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20 best easy Halloween costumes

Which easy Halloween costumes are best?

Many people love Halloween because they can go all out on a costume design they've been planning and preparing for since last year's Halloween. Others dread the costume-required parties and look for the simplest, cheapest way to technically meet the requirement. To the joy of said people, there are plenty of easy Halloween costumes available, from masks and strap-on accessories to T-shirts, overalls and job-related jackets. Many are also perfect for wearing year after year, especially when they're easy to wash.

What to know before you buy an easy Halloween costume


Many costumes are designed for specific body types, such as male or female, while others are more general, like adult and child. However, that doesn't mean body types that don't match can't wear such a costume. In these cases, use the sizing chart to pick an appropriate size. If there's no chart, search for an appropriate size conversion chart for your size or body type, and compare it to the size specified by the costume.


The best easy costumes shouldn't cost more than $30-$50, and some options are only $10-$15. If you want an easy costume that's built to last, you may need to spend up to $100.

What are the best easy Halloween costumes to buy?

Amscan Ghost Poncho Costume

This take on the classic "ghost made of a sheet" costume is the epitome of easy, but the ghostly face and the hood step it up just enough to not be lazy.

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Ann Arbor T-Shirt Co. Jack O' Lantern Halloween Costume

This T-shirt is a great way to get into the spirit of Halloween with as little effort as possible. It comes with or without a green beret and in six sizes.

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Disguise Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Costume Kit

This costume set lets you transform any of your clothes into Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head costumes. It includes three clothing-safe stickers and a hat for each character.

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Disney Buzz Lightyear Costume Kit

This adult-sized costume kit includes a purple hood, gloves and an inflatable jet pack. It can be worn alone or paired with other "Toy Story" costumes.

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Frawirshau Corset Dress Halloween Costume

This corset dress can be worn all on its own or paired with an endless array of other clothing or accessories to make a simple but effective costume. It comes in 29 designs.

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Fun World Pumpkin Poncho

This basic poncho is a good choice for handing out candy at home or celebrating at a relaxed event, such as a family or office party. Try pairing it with a green beret.

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Gejoy Shark Fin Costume Accessory

This includes two identical felt shark fins that strap on like a backpack. Keep one as a backup, or wear them like a couple's costume. Or, more terrifyingly, have your children wear it to elicit memories of "Baby Shark." 

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Hauntlook Sweet Tooth Halloween Costume

This poncho costume slips on and off with ease and is simple to hand-wash if it gets dirty. Wear it to your next dentist's Halloween office party.

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Joliyoou Inflatable Halloween Costume

This costume comes in upside-down clown and spaceman designs and includes an air pump to inflate it. The clown costume has drawstring-sealing arm holes, though you can also keep your arms inside.

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Jollylife Bloody Butcher Halloween Costume

This costume set includes a bloodied apron and chef's hat, a fake cleaver and 10 sheets of tattoo stickers to complete the scary look. It is one-size-fits-all and works for any body type.

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Msdada LED Halloween Mask and Gloves

This light-up mask and gloves set is perfect for going to Halloween events at your nearest club. The gloves have six light modes and five colors, and the mask comes in 24 designs.

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Kiddokids Butterfly Wings Halloween Costume

This costume set includes large butterfly wings that hold to the neck with a choker and attach to the hand with rings, so every motion causes a flutter. It also includes a lace mask and an antenna headband.

Sold by Amazon

Rubie's Batman Costume

Batman costumes can be complex enough to rival the ones used in the films, but that's usually reserved for conventions rather than Halloween parties. This T-shirt with an attached cape and a mask is more comfortable for your upcoming event.

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Rubie's Supergirl Costume

Like the Batman costume, this is a simple T-shirt with a cape, though there's no mask because Supergirl doesn't need one. The cape, however, is detachable. It comes in four sizes.

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Rubie's Taco Costume

This Taco costume is easy but not plain, as it uses different materials for each "ingredient." It pulls on and off smoothly and can be worn with any of your clothes.

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Sawaruita Children's Wizard or Witch Halloween Costume

This low-effort wizard's cape or witch’s cloak is good for kids who just want to collect their candy, especially because it includes a pumpkin candy bag. It comes in five colors and is machine-washable.

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Spooktacular Creations Peanut Butter and Jelly Couple Costume

This couple's costume is great for casually handing out candy or attending relaxed events. The bread is made of foam, and it includes peanut butter and jelly jar plushes. It comes in two sizes.

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Tipsy Elves Halloween Pinata Costume

This onesie is an excellent costume for Halloween events that are more fun than spooky, and it's especially good for events in cold climates. The zipper can completely seal the hood, and it has zipper-sealing pockets.

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Uratot Costume Set

This costume set includes a red and white striped shirt, a set of red and white striped knee-high socks, a red and white beanie and large black glasses without lenses to complete a "Where's Waldo" look. It comes in five sizes.

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Willbond Hippie Costume

This costume set includes a tasseled vest, rhinestone headband, peace sign earrings and large, sepia-tinted sunglasses. It's perfect not just for Halloween but also for music festivals. It comes in seven sizes.

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