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What can you do with a cordless drill? Our DIY expert shares accessories that add versatility to your favorite tool

Expertly reviewed by Beth Allen
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Drills can drive holes and handle screws faster than we can with manual tools, but they can do even more than that. With the right attachments, they can stir paint, sharpen tools, plant bulbs and help you clean your home. If you’re a drill enthusiast, a brush, paint stirrer and garden auger attachment can enhance your drill’s capabilities.

Wondering what you can do with a cordless drill besides the usual? Our resident DIY expert, Beth Allen, presents attachments that help with various tasks around the home and garden — from mixing paint to everyday cleaning.

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BestReviews’ DIY expert, Beth Allen, joins Scott Moak to discuss the best drills as well as attachments that maximize their use.


When choosing a drill, one of the first things to consider is whether you want a corded electric or cordless drill. Corded drills tend to have more power, and the battery’s life won’t limit you. Still, cordless drills are easier to maneuver, and most have more than enough power. Most cordless drills use lithium-ion batteries and brushless motors, increasing the runtime you get from a single charge.

While it’s important to consider the drill’s power, you’ll likely want a model with variable speed and clutch settings as well. Higher speed settings are ideal for drilling holes, whereas lower settings are suitable for removing screws. Adjustable clutch settings help you avoid stripping or over-tightening screws.

Cordless drills generally cost around $100 to $200, and some are sold in sets that include bits, batteries, carrying bags or attachments. Most cordless drills have a 3/8-inch chuck, although some higher-end models feature a 1/2-inch chuck. Drills with larger chucks can hold bigger bits and attachments, making them far more versatile.

Brush attachment

Brush attachments turn your drill into a hard-working cleaning tool, and they may minimize your overall energy expenditure during DIY projects. According to Allen, “I have fibromyalgia, so a lot of scrubbing is really difficult to do, but with this, you can clean your shower, your grout and your pool deck.”

Several brush attachments are sold in kits with various brush heads. Rounded brush heads are good for cleaning corners and curved spaces, whereas flat heads are suitable for walls and floors. Many kits include extra-stiff brushes for tough messes and soft brushes for general cleaning and sensitive surfaces.

Garden auger attachment

Power Planter DIY Guru Garden Auger

Gardening is an excellent way to de-stress, but digging holes can be physically taxing. Augers make gardening easier by doing most of the work for you. Because traditional augers can be heavy and expensive, many people opt for an auger attachment that’s easier and more efficient to use.

When buying a garden auger attachment, consider size and durability. Most auger attachments are around 3 to 5 inches wide, making them a smart choice for gardening, but not for digging fence-post holes. It’s also recommended to wear safety gloves and goggles when using an auger, as it may kick up dirt and rocks.

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Paint stirrer attachment

Paint Mixer Drill

It’s important to stir your paint before using it. “When you buy paint in the store, they shake it so it’s properly mixed and the pigmentation is set,” says Allen, “but when you take it home, it sits for a day, a week or six months and the colors separate.”

Stirring paint ensures the color you use remains the color you intended to use at the beginning of your project. However, using a manual paint stirrer can be challenging and doesn’t always work well. A drill stirrer attachment, on the other hand, eliminates the hassle of stirring paint and guarantees it’s thoroughly mixed.

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DeWalt 20V Max Cordless Drill Combo Kit

This affordable DeWalt set includes a drill, an impact driver, a bag, two batteries and a charger. The drill is relatively light and easy to maneuver. It features variable speed settings and an ergonomic handle, and it’s compatible with other DeWalt tools.

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Black and Decker 20V Max Cordless Drill/Driver

This budget-priced Black and Decker drill and drive is lightweight and beginner-friendly. The battery is compatible with other Black+Decker tools, and the 11-position clutch helps prevent stripped screws.

Sold by Amazon

Useful Products Drill Brush All-Purpose Power Scrubber Cleaning Kit

This three-piece power scrubber kit includes multiple brushes that are appropriate for various surfaces, including tile, stone and grout. The small attachment is great for detailing and cleaning caked-on messes.

Sold by Amazon

Power Planter DIY Guru Garden Drill Auger Bit

The auger bit is easy to attach and works in most types of soil. It’s durable, and many were impressed with how deep they could drill. The versatile tool can also be used to mix mortar or fertilizer.

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Edwards Tools Paint Mixer Drill Attachment

This affordable paint mixer is easy to use and works with epoxy, resin, silicone and paint. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and many people were amazed with how efficiently and thoroughly it mixes paint.

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