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Best Nightwing action figure

Which Nightwing action figures are best?

Anyone who grew up watching "Batman: The Animated Series" knows how hard it once was to find Nightwing action figures. DC Comics action figures have largely focused on other characters or feature Dick Grayson in his former superhero outfit, dressed as Batman's first Robin.

If you want the best Nightwing action figure wearing the iconic black and blue suit, the top choice is DC Comics Batman 12-Inch Nightwing Action Figure. This large-scale, heroic action figure is part of the Bat-tech Batman figure line that also includes a few different Batsuits, the Joker and the Riddler.

What to know before you buy a Nightwing action figure

Figure scale

If you have other 6-inch scale action figures, you'll probably want a Nightwing figure that matches that scale. If you have larger action figures at a 12-inch scale, you'd probably prefer that size instead. If this is a gift or item for anyone who already has action figures, consider the size and scale of their other toys before picking out a Nightwing to add to that collection.

Should the suit be armor?

The Nightwing figures inspired by the character's appearance in media like the Batman Arkham video games are totally different from figures sporting a classic comic book jumpsuit. Before you buy, consider if you'd like a Nightwing figure that appears to be wearing realistic combat armor instead of simple spandex. 

What to look for in a quality Nightwing action figure


Nightwing's suit is mostly just black and very simple. This means that to get the look right, the places where there's discernible color and detail need to nail the look. Whether you like the blue and black suit or the red and black style from the New 52 comics, the quality and vibrancy of the colors on a figure can make a big difference.


The best Nightwing action figures can pose in many positions. Every joint doesn't have to be articulated for it to be a good figure, but the more adaptable the figure is, the more options there are for play. If you like figures to use accessories and other items, it's also important that the hands be capable of holding Nightwing's iconic batons for fighting crime.


The preferred style for figure designs is a matter of personal taste. If you like a realistic style for your superhero figures, you probably don't want a highly stylized and cartoonish-looking Nightwing. Depending on the type of visual style you prefer and other DC figures you may already have in your collection, it could narrow down which style is best for you.

How much you can expect to spend on a Nightwing action figure

Simple Nightwing figures can be found for under $15. Highly articulated and posable figures generally cost more.

Nightwing action figure FAQ

Are Nightwing action figures durable enough for kids?

A. It depends on the manufacturer and design of the figure. Larger figures are generally more durable than small figures with smaller parts that can break easily. However, the main source of durability is limited articulation. Having articulated limbs is beneficial for posing a figure, but there's a trade-off. The more articulation an action figure has, the weaker the overall structure. If durability is a concern, there are tons of action figures with less articulation that are very durable for kids.

Should I get a Nightwing or Robin action figure?

A. While Nightwing/Dick Grayson was the first to take on the mantle of Robin and work with Batman to fight crime, there have been other characters who are Robin. If this is a gift or you're unsure how to tell the difference between iterations of Robin, Nightwing might be a better choice overall. 

Nightwing is generally regarded as having been one of the best Robins and set himself apart from Batman as his own hero. While Batman and Robin action figures go hand-in-hand as a dynamic duo, Nightwing can stand alone, apart from other action figures representing members of the Bat-Family.

What are the best Nightwing action figures to buy?

Top Nightwing action figure

DC Comics Batman 12-Inch Nightwing Action Figure

What you need to know: This 12-inch Nightwing figure features a simple but sleek design for fans of the iconic blue and black suit.

What you'll love: The plastic mold and printing are clean and bright. The figure has 11 points of articulation allowing for movement of the head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knee joints. It's safe for kids 3 and older. 

What you should consider: There's no articulation in the ankles, but this can make it easier for the figure to stand stably.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Nightwing action figure for the money

Batman Missions DC 6-Inch Action Figures 5-Pack

What you need to know: If you were already planning to get more figures than just Nightwing, this affordable pack of Batman 80-year anniversary figures could be a good collection starter.

What you'll love: The 6-inch figures have five points of articulation and relatively simple designs. Nightwing is wearing his classic black and blue suit, but the blue parts are painted to look pretty metallic. The other figures match each other well in terms of the overall design and style.

What you should consider: Some customers reported receiving only one figure instead of all five, so be cautious about which seller you order the collection from.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Figures Toy Co. DC Comics Retro Style Boxed 8-Inch Nightwing

What you need to know: This limited edition retro figure is a throwback to classic action figures with cloth outfits and features Nightwing's suit from his original appearance in comics. 

What you'll love: The box design and figure style appeal to collectors of old action figures. It imitates the old-school Mego action figure look. The cloth suit is highly detailed and matches the retro box art for convenient display.

What you should consider: The face sculpting is a little odd and overall, this mainly appeals to fans of the original Nightwing suit and collectors of retro-inspired figures.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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