean an adult can’t enjoy some creative magnet toys, or that a younger kid can’t play with a small toy drone.

No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, you should be able to find plenty of excellent options on Amazon, especially since it's currently offering major discounts on some of the best toys and games.

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What to know about shopping Amazon deals

Shopping Amazon deal events isn’t as simple as walking around a brick-and-mortar shop. To help you navigate this one, here are some helpful tips.

Amazon account requirements

To take advantage of any discount you find on Amazon, you need an Amazon account. These are completely free and necessary to store the payment and location information Amazon needs to complete your orders. All you need to sign up is an email address.

Once you’re signed up, you can take advantage of most deals without issue. For some of the best, though, you need an Amazon Prime account. This is Amazon’s paid membership, and besides access to said deals, you get free shipping on most items, access to various entertainment services, such as Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music, and some other smaller bonuses.

Amazon Prime costs $14.99 a month, or $139 annually (which equates to $11.58 a month). Some people, such as students and those under certain government assistance programs, can sign up at cheaper rates. 

If you’re unsure you want Amazon Prime, you can take advantage of a 30-day free trial as long as you haven’t previously been an Amazon Prime member in the last year.

Deal types 

Amazon breaks down its deals into different types. Knowing the differences makes it much easier to shop for what you want. Here are the main four:

  • Standard deals are most deals you find on Amazon and anyone can take advantage of them.
  • Featured deals are selected by Amazon and usually placed on a key portion of the deals page. They aren’t more special than other types of deals, they’ve just been made easier to see for reasons known only to Amazon.
  • Lightning deals are limited-time-only offers. Most of them last for a few hours at most. They are also always limited, meaning if enough people take advantage of the deal before time expires, the deal ends early.
  • Upcoming deals are where you can plan ahead. These are clearly marked with start times and they have a button labeled “watch this deal” so you can easily track and be reminded of your interest when the deal begins. However, many of these are restricted to Amazon Prime members.

Filtering and sorting tips

Amazon doesn’t make it easy to whittle down the deals page. It wants to show you things you may not have thought of buying before and convince you to buy them with steep discounts, right alongside the deals you were trying to find in the first place. Here are some tips to fight back:

  • Filter deal types: This filter is best for those hoping to get ideas of what to buy, rather than those who already know what they’re looking for.
  • Filter by price: If you’re on a budget, use this filter to eliminate the temptation to go beyond what you’ve set.
  • Filter by discount: If you’re trying to find the biggest discounts, or looking for big-ticket items that usually have minimal discounts, use this filter.
  • Filter by reviews: Always set this filter to at least three stars and up. This will eliminate low-quality items and barely bought items, both things you always want to avoid.

Once you’ve used all the above filters you wish, you can sort your results in five ways:

  • Featured: This will show you items in the order Amazon has already decided, which is good if you’re just browsing for ideas.
  • Price: This can be set to show the highest or lowest price first. Use it to find things in your budget range.
  • Discount: This can also be set to show the highest or lowest discount first. Use it if you’re trying to find the biggest steals.

Best Amazon toy and game deal under $10


FauKait Squishy Toys Five-Pack

Everyone is in need of some de-stressing at some point. This multi-pack of squishy toys is perfect for filling up multiple stockings. It’s on sale for $6.99.

Best Amazon toy and game deal under $25

Mozaci Fidget Toys 75-Pack

If you know someone who always needs something to fidget with but always loses that something, this is the perfect gift. It’s on sale for $11.39.

Best Amazon toy and game deals under $50

JakMean Electric Gel Ball Blaster Gun

This kit fires off little gel balls instead of the darts you find with Nerf guns. It comes with 120,000 of those balls, too. It’s on sale for $26.99.

Cercoveu Kids Tent

Sometimes, giving a child a new place to play is just as exciting as giving them a new toy. It’s on sale for $43.19.

Best Amazon toy and game deals under $100

VEVOR Direct Drive Rock Tumbler Kit

This kit is a hands-on way of introducing someone to a new hobby or an education and career path. It’s on sale for $59.39.

LEGO Star Wars Dagobah Jedi Training Diorama

LEGO sets are perfect for anyone who loves to work with their hands, plus this one is great for Original Trilogy Star Wars fans. It’s on sale for $57.59.

Best Amazon toy and game deal under $200


Playmobil Dino Mine

This playset is perfect for younger kids who aren’t quite old enough for smaller, more intricate LEGO blocks. It’s on sale for $149.54.

Best Amazon toy and game deals over $200

Trendbox Super Large Soft Foam Ball Pit

Many children love the ball pit, but public ones are gross. Let your kid play safely and cleanly at home. It’s on sale for $311.99.

Holy Stone HS720R Drone

This advanced drone is great for budding filmmakers since it can record video right to your phone. It’s on sale for $244.99.

Amazon toy and game deals worth checking out

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