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Ken is finally ‘Kenough’ and has the dolls to prove it


He's just Ken and he's enough — and any of these dolls would be enough to prove it. 

The summer of "Barbie" continues, and Mattel is still dropping instantly iconic dolls inspired by the characters from this year's biggest blockbuster. Next up? An entire line of dolls celebrating Ken's best looks throughout the film. The Kenergy is almost too much to handle. Almost.

Ken doll in black wearing fur

'Barbie: The Movie' is the gift that keeps on giving

We should have known its popularity would linger when we witnessed the viral marketing campaigns that quite frankly, took over the world in the months leading up to the film's release. Nearly a month after "Barbie" hit theaters, it's still all anyone is talking about and for good reason.

Ken Doll in Western Outfit

Greta Gerwig's masterpiece is now the first film by a female director to surpass $1 billion at the global box office — but more than that, "Barbie" has been heaped with praise for making women and girls feel so seen. It's a two-hour celebration of unapologetic girlhood — the good, the bad, the nuanced and the sometimes overwhelmingly complex. In other words, it doesn't shy away from anything. Through Barbie (and Gloria), we see ourselves, grappling with a world that doesn't always feel like it was built for us and questioning the boxes society asks us to fit into.

Ken Doll in Pink Outfit on Beach

Of course, "Barbie" is also pink, flashy and so much fun. And Ryan Gosling, Simu Liu, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Ncuti Gatwa and all the other Kens come just short of stealing the show, which is why we're so excited for some of them to finally get the doll treatment.

4 must-have Ken dolls inspired by 'Barbie: The Movie'

"Barbie: The Movie" Ken Doll Wearing Pastel Pink and Green Striped Beach Matching Set with Surfboard and White Sneakers

A lot of people think this Ken's job is lifeguard, but it's not. His job is beach, and what a good job he does at beach! Dressed in his pastel beach outfit with a surfboard accessory, this Ken doll is ready to have a great day — but only if Barbie looks at him.

Sold by Amazon

"Barbie: The Movie" Collectible Ken Doll Wearing Black and White Western Outfit (Exclusive)

How do you dress when you're trying not to attract attention in Santa Monica? Like this, of course. Ken's Western outfit is complete with a white hat, pink bandana, boots, belt and fringed shirt. Now he just needs to find a library so he can read some books about trucks and horses.

Sold by Amazon

"Barbie: The Movie" Collectible Ken Doll Wearing Big Faux Fur Coat and Black Fringe Vest with Bandana

Ken is unforgettable in his patriarchy-inspired outfit, including his horse fabric-lined mink coat, Ken fanny pack, lightning bandana, fringe vest and horse charm necklace. He's ready to bring patriarchy to Barbie Land — until he finds out it isn't about horses and loses interest.

Sold by Amazon

"Barbie: The Movie" Collectible Ken Doll In White And Gold Tracksuit

If you're looking for a less problematic Ken, this Simu Liu-inspired doll, in his gold-and-white disco tracksuit from the house party scene, is the perfect choice. He's ready to dance the night away with Barbie, no matter how Stereotypical Ken feels about it. That's Kenergy.

Sold by Mattel

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