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Best Funko Pop Marvel toys

Which Funko Pop Marvel figures are the best?

Marvel makes up a large part of the Funko Pop market. Marvel Funko Pop toys include everything from the original comic books to hit movies and TV shows like "Avengers: Endgame" and "WandaVision." Dozens of fans' favorite superheroes and supervillains have been made into Funko Pop figures, which might make it hard to decide where to start. Which ones are as epic as the characters they represent? These are the best Marvel Funko figures on the market. For even more information, see the full Funko Pop toys buying guide at BestReviews.

Best Marvel Funko Pop toys

Funko Pop Avengers: Endgame Iron Man

The most important moment in Marvel Cinematic Universe history inspired this Marvel Funko Pop toy: The figure, rendered in bright colors, perfectly immortalizes the scene where Iron Man sacrifices himself to defeat Thanos. The Iron Man figure displays battle damage and blood that provide extra detail. His arc reactor and the stones on the Infinity Gauntlet also glow in the dark. Between the special effects, additional details and the significance of the moment, this figure is highly collectible.

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Funko Pop Deluxe King Deadpool

Deadpool is the most creative Marvel character, and this extra-large Funko Pop figure reflects that. It's bright, bold and bizarre, with Deadpool sitting on an oversized throne as self-appointed royalty. Metallic paint adds an extra shine to the colors. The throne and the monster surrounding it expand the toy into a full scene rather than the usual standalone figure. The toy also makes an excellent conversation piece.

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Funko Pop X-Men Blacklight Gambit

The best of Funko's Blacklight figures, this toy brings to life one of the most popular X-Men in striking purple, blue and pink that will catch every Funko collector's eye. The blacklight effect works well with Gambit's action pose, where he's throwing a set of energized playing cards. Look closely and you can identify the suits on the playing cards even through the energy field.

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Funko Pop Movie Moments Hulk Smashing Loki

There are very few Funko Pop toys that depict full scenes, and this is one of the rare Marvel ones. Hulk is depicted literally getting the upper hand on popular bad guy Loki. Hulk's anger and Loki's fear come through in the expressive figures. Loki's cape is even shown billowing in an upward curve because he's just been knocked to the ground. The flat base makes the set easy to display on a bookshelf or desk.

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Funko Pop Black and Gold Spider-Man

Spider-Man is completely transformed in this Funko Pop Marvel toy from the film "Spider-Man: No Way Home." The gold webbing on his costume stands out on a shelf, and he's captured in a classic pose, ready to jump into action. The combination means this Spider-Man appears brand new but retains the feel of the classic character.

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Funko Pop X-Men 20th Anniversary Cyclops

Funko issued a series of Funko Pop Marvel figures to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the first "X-Men" film, and Cyclops is the clear leader of the pack. His trademark visor is a prominent feature, and the figure closely resembles actor James Marsden, who portrayed him. The toy also includes the black X-Men suit seen in the movie, which is unique to this collection.

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Funko Pop Falcon and the Winter Soldier Captain America

The new incarnation of Captain America bursts out in patriotic red, white and blue. The Funko Pop includes every detail of his complicated costume, from the definition of his muscles to the tiny rivets on his shield. It also pays tribute to Sam Wilson's previous alter ego The Falcon by including his battle wings and visor, giving collectors essentially two characters in one figure.

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Funko Pop WandaVision Finale Vision

This Funko Pop Marvel toy moves away from Vision's garish green and yellow color scheme: It features a much more striking white, gold and silver version of the character from the "WandaVision" TV series. Not only is the minimalist paint job different than expected, it's also different from most other Funko Pop Marvel figures. The detail on the piece is remarkable, particularly the texture on his costume.

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Funko Pop Captain Marvel Goose the Cat

Goose the Cat may have been a supporting character in Captain Marvel, but his Funko Pop figure is anything but small. Goose will win over any Funko collector with how cute the orange tabby cat is. There's also a variant version that reveals his alien side as he holds the Tesseract. Both of them are adorable and unique, since Marvel pets don't usually get their own Funko Pop toys.

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Funko Pop Avengers: Endgame Hulk with Taco

Most Funko Pop Marvel toys feature the characters in serious moments. This Hulk variant is one of the few funnier collectibles. The figure is an excellent contrast to the usual bigger, angrier Hulk toys. It most closely resembles Mark Ruffalo, since it captures Bruce Banner when he hasn't fully transformed into the Hulk. Fans can even see the filling inside the tacos he's holding.

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Funko Pop Deluxe Thanos

It's not just superheroes who are made into Funko Pop Marvel toys. This 6-inch figure features the galactic supervillain Thanos as he's about to snap half the universe out of existence at the end of "Avengers: Infinity War." His metallic gold and blue costume shine in contrast to the pile of rubble and bones that he's standing on. The dynamic figure boasts a menacing expression to complete the moment.

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Funko Pop Venomized Captain Marvel

Funko has released several Funko Pop Marvel toys that combine two characters into one figure. The best one has Captain Marvel taken over by Spider-Man's nemesis Venom. Venom's ominous face dominates the figure, but his trademark black color has been replaced by Captain Marvel's blue. Fans can still see parts of Captain Marvel's costume underneath that add even more depth to the toy.

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Funko Pop Deluxe What If Captain Carter Riding Hydra Stomper

Peggy Carter makes her long-awaited return to the Funko Pop Marvel universe as the superhero Captain Carter. This figure features Peggy in her Union Jack-inspired costume, getting a ride from Steve Rogers in his Hydra Stomper armor. There's a fun contrast between the military colors and boxy shape of the Hydra Stomper and the bright blues and dynamic lines of Captain Carter. Flames and smoke from the Hydra Stomper's rockets are sculpted at the back.

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Funko Pop Stan Lee (Patina)

Stan Lee will always be the face of Marvel, and is one of the most iconic creators in comic book history. Funko immortalized him in a series of Pop figures, but none is more fitting or better-looking than the patina version, which looks like a mini Stan Lee statue. It's as timeless as any of his characters. Only five Funko Pop Marvel toys were made in the patina style, adding to the figure's collectible value.

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