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Best Halloween face paint kit

Which Halloween face paint kits are best?

Buying a quality face paint kit is one of the best ways to customize a Halloween costume. The best Halloween face paint kits include paints that are nontoxic and are easily applied. The top choice for a kit that contains paint that goes on effortlessly is the Blue Squid Paint Kit for Kids – 22 Colors

Other Halloween face paint kits offer hypoallergenic formulas for young children and those with sensitive skin, and some are formulated to be stronger and sweat-resistant so they won't deteriorate and lose their vivid coloring if they come in contact with water. Here is a breakdown of the best Halloween face paint kits on the market. 

What to know before you buy a Halloween face paint kit

Starter Halloween face paint kits

For casual face painting on Halloween, a starter kit should do the trick. Basic Halloween face paint kits come with a few colors, brushes or sponges and may even contain glitter. The paint in a starter kit will either be water-based, oil-based or alcohol-based. 

Professional Halloween face paint kits

Face painting for a large group will require a professional Halloween face painting kit. Professional Halloween face painting kits contain higher-quality paints, brushes and accessories than starter kits and carry a higher price tag. A professional Halloween face painting kit may also include stencils, glitter gel and detailed guide books to execute specific makeup looks.  

Sensitive skin 

Face paint that is worn on the skin for prolonged periods prevents the skin from breathing and may irritate sensitive skin. Since paint pigment is designed to cover the skin, it can also get stuck in pores, which leads to acne, rashes and other skin irritation. Water-based paints are considered the best for sensitive skin. The water-based paint formula washes clean with soap and water. Though water-based face paint will not offer the best coverage or brightest colors, it also causes the least skin irritation. 

What to look for in a quality Halloween face paint kit


Loose craft glitter should never be used with Halloween face paint. Insead, purchase cosmetic glitters formulated with special ingredients that are nontoxic and safely stick to skin. Avoid use of glitter around the eyes, nose or mouth to decrease the likelihood of ingestion or skin irritation. 

Face paint crayons 

Face paint crayons offer highly saturated colors with either water-based or oil-based paints. Before purchasing, double check that face paint crayons are nontoxic and select brands that are hypoallergenic if skin sensitivity is an issue. Oil-based face paint crayons are formulated to last longer than water-based face paint crayons due to the highly saturated coloring. Keep in mind, however, that oil-based face paints are not recommended for sensitive skin or young children. Oil-based paint crayons are also more difficult to remove from the skin than water-based paint crayons. 

Halloween face paint brushes

The most common Halloween face painting brush, often included in starter kits, is a synthetic round brush. This brush can be used for detailed line work such as swirls. Face paint sponges are recommended to apply makeup to larger areas that do not require detail. Then a face paint brush is the ideal choice to fill in detail over the sponge-painted areas. 

Halloween face paint sponges 

Face paint sponges are flexible enough to reach the various crevices of the face that need to be covered by Halloween makeup. The triangular sponge is a popular shape for evenly applying Halloween face paint. While it is difficult to do detailed lines, shapes and symbols with face paint sponges, they are the best tool for broad makeup coverage. Sponges are also a useful tool to apply paint over stencils.

How much you can expect to spend on Halloween face paint kits

A standard Halloween face paint kit will cost between $15-$25, depending on makeup palette size and how many accessories are included.  

Halloween face paint kit FAQ

What are glitter tattoos? 

A. A complement to face painting, a glitter tattoo is a sparkling temporary tattoo that is made with a stencil template. Body glue and color glitters are applied to the skin to produce a glitter tattoo that lasts until it's removed with mineral oil or baby oil. 

How long does face paint last? 

A. The majority of face paint manufacturers indicate unopened paint has a shelf life of 36 months. It is recommended that once face paint is opened, it should be used within 18 months. 

What's the best Halloween face paint kit to buy?

Top Halloween face paint kit


Blue Squid Face Paint Kit for Kids – 22 Colors

What you need to know: A large and inclusive paint kit with 22 washable face paints, 24 reusable stencils, 100 gems, hair chalk pens, body glitter, brushes, sponges and a design booklet. 

What you'll love: Cosmetic-grade face paint that is hypoallergenic and paraben-free, which is ideal for young children and those with sensitive skin. 

What you should consider: This water-based paint wears off easily from sweat and rain. 

Where to buy: Amazon 

Top Halloween face paint kit for the money

Face Paint Kit for Kids by Zenovika

What you need to know: Specially designed for both children and adults, this large kit includes 15 face paints, 60 reusable stencils, brushes, sponges, glitter, hair chalk and an instructional booklet.  

What you'll love: The makeup is easy to apply, and the instructional booklet breaks down complicated looks into easy-to-follow steps.

What you should consider: This water-based paint offers thinner coverage than oil-based paints. 

Where to buy: Amazon 

Worth checking out

Mosaiz Halloween Face Makeup

What you need to know: Face painting crayons for Halloween makeup, body paint, sporting events and festivals. Face painting crayons are best for those who can freehand designs without stencils.   

What you'll love: The crayons have broad tips that produce consistent and smooth paint strokes. They can also be firmly gripped and do not break easily. 

What you should consider: Due to their tip size, crayons are not ideal for painting small details. 

Where to buy: Amazon


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