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He’s Kenough: Mattel launches Ryan Gosling’s ‘Ken’ doll


He’s just Ken … and now he’s a doll

Mattel's "I am Kenough" Ken doll wearing a hoodie

Summer 2023 was the Summer of Barbie. Halloween 2023 was the Halloween of Barbie. Get ready for the upcoming holiday season to be the Holidays of Barbie. Or, should we say, the Holidays of Ken? Because a new Ken doll just dropped, and it's going to be an absolute must-have this holiday season, as we all celebrate knowing that we are Kenough, just as we are.

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The latest doll inspired by 'Barbie the Movie' is Ryan Gosling's Kenough Doll

Mattel's "I am Kenough" Ken doll sweatshirt close-up

Before this summer, Ken was always just Ken. But now we know that he is Kenough, and he has the hoodie to prove it. The latest doll to drop in Mattel's “Barbie the Movie” collection is modeled in Ryan Gosling's likeness (and we'd buy it based on that fact alone), wearing the “I am Kenough” hoodie that Ken wears in the movie after he learns to love himself as a whole person separate from Barbie.

This is your chance to match your doll — because “I am Kenough” sweatshirts are also the must-have accessory this fall. You and your Ken Doll can have matching Kenergy — no Barbie needed.

Ken Doll Wearing “I Am Kenough” Hoodie — Barbie The Movie

This posable Ken Doll comes in his iconic “I am Kenough” hoodie from “Barbie the Movie.” He completes the look with sweatpants and boxing sneakers, plus a lightning headband and a horse charm necklace leftover from his days of running the Barbieland patriarchy. You can preorder this Ken doll now, with a ship date in 2024.

More products and accessories that show you are Kenough

Barbie The Movie — I Am Kenough Tie Dye Logo Pullover Hoodie

This comfortable cotton-and-polyester-blend hoodie will proclaim to the world, just like Ken did, that you are Kenough — in bright tie-dye colors, just like the hoodie from the movie.

Expression Tees I Am Kenough Barbenheimer Mens T-shirt

If a hoodie is too warm for your climate, here's an option for you: a tie-dye T-shirt that proclaims the same message of self-love and acceptance. It is available in multiple colors and patterns.

Moonlight Makers, You Are Kenough, Vanilla Breeze Scented Handmade Candle

Bring your Kenergy into your home for cozy season with a vanilla-scented candle that will remind you every time you light it that you are, indeed, Kenough.

Moonlight Makers, You Are Kenough, Decorative Pillow Case

You are Kenough, even when you spend all day on the couch — and this throw pillow cover will remind you of that every time you sit down. Made of 100% cotton for 16.5-inch throw pillows.

Moonlight Makers, You Are Kenough, Natural Canvas Bag

You are Kenough and you're great at doing stuff — so take this bag and show it off out in the world, where everyone will see your Kenergy wherever you go.

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