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Birdhouse kits are a fun activity for your kids this summer

Top-rated birdhouses and feeder kits


Buildable birdhouses and bird feeder kits are an excellent opportunity to combine crafting with birdwatching. Most are geared toward children — activities like these help nurture creativity and fine motor skills — but can also be enjoyed by adults. 

The kits, typically made of wood, often come with acrylic paints and paintbrushes. Some require tools for assembly, while others come with pre-cut pieces that can be easily slotted together. This DIY project is suitable for children ages 3 and up (younger kids may choke on the pieces). 

What to look for in a quality birdhouse or feeder

Wild birds are most attracted to red, blue, yellow and orange. Avoid painting a birdhouse or bird feeder white; colorful birds avoid white, which makes it easier for predators to see them. 

Birdhouses come as singles or multi-packs, which often offer a better value for the price. Some even include wind chimes, which can enhance outdoor decor and accent existing garden ornaments.  

Best birdhouse and feeder kits

Toysmith Build A Bird Bungalow

This kit has a classic gable roof design you would typically expect for a birdhouse. It features sustainable wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The kit includes wood pieces, a chain for hanging, four paint pots, a paintbrush, nails and glue.

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Melissa & Doug Created by Me! Birdhouse

This birdhouse comes from an established brand known for creating high-quality products for children. It has a gable roof, and a pretty leaf pattern on the front makes it stand out. The kit includes wooden panels, screws, four paint pots and a paintbrush.

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Hapray Four-pack Buildable DIY Birdhouse Kit

Four kids can have fun building these birdhouses together. Each has a different design, so kids can choose their favorite. All feature a wooden base and gable roof. This kit contains the unassembled birdhouses, 24 paint colors, four paintbrushes, one painting palette, four hanging strings and glue.

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Made By Me Build and Paint Your Own DIY Birdhouse

This birdhouse with a gable roof is easy for kids to assemble. No tools are needed; you simply glue the wooden pieces together according to the instructions. The kit comes with six paint colors, a paintbrush and hemp hanging cord.

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Home Composer Four-pack DIY Birdhouse

This set includes both DIY birdhouses and wind chimes (two of each). The birdhouses have different structures, both with gable roofs, and the wind chimes feature a cute snail or butterfly. The kit includes pre-cut and slotted wooden pieces (no tools required), 12 paints and two brushes.

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Oriental Cherry Four-pack DIY Birdhouse Kit

This set features two birdhouses with different designs and gable roofs, as well as two wind chimes with butterfly or rainbow ornaments. The kit includes pre-cut and slotted wooden pieces, 12 paints, three brushes and four hanging strings.   

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Plaid Enterprises Wood Surface Crafting Birdhouse 

If all you want to do is decorate your birdhouse, consider this option. The wooden structure resembles a gazebo with its unusual five-sided roof. This birdhouse comes pre-assembled without paint, so you’ll have to use your own or buy it separately.

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Neliblu Store 12 Wooden Birdhouses

This set is great for a birthday party or other gathering. It contains 12 wooden birdhouses with various designs to choose from. Each house is individually wrapped with five paint colors, a brush and hanging string. The set is also available as a pack of six.

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Gooidea Two-pack Make Your Own Bird Feeder

These bird feeders have a charming design resembling a beehive. They feature attachable wind chimes, with room on the ledge for multiple birds to feed. Each kit contains two bird feeders, eight chime rods, 12 paints, two brushes and hanging strings.

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Cedar Alpha DIY Bird Feeder Kit

This is one of the more attractive bird feeders, made of cedar wood with a gable roof. It’s one of the larger options, with enough room for multiple birds to feed out of the plastic container. The kit includes a wooden base, two plastic windows, a hanging chain, screws, paints and brushes.

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KidSquare Three-pack Bird Feeders

These unconventional bird feeders have a floral design that would look right at home in the garden. The kit contains wooden plates for three feeders, three metal bowls for holding seeds, 12 paint colors, three brushes, three hanging strings, and decorative stickers.

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Toysmith Paint A Bird Bistro

This bird feeder comes conveniently pre-assembled and ready for painting. The pine feeder features a gable roof and can accommodate multiple birds. This set comes with four paint pots, a paintbrush and hanging chain.

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