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Love Polly Pocket? Here's 11 similar toys that are sure to impress

Which toys similar to Polly Pocket are best?

Polly Pocket dolls are well-known for their often tiny nature and endless fun possibilities within their compact sets. Polly Pocket now offers sets with larger dolls but they are still most known for the smaller dolls that can be easily transported. These dolls have been around for a long while, spanning back more than three decades. If you know someone that is a Polly Pocket fan, here are some similar toy options for them.

What are Polly Pockets?

Polly Pocket is a brand of dolls that offers many different sizes but is most famous for its compact sets and micro dolls. These dolls are smaller than 2 inches in height and can fit in provided miniature compact sets which offer a range of creative possibilities. 

A brief history of Polly Pocket

The brand originally began as a gift from a father to his daughter. After a few years, the concept grew into an actual toy brand. According to Love To Know, Polly Pocket was first sold by a toy company that was later purchased by Mattel. The fate of Polly Pocket at one point became uncertain as Mattel tried to stray from the original Polly Pocket concept and tried to make the dolls larger. Now, Polly Pockets are sold in both small and large doll options and still offer a wide range of compact toy sets. 

What makes Polly Pockets unique

The reason Polly Pockets are so popular is that they can be taken anywhere by a child due to their size. These dolls come in what are called "tiny compact sets," and the idea of the name and original sets were both inspired by the size and shape of makeup compacts. 

Best tiny animal set

Hasbro My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Toys Ultimate Equestria Collection

This set is exclusive to Amazon and includes 10 pony characters, including Twilight Sparkle and Rarity. The set is recommended for children that are older than 3 years old. The ponies are about 6 inches tall and this set even features a Spike the Dragon figure.

Sold by Amazon

Little Live Pets Scruff Surprise Vet Rescue

The convenient set provides a colorful little cat family which is perfect for those children who have a love for animals. The set appears as a first aid kit and opens up to reveal beds for the family. It is recommended for children that are 5 years and older.

Sold by Amazon

LEGO Friends Forest House

The kit comes with over 320 pieces and it's recommended for kids that are older than 6 years of age. The forest house features multiple characters, including a raccoon. The house, when assembled, should reach a height of roughly 7 inches.

Sold by Amazon

Best larger doll set

Shopkins Real Littles Stacey Cakes and ICY Treats Scooter

This Shopkins set includes items such as a Stacey Cakes doll and a scooter that serves ice cream. The set includes name brand treats that can be found in stores. The product weighs about 14 ounces and it's recommended for children older than 5 years of age.

Sold by Amazon

Barbie Wilderness Guide Interactive Playset

This set includes a Barbie doll that's 12 inches in height and includes an outdoor-themed playset. The Barbie doll comes with an outdoorsy outfit and binoculars to properly observe the wildlife. It includes items such as two baby bears and even a little deer. The set is recommended for children ages 3+.

Sold by Amazon and Macy's

Best petite doll set

LOL Surprise Color Change Bubbly Surprise Pink

The set weighs a little under 2 pounds and includes a colorful doll. It is recommended for children that are older than 4. The items come in a portable container which makes this a convenient set to take on trips. 

Sold by Amazon

Barbie Club Chelsea Camper

This set comes with multiple accessories such as a car that can pull the much larger interactive camper along. Inside of the camper is a bedroom area and kitchenette section. The Chelsea doll and set weigh around a total of about 6 ounces.

Sold by Amazon

Shopkins Lil Secret Shops Cutie Cat Café

This set looks like a tiny, colorful cat café and weighs just over 8 ounces. This set is recommended for kids that are older than 5 years old partially due to the small nature of the provided pieces. It includes three toy cats and a key to unlock the secret set. 

Sold by Amazon

Barbie Club Chelsea Doll and Ballet Playset

The Barbie Club set includes over 15 accessories such as a boombox and a stage. The set weighs a little over 10 ounces and includes a Chelsea doll that's just about 6 inches tall.  

Sold by Kohl's

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Adventures Playset with Bonus Figurines 

This set includes a playset and three figures such as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. The actual playset item needs three AA batteries and luckily the batteries are included. This set weighs about three and a half pounds and it's recommended for kids that are three years of age and older.

Sold by Amazon

Fisher-Price Little People Cuddle & Play Nursery 

The set can easily be transported and resembles a colorful diaper bag. Inside of the set is a play area for the two provided miniature baby dolls. There are also additional accessories such as a baby bottle. It's recommended for children that are older than 1.5.

Sold by Amazon and Kohl's

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