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Best Wandavision Funko Pop

Which Wandavision Funko Pop is best?

Marvel's television show WandaVision gained millions of fans in 2021. Premiering on the Disney+ streaming service, the show follows superhero couple Wanda Maximoff and Vision. Living life in the middle of various sitcoms that span decades, viewers quickly realize that something isn't quite right with Wanda and Vision's surroundings.

Fans will agree that Marvel's WandaVision Scarlet Witch Flying Funko Pop is the best Funko Pop toy from the show. Depicting Wanda's powerful transformation into the Scarlet Witch, the figurine displays this character's villainous side.

What to know before you buy a WandaVision Funko Pop

Favorite characters and scenes

As with all other Marvel shows and movies, there is an impressive line of WandaVision Funko Pop toys. Knowing which characters and scenes you most want to be represented in your new collection is essential in feeling pleased with your purchase.

What's unique about this line of Funko Pop toys is that it takes fans on a journey through the progression of the show. Scenes and costumes from various points in the series were carefully selected. This makes it easy for collectors to not only find their favorite characters and scenes but also to tell a story when displaying their figurines.

Other Marvel characters

The Marvel Universe is a vast collection of worlds and characters. Rarely is an individual a fan of just one Marvel show or movie. If you're not an exception, consider adding other characters from the Marvel Universe to your new WandaVision collection. Combining the WandaVision figurines with characters such as Loki, Thor and Doctor Strange can bolster existing Funko Pop Marvel toy collections. Get creative with your arrangement and make it your own.


Whether you're an avid Funko Pop collector or brand new to the scene, storage is the biggest consideration to make when buying new figurines. There are large Funko Pop toys that can take up a decent amount of space. So, before making your purchases, decide how you'll store your WandaVision Funko Pop toys. If needed, buy all case protectors and display cases in advance. Doing this will help you get your new collection set up quickly.

What to look for in a quality WandaVision Funko Pop


Common to all Funko Pop toys is an exceptional likeness to their on-screen or real-life inspirations. This is no exception with the WandaVision figurines. All of the characters are depicted in an accurate and detailed manner. Just by taking one look at the Funko Pop Figurines you will realize that each costume and accessory was painstakingly designed.

Lead and supporting characters

Funko Pop excels in creating figurines that represent both lead and supporting characters. Within the WandaVision series, fans can purchase Funko Pop toys of Wanda and Vision, available in multiple outfits, Pietro Maximoff and Agatha Harkness.

Different looks from the entire show 

Rather than focus on main outfits and iconic scenes, the manufacturer explored looks from the series premiere through the finale. Collectors can add 1950s Wanda and Vision from the first episode to their collection. From there, 1970s Wanda, Halloween Vision, Pietro and the Scarlet Witch tell the story in chronological order. This balanced spread of costumes and scenes is yet another bonus of the WandaVision Funko Pop toys.

How much you can expect to spend on a WandaVision Funko Pop

WandaVision Funko Pop toys cost between $10-$32, the price of a regular selfie stick. The vast majority are around the $10-$13 price point.

WandaVision Funko Pop FAQ

Which WandaVision characters should I collect?

A. The answer to this is completely up to your personal preferences. Whether you decide to get only one or collect the entire set, there are no right answers. If you need a bit of inspiration, rewatch the show to help make your decision a bit easier.

How many WandaVision Funko Pop characters are there?

A. Across retailers, there are currently 14 WandaVision Funko Pop toys available.

What are the best WandaVision Funko POPS! to buy?

Top WandaVision Funko Pop

Marvel's WandaVision Scarlet Witch Flying Funko Pop

What you need to know: Showing the Scarlet Witch flying and in full fury, this character provides fantastic detail and character likeness.

What you'll love: Serving as both a superhero and a villain, Wanda Maximoff/the Scarlet Witch reveals herself to be a deeply compassionate yet conflicted character. This Funko Pop toy shows the Scarlet Witch at the pinnacle of her villainous tendencies. Flying in midair and dressed in a hauntingly red costume, this figurine accurately depicts this character's anger and power.

What you should consider: As a top WandaVision character, this figurine is one of the most expensive.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top WandaVision Funko Pop for the money

Funko Pop Marvel: WandaVision - Vision Vinyl Figure

What you need to know: This Funko Pop figurine displays the 1950s version of Vision in the show's premiere episode.

What you'll love: This Vision Funko Pop toy is an affordable and interesting piece to add to any collection. Bringing fans back to the very first episode, this figure depicts Vision in a simpler time — before Wanda's secret is unraveled.

What you should consider: This figurine is one of the least detailed and colorful in the set.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Funko Pop Marvel: WandaVision - Agatha Harkness Vinyl Figure

What you need to know: As an unexpected showstopper, Agatha Harkness reveals herself as an incredibly important and powerful supporting character.

What you'll love: Beginning the series as an unassuming next door neighbor, Agatha Harkness is eventually exposed as one of Wanda/the Scarlet Witch's main enemies. This Funko Pop toy shows Agatha Harkness after she's revealed her powers. Her iridescent teal and purple robe swirls in the winds of her epic showdown with the Scarlet Witch.

What you should consider: The figurine is one of the most costly ones.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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