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Best LED beer pong table

Which LED beer pong tables are best?

Beer pong has gone from a drinking game in college to a staple of any adult party. Gone are the days of playing on a warped ping pong table in a basement. Today’s game is played on LED beer pong tables with tons of features that add more entertainment value than your party can handle. These tables light up any room or backyard and create a fun party-like environment. 

The best LED beer pong table is from Party Pong Tables. This 8-foot long beer pong table comes in a variety of styles including, one with a dry-erase board surface and multi-colored LED lights.

What to know before you buy an LED beer pong table

Rules of the game

No matter which party you’re at, beer pong rules are going to be a hotly contested issue. This is because each region, state, school or even individual party is going to have their preferred rules. That said, there are a few basic rules that everyone can agree on. Each game has one team on either side of the table. Each side will have 10 beer-filled cups stacked in a neat triangle, starting with four cups nearest to the edge. One team will start by throwing two ping pong balls across the table in the hopes that they’ll land inside a cup. If they’re successful, the opposing team will have to drink the beer in that cup. This continues until the last cup is consumed. The team with one or more cups remaining is the winner. 

Beer pong table features

LED lights are a recent addition to beer pong tables. These lights usually line the underside or edges of the table to add illumination to its surroundings. Aside from LED lights, there are many unique and creative features that beer pong tables can have. Some include a dry-erase board as their surface, which allows you to write down scores directly on the table or even add some trash talk to your opponents. There are also cup holders in some tables that keep your cups from spilling. Others have cool designs like American flags or college team logos. 

Table size

The standard length for beer pong tables is 8 feet. This is the length that most players are used to shooting from. While the length can be adjusted based on how much space you have to play, 8 feet is always ideal. Some players are sticklers about players leaning in to try and gain an advantage while shooting. Having a table this length will prevent others from taking advantage of the rules. 

What to look for in a quality LED beer pong table

Table stability

From players leaning on the edges to get close to their opponents cups to party-goers bumping into the table as they cheer on the sidelines, table stability is very important in a competitive game that involves lots of alcohol. High-quality LED beer pong tables will use sturdy anodized aluminum legs to frame the table and prevent it from swaying back and forth. 

Waterproof surface

Beer pong is notorious for warping once-usable ping pong tables. With spills being all too common, the liquid can cause significant damage to most tables. LED beer pong tables with wax-coated surfaces will prevent warping and keep your table’s shape in the long run. Waterproofing not only goes for the surface of the table, but for the LED lights as well. Most LED lights for beer pong tables have a waterproof housing, much like the rope lights you might put outside your house during Christmas time.


LED beer pong tables don’t sound like they’d be very portable, but you’d be surprised. Companies like Party Pong Tables created a clever way of transporting your beer pong table by folding it up like a briefcase. You’re certainly familiar with foldable tables, but because beer pong tables are a shorter width, they are able to fold into thirds. This makes them fairly small in their folded form and much easier to carry.

How much you can expect to spend on an LED beer pong table

LED beer pong tables can cost between $90-$130.

LED beer pong table FAQ

What other types of beer pong tables are there?

A. There are many innovative types of beer pong tables you can buy. These include floating beer pong tables for pool parties, beer pong stands that save space, yard pong that eliminates the table all together and even mini pong. 

How many ping pong balls should you use for beer pong?

A. Two ping pong balls are required to play the game. However, ping pong balls are very fragile and can break easily. This is especially true when alcohol is involved. To keep the fun going, it’s important to have spare balls on hand. It’s recommended to have six balls on standby in case some break.

What's the best LED beer pong table to buy?

Top LED beer pong table

Party Pong Tables LED beer pong table

What you need to know: This table comes in a variety of colors, styles and LED light designs making it great for those looking for a more specific type of LED beer pong table.

What you’ll love: This LED beer pong table is easily portable, because it folds up in a briefcase-like shape and includes a handle. It also comes with six ping pong balls and a foam ball holder. 

What you should consider: The folding process might be difficult to understand at first glance.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top LED beer pong table for the money

Party Pong Tables LED table with cup holders

What you need to know: This super-convenient beer pong table from Party Pong Tables includes Color Spectrum LED lights and built-in cup holders.

What you’ll love: These tables also include unique table graphics. One features an array of bubbles on a black backdrop, while the other finds the table covered in rainbow colors from end to end.  

What you should consider: The LED lights are an optional feature for this table. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Party Pong Tables Top Pong Edition

What you need to know: This table is a play on the popular movie “Top Gun” and features the words “Beer Pong” written as a mock movie title across the table. 

What you’ll love: There are various options with this table that include multi-colored LED lights along the edges of the table and built-in cup holders to keep your drinks from spilling. 

What you should consider: This is the most expensive LED beer pong table from this company.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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