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17 fun games to play with your girls on Galentine's Day

While Valentine’s Day is most noted for couples and relationships, it’s increasingly championed by friends as well. Credited to the fictional character Leslie Knope from TV's "Parks and Recreation," Galentine’s Day offers an alternative celebration among women friends.

With a night that typically involves revelry, food and drinks, there is also no shortage of games and activities to indulge in.

In this article: The Hygge Game, Disney Trivial Pursuit and Sushi Go Party.

Best games to play on Galentine’s Day


See how long it takes your (possibly tipsy gal pals) to tip over this classic stacking game from Hasbro. It comes with 52 blocks and instructions, although by now, everyone already knows how to play.

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What Do You Meme For The Girls

This adult card game fosters lots of fun and drama on a party night, with intimate questions, tough decisions and entertaining dares. As in the best card games, the loose structure allows for different ways to play.

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The Hygge Game

For a more intimate and mindful night, indulge in this card game that aims to strengthen relationships and foster meaningful connections. Despite the name, it’s not really a game. Inspired by the Danish belief in coziness, The Hygge Game aims to make those involved feel warm, happy and connected.

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Sushi Go Party

This colorful party game triumphs for its easy, fast play and cute pictures. Players pick and pass cards to find the best matches for the highest score while also trying to disrupt their opponents. It’s sweet and accessible, making it ideal for a larger group.

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The Best Friend Game

This party game tests how well you know your closest friends, and how well they know you. With thoughtful open-ended questions, it can be silly or emotional and adapts well to those who are playing.

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Never Have I Ever Girls Edition

For a more salacious gathering, Never Have I Ever asks revealing, potentially embarrassing questions of the group, challenging everyone to tell the truth. While only eight custom paddles are included, it can easily be amended to welcome many more players.

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Our Moments Women

This fun conversation game offers a range of questions to answer and scenarios to consider, from the funny to the serious. What’s more, it’s suited to groups of close friends as well as bringing together those who may not know each other well.

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Exploding Kittens Party Pack

This popular card game has long been a staple of parties with its accessible, tense gameplay and hilarious cards. Like in Old Maid, players wield their cards to avoid drawing the dreaded exploding kitten while trying to set others up for defeat. A variety of cards allow for sudden changes of fortune and dramatic finishes.

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Exit: The Forgotten Island

The Exit game franchise is unusual among board games as it’s a cooperative activity that can only be played once. Ideal with four people involved, it’s an escape-room game where everyone needs to work together to solve the mystery before time runs out. 

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Franklin Sports Stadium Cup Pong Set

For those interested in a lively night, invest in this pong game that can be set up indoors or outside. The target toggles between a flat surface and a tiered structure: just supply the cups and make up your own rules.

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Cards Against Humanity

An oldie but a goodie, Cards Against Humanity was among the first adult-themed card games that allowed for a lot of hilarious and embarrassing outcomes. It’s perhaps best played with people you don’t know that well, as players take turns trying to appeal to each other’s sensibilities. 

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On a Scale of One to T-Rex

This raucous game is a clever twist on charades. Instead of guessing what's being acted out, players take turns being tasked with figuring out the intensity of each act. The results are often loud and outrageous.

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Mysterium Board Game

A "whodunit" board game always makes for an exciting party, especially a cooperative one. With Mysterium, one player assumes the role of the ghost of a victim, tasking the others to help solve their murder.

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Disney Trivial Pursuit

A more wholesome and potentially challenging game, Trivial Pursuit makes for a competitive evening. This Disney-themed edition welcomes fans of Mickey Mouse, Belle and the rest of the characters from Disney’s live action and animated catalog for a nostalgic night.

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This open-ended game tests how well you think under pressure, challenging players to come up with answers to clues within the time limit. To win, you must come up with a unique answer and find approval from your peers.

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Unstable Unicorns

Don’t let the cute unicorns adorning the cards fool you: This card game is competitive and tense, calling for strategic play and cunning skills. The game can be amended for more involved play or something quick and easy.

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Cranium Dark Game

This hilarious game tests creative strengths as players are given an action and forced to sculpt (with the included Cranium clay), sing or act it out as accurately as possible within the time limit.

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