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Disney greenlights ‘Disney Junior’s Ariel’ animated series

Image credit: Disney

After 30 years, Ariel lands her first Disney Junior series. 

Riding the wave of success from the recent live-action movie, Ayo Davis, president of Disney Branded Television, announced yesterday that the brand is endorsing a new animated series for preschoolers. "Disney Junior’s Ariel" is inspired by "The Little Mermaid," which features the story of Disney princess Ariel. This news came during the Annecy International Film Festival in Annecy in France.

Everything you need to know about "Disney Junior's Ariel"

Disney has been spinning tales for 100 years. This latest addition to the beloved company's portfolio is based on a young Ariel. Obviously, the stories will include fan-favorite characters, such as King Triton, Ursula, Sebastian and Flounder. However, Disney Junior is also teasing the inclusion of several new characters to the world-famous undersea princess tale.

"As we were developing 'Disney Junior’s Ariel,' we knew that we wanted to create an atmosphere that was vibrant and magical and showcased our young Ariel's imagination, which, like our preschool audience watching at home, is as big as the sea," Alyssa Sapire, senior vice president of Development, Series and Strategy for Disney Junior, informed via a press release.

"'Disney Junior’s Ariel" is set in the Caribbean-inspired underwater kingdom of Atlantica and follows young Ariel on a series of adventures with her friends. The aquatic princess loves exploring the vast world around her and brings home treasures from her travels to store in her crystal cavern. Ariel reveals her emotions in her beautiful, color-changing tail. As she learns about the world, she uses her treasures to solve problems and her beautiful voice to inspire others.

The series will be released on Disney platforms worldwide in 2024.

Best Ariel-themed toys and products

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Disney Princess Ariel Tulle Dress 
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